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Breaking a car window isn’t something that happens every day, and it wouldn’t attract the correct kind of attention.

In order to avoid unpleasant questions about why you’re shattering your own car window, you’d prefer to do it quietly.

When I was thinking about how to break a car window without drawing attention, I came up with the following solution:

In an emergency, you’ll want to know how to break glass softly. Here are my tried-and-true methods for destroying one quickly and painlessly.

Combustion Engine Parts

Bits of Porcelain

A Hammer in a Hurry

EMT Device that Is Usually Used

Punching Machine for Steel

Hit The Limits

Use Duct Tape to Seal the Gaps

Blanket that blocks out sound

The Cocktail Approach

Even while the solutions I’ve listed will get the job done in an emergency, it’s always advisable to have a hammer or a window breaker on hand. Auto parts stores sell these for a reasonable price.

If you don’t want to hear the high-pitched sound of glass breaking, then these goods are for you.

Break The Car Window Quietly Without Making A Noise

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1. Spark Plug

Many people are still unaware of the dangers of leaving children and pets in their vehicles. Thus, you’ll frequently witness folks attempting to smash out a window in the summer, only to be unsuccessful.

In order to open the window, they use anything they can find, including blunt objects.

When it comes to automobiles, they are useless since the windows are constructed of tempered glass, which is more durable than conventional glass.

A spark plug is far more likely to be broken than the hammer because of this.

The electric spark from the ignition is delivered to the combustion chamber by the spark plug, a small part found in the engine compartment.

Spark plugs have a ceramic core that can be used to smash a window. When a spark plug is hurled at it but not a hammer, you often wonder how the glass breaks.

Even though breaking a car window can be tough, the glass that does break breaks into small pieces.

The low density of the glass is due to its rapid cooling during the manufacturing process.

Because the outer layer of glass is colder than the inner layer, it compresses the inner layer.

With the ceramic section towards the glass, a spark plug can easily break through the inner layer. So, how do you use a spark plug to softly smash a window?

Using a ceramic piece, slam it firmly against the glass’ edges to break it. When compared to the center of the glass, they break quickly.

You can also watch the video here:.

2. Porcelain Bit

Something like a porcelain bit would suffice in a pinch if you needed something little and sharp right away.

Because of the production method, the glass has a low density, making it vulnerable to sharp, pointed items.

They’re also known as “ninja rocks” for their quiet destruction of automobile windows.

Is it possible to break a window from a distance? It’s made of porcelain. Watch the glass shatter when you launch it from a distance and apply some force to one of the corners.

3. Emergency Hammer

Adding an emergency hammer to the toolbox is something you’d never have expected.

This is a tool that can be used at any moment. On the other end of the hammer is a metal tip that serves as a seatbelt cutter.

Breaking windows with an emergency hammer is effective and quiet, save for the dull thud of glass crashing to the ground. In addition, I’d want to discuss the issue of how to smash a car glass from the interior.

Window-breaking with this device is more effective when done from within the vehicle rather than from the outside. This time, it’s the edges that do better than the middle.

4. Standard EMT Device

The typical EMT device is another equipment that may readily smash your windows, however a little time-consuming.

It is the most commonly utilized window-breaking tool by police and other emergency responders. The only drawback is that you can use this to break any glass, be it a window, or anything else.

Using duct tape to secure the broken pieces of the window can help you avoid the normal glass breaking sound.

Watch as the glass shatters when you strike it in the middle. Use a big blanket on the floor to make it extra quieter.

Also available at a reasonable price, the EMT tool complements the hammer.

5. Automatic Steel Punch Tool

Carpenters and plumbers use an automatic steel punch tool to drill metal or wood.

A hammer isn’t required for this alternative to the center punch. Glass can be broken with less noise and greater efficiency because of the smaller impact area.

Unscrew the spring by gently pressing it against the glass. The glass is silently and instantly shattered by the punch effect.

The spring’s energy is powerful enough to break the glass into tiny pieces. For a low price, you can find it at any hardware shop.

6. Hit The Edge

Don’t try to break the windshield or back window if you can avoid it. In a situation where time is of the essence, they are hardy and will not succumb lightly.

They’re also pricey to fix. These two windows are most vulnerable to breakage: the driver’s and passenger’s side windows are the most vulnerable.

As for tools, if you happen to have a car hammer on hand, use it instead.

Other than that, a sharp object can be all that is needed. Hit the corner of the automobile window with your brutal might. The corners and edges are more prone to breaking than the center.

The windows on automobiles are made to last a long time.

