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Brakes are the most important part of a car, and they need to be given the utmost attention.

As a result, it’s critical to perform routine maintenance on your brake pads, rotors, and even the calipers.

To achieve this, pay attention to the response of the brake pads anytime you step on your accelerator.

Replacement of brake pads and rotors is an expensive proposition. Brake pad and rotor replacement costs between $150 and $200 on average.

If you need to replace the brake pads, you’re looking at a cost of at least $100. Factors such as the make and type of the vehicle are the key reasons for the pricing discrepancies.

The cost of brake pads and rotors varies from automobile to car, as you can see from this article.

It also depends on where in the world you’ll be getting your car’s brake pads or rotors changed.

Brake Pads Average Replacement Cost

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If you only need brake pads replaced, you won’t pay more than $300.

For a whole set of brake pads to be replaced in a service center, such as an auto spare shop, the pricing should be the same as this.

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Brake Pads Replacement Cost Affects On Country Location

Brake pad and rotor replacement prices vary widely from country to country for a variety of reasons.

If you travel to certain nations, you’ll notice that the service costs less than in others. Major countries and their service costs are as follows:

United Kingdom

There is a minimum payment of $81.96 for the service in the UK. The cost will vary based on the type of brake pads you select for installation.

New Zealand

The cost of replacing your brake pads at a competent service center in New Zealand is about $59 NZD.


Changing the rear brake pads in Australia might cost you as much as $231. Your vehicle may also have an impact on this information.


The cost of a new set of brakes in Malaysia will not fall below $32.


The average cost of having your car’s brake pads replaced is $80 in Singapore. This is inevitable in the case of high-end cars, such as those purchased from outside.

Car Model Affects On Price Change On Brake Pads Replacement

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Depending on the make and model of the vehicle, replacing brake pads can cost more or less depending on the amount of labor necessary.

Mechanics won’t have a hard time working on some models because the brake system is easy to access. While some are more sophisticated, which is why the rates are greater.

Toyota Corolla, Toyota Matrix, Toyota Highlander, Land Cruiser

From $95.72 to $267.47, Toyota models’ brake pads can be replaced.

Lexus RX 350, Lexus 250

It will cost between $135.58 and $236.72 to replace the brake pads on Lexus vehicles.

Honda Accord, Honda CRV, Honda Odyssey, Honda Civic, Honda Fit, Honda Pilot, Honda Insight

It costs between $117 and $263 to replace the brake pads on a Honda automobile.

Subaru Forester, Subaru Legacy

Brake pads for Subaru models can cost anywhere from $136 to $193 to replace.

BMW 328i, X5, X3, 325i, M3, XC90

It will cost you between $163.59 and $249.07 to replace your BMW’s brake pads.

VW Golf

It will cost between $180 and $230 to replace the brake pads on VW models.

Infinity G35, Infinity FX35, Infinity Q50, Infinity FX35

The cost of a new set of brake pads for the Infinity models is between $135.58 and $145.58.

Buick Lesabre

For Briuick Lesabre models, brake pad replacement costs anything from $122,91 to $260,74.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

It will cost between $136 and $508 to replace the brake pads on Jeep Grand Cherokee models.

Volvo XC90

Brake pads for Volvo xc models will cost between $180 and $200 to replace.

Brake Rotors Average Replacement Cost

Brake rotors are around $180 to replace in a reputable service center.

Depending on the specific car model, this might go either way. The country in which the service is given is also a factor in determining the cost.

Brake Rotors Replacement Cost Affects On Country Location

Due to many circumstances, the cost to replace the brake rotors varies from nation to country.

One of the reasons is that different countries rate the same service at different costs, which is also the case in this country.

Car Model Affects On Price Change On Brake Rotors Replacement

The price of a new brake rotor is determined by the model of the car because of the manufacturing process.

Brake rotors can be difficult to access on some vehicles because of their design.

How Much Does It Cost To Change All 4 Brake Pads?

To replace all four of your car’s brake pads, you’ll have to pay between $115 and $270. If the rotors need to be replaced as well, the price will go up.

To replace the brake pads, you will be charged a variety of pricing by different repair businesses. Here are a few of them, along with their prices:


As they work to replace the brake pads, Midas will bill you around $80 per hour. In addition, they’ll provide you with a limited lifetime warranty.


Brake pad replacement at Meineke costs an additional $80 per hour. You can also get a warranty if you buy the replacement components from them.

Pep Boys

Pep Boys is an excellent option because you may get a service for as little as $40 if you have the correct coupon.

4 Factors That Affect The Cost Of Replacing Brake Rotors

Brake pad and rotor replacement costs might vary widely depending on where you get the job done. This may be due to the following reasons:

1. Whether You Are Getting The Work Done By Yourself Or Having An Expert Do The Work

The amount of money you save when having brake pads or rotors serviced in your own garage is significant.

You’ll have to buy the necessary parts and follow the instructions on your own to complete the repair.

If you don’t take your vehicle to an auto parts store and buy the replacement parts there, the mechanic will charge you for labor.

Because replacing the brake pads is a simple procedure, you can do it yourself. The rotors, on the other hand, require the expertise of a mechanic.

2. Year, Make And Model Of Your Vehicle

An expert would tell you that some automobiles are designed in a way that making replacement parts is difficult.

Why does the service cost so much more for high-end vehicles, such as those that have been imported from other countries?

3. Type Of The Spare Parts

You should be aware that brake pads and rotors come in a wide range of quality and types.

Depending on your driving patterns and the sort of vehicle you drive, some may be the ideal option for you.

Part replacement costs can vary based on this criterion because some professionals have difficulty dealing with certain brands.

4. The Labor Cost

A job like replacing the brake pads varies greatly from location to location and shop to shop.

If you buy brake pads or rotors from them, they may even throw in the labor for free.


Avoid driving a vehicle with brakes in bad shape by paying attention to how well your brake pads and rotors are maintained.

If the brake system is working properly, it will ensure a safe and enjoyable driving experience for everyone in the vehicle.

You’ll also be protecting the lives of other road users on the same stretch of road.

Car models and countries differ when it comes to the price of brake pad and rotor replacement.

One or more of the above-mentioned variables could be to blame.

To avoid getting overcharged, you should keep an eye on both the price and the quality of the work.