That is why hitting them in the core is pointless, and you should never use a blunt object either. They’re tough as nails and can take a beating. And the alarm would go off rather than the glass being broken.

7. Use A Duct Tape

The glass of your car may use a little TLC. Do you want to know the secret to breaking glass without it shattering?

Take use of the duct tape method. In addition to being cleaner, this method of smashing a car window is also more effective.

Every inch of the window should be duct-taped if possible. You’ll probably need a lot more than you do at home. Because of this, it’s best to stock up on a few from the store ahead of time.

Using any tool you have available, crush your glass.

The sound of shattering glass is muffled because of the tape. The shards of glass will attach to the tape, so you don’t have to worry about them.

If you’re worried about shards flying around, a large blanket can help catch them. Even more noise is reduced.

8. Soundproof Blanket

Noise-muffling properties are better achieved with a soundproof blanket than with a thick blanket, even though they are both.

If you’re wondering how to break a car glass with a hammer, here’s the answer.

Assemble an undershrouded soundproofing blanket. Break the glass using a hammer or any other object by placing it on top of it.

Put the blanket on top, and try to cover the glass as much as possible.

The soundproof blanket not only muffles the noise, but it also reduces the amount of disruption it causes.

9. Cocktail Method

However, it’s true that there are just a few methods that actually work.

But what if you only have a few simple tools to work with. The more efficient something is, the better it is at being silent. Combining techniques can help you achieve this. Anything to attract the attention of the next-door neighbors.

To begin, tape down the entire window. It minimizes the impact, and the broken glass shards adhere to it, making it nearly silent..

Underneath the window, place a soundproof blanket or any other thick blanket. There is no need to worry about additional noise.

Use a hammer and a cushion to break the glass one piece at a time.

The duct tape will hold the glass in place, allowing it to fall on the soundproof blanket without making a peep.

Precautions To Take When Breaking Glass

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Even if the thought of saving a person keeps you from thinking properly, you might want to be especially cautious when it comes to eyewear.

Besides, it’s razor-sharp, and you may easily get injured by it.

Identify The Glass

It’s crucial to know what kind of glass you’re about to break before attempting to break it.

Safety glasses, for example, cannot be smashed in the same way as a car window.

A plastic layer is sandwiched between two layers of glass in safety glasses. They don’t make a lot of noise, and you can shatter them without too much fear.

In the absence of any of the aforementioned tools, a hammer will suffice.

Protective Gear

To be safe, you should wear gloves, boots, and glasses, among other things. In an emergency, however, none of these will be useful.

Wearing a long-sleeved shirt, jacket, shoes, and/or gloves if possible is the next best thing. Before you do anything else, be sure you’re safe.

Clear The Area

It’s messy to break glass, but you must first secure it.

To avoid being injured by the glass, make sure no one enters the area. The most important thing to remember is to keep children and pets far away from your car before you start the engine.

How Can I Break A Double-Glazed Window Silently?

You have two layers of glass to break in the event of a double-glazed window. The first window will be broken by any object, be it a stone or something else. Using a hammer, smash the second pane of glass.

Begin at the edges and work your way in toward the center. A soundproof blanket can be placed under the mattress to reduce the noise.

Can A Spark Plug Break Bulletproof Glass?

There are two layers of glass or polycarbonate sandwiched between two layers of glass in order to make bulletproof glass. If the outer layer is made of glass, then you may be able to break it. Even if the outer layer breaks, the interior layer may still have cracks in it. Because polycarbonate covers the outside, you are out of luck. Using a spark plug won’t damage your window’s glass in any way.

How Can I Break A Car Window From Inside?

It is possible to break open a car window if it is composed of toughened glass and has an emergency hammer attached to it.

Put the headrests from the front or back seats down where the window meets the doors. Keep going as far as you can, and don’t stop until you are there.

Holding the headrest, pull it toward you. Your window will split in half and fall away from you as soon as you begin to pull on it.


If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to smash a window, know that I am here to help.

Breaking a window isn’t a big deal if it’s necessary. Better better, keep an EMT device or an emergency hammer in the car in case you need to smash a window.

You may also find yourself on the receiving end, rescuing a kid or a pet from a steamy automobile.

A porcelain bit, in particular, might be useful in these situations. No one has figured out how to smash a window without making a lot of noise to let everyone know what you’re up to.

In order to get rid of the mess, duct tape and a thick blanket or soundproof blanket are the finest combination. Protect yourself and your loved ones first and foremost.

You should also make sure that your automobile is free of shattered glass before you leave.