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We’ll walk you through the process of bypassing the ASD relay in this article. There are a couple of reasons you may want to bypass the ASD relay that we’ll go over.

Bypassing an ASD relay is never a good idea because it protects the engine from overrevving, but it might sometimes prevent you from starting your automobile.

With a wire, you can bypass an ASD Relay. It is imperative that you replace the malfunctioning component as soon as possible!

When it comes to getting around this annoying security feature, you’re at the perfect place!

What’s An ASD Relay?

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Your automobile won’t start unless you flip the ignition switch on first, thanks to an ASD (Automatic Shutdown relay).

Your car will be protected while you’re out and about with this. However, when you need to jump-start your battery or use jumper cables on another car, it might be inconvenient.

Without enough current flowing through the ASD relay to activate it via voltage drop across its contacts, the starter motor will not crank (which means that if this happens, then we have no way of getting around by using just our own car).

If we don’t wait long enough before reactivating these relays, even if we may have sufficient power passing through them, these relays may not activate quickly enough on their own if we don’t wait long enough before reactivating them again.

How Does An ASD Relay Work?

Understanding the purpose of an ASD relay is the first step in learning how it works.

You can’t start your car unless you flip the ignition switch on first.

You’ve come to the right site if you’re looking for a way around this annoying security system!

Because these gadgets need some time to reset their contacts after being switched off, this is what often happens.

Therefore, even if we have sufficient power flowing through them initially, these relays may not activate quickly enough on their own accord if we don’t wait long enough before attempting again.

With a process called jumping the relay, we can give the initial surge of current needed to get your car started without tinkering with the ASD relay at all!

How to Bypass an ASD Relay – Step by Step

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You’ll need some simple equipment and resources to bypass an ASD relay. You’ll need the following items:

Step One

The ASD relay can be found. In most cases, this relay can be found near the power distribution center (PDC) and computer module under the hood or near the battery, depending on the make and model of your car.

Step Two

With your screwdriver, loosen any screws holding the relay in place until they are free enough to be raised by hand.

Step Three

Cut a cable in half lengthwise to reveal the bare wires inside.

It’s okay if some insulation and its protective plastic coating are torn away after cutting through most of the remaining material with wire cutters/strippers during preparation; these exposed pieces only need to be approximately an inch long for this project.

In order to avoid damaging surrounding devices, make sure there is no exposed metal in the insulation.

Step Four

The first step in this project is to wrap a jumper cable around the terminals of an ASD relay and ensure that all connections are secure before moving on to the next step.

If a connection between two locations is in doubt, use electrical tape instead because those tapes are specifically developed for such circumstances!

After connecting the wires, the wires should face away from one other, but still be connected at the ends by some kind of connection between them (e. g. , jumper cables).

Step Five

Wrap the ends of a second cable around the terminals of an ASD relay and attach one end to each side (positive and negative).

Use electrical tape if you have any doubts about whether a connection between two locations will hold up over time because those sorts of tapes are specifically created for such uses!

For this project, the wires just need to be a few centimeters in length.

During preparation, don’t worry if some insulation is taken away too far along with its protective plastic coating when cutting away at least half what’s left with wire cutters/strippers.

Step Six

Wrap one end of each cable across the terminals of two ASD relays and fasten it.

For this project, make sure that all connections are secure before moving on to the next step, and if there is any uncertainty about the strength of a connection, use electrical tape because it is specifically created for this purpose!

Step Seven

Wait for the engine to idle before starting it.

Step Eight

Before continuing with this project, make sure that all connections to the ASD relay are secure by wrapping the cable ends around the terminals.

If a connection between two locations is in doubt, use electrical tape instead because those tapes are specifically developed for such circumstances!

Step Nine

Before removing any further components from an ASD relay, turn off your car and wait for it to cool down.

Step Ten

To gain access to the relay’s terminals, remove two screws keeping the device together. According to the type of car that was used in this project, you may need a screwdriver or other equipment (e. g. , Ford). Begin by verifying that each and every connection is secure.

Step Eleven

Wrap each cable securely around its terminals and unscrew both ends to ensure that all connections are satisfactory before continuing with this project.

If a connection between two locations is in doubt, use electrical tape instead because those tapes are specifically developed for such circumstances!

Step Twelve

Steps three through eleven must be performed backwards in order to reconnect the ASD relay. You must ensure that all connections are secure before proceeding!

Step Thirteen

Start your car and drive about to see if your job is up to snuff. You should have successfully bypassed your ASD relay at this point without causing any long-term damage to your vehicle. You’ve just saved a lot of money and time by tackling this simple task on your own. Well done!

Even if you think you can handle this project on your own, it’s advisable to consult a professional before undertaking anything that could even slightly endanger your or others’ driving safety!

As a general rule, it’s usually better to be safe than sorry in situations like this. Regardless of whether or not there appears to be an imminent need for repairs, you should always take care of your vehicle.

How To Jump The Relay

You must first locate the relay in order to jump it. Near or under your steering column is the most common location for this component.

Remove the cover and locate two terminals after finding it.

one with the letter S on it and the other with the letter I on it. These are the locations where your cables will be attached.

It is time to get in and drive away! To ensure that the ASD relay module is functioning properly and has not detected any issues, try this (meaning it will continue operating normally)

How To Bypass An ASD Relay With A Multimeter?

To begin, identify the malfunctioning relay. It’s most likely to be located near or beneath your steering column (even though it can sometimes be hidden under other parts of your vehicle).

Remove one wire from each terminal of this gadget so that no current can flow through them anymore (if there are two wires connected together with an orange cap covering both ends then remove those too)

A voltage across the relay’s contacts or terminals can then be measured with a multimeter in ACV mode. The contacts are closed if there is voltage (which should be 12 volts), and open if there is no voltage.

Using a cable or manually activating the contacts will be your only options if you discover that the relay is closed, indicating that the security system in your automobile is functioning as it should.

Relay open indicates an issue with your vehicle’s security system, which must be addressed before it can be repaired. In order to do this, the simplest option would be to replace the entire module.


Can I Use A Universal ASD Relay On My Car?

No one can guarantee that this gadget will not cause an error code or other issues to be detected by your car’s computer system.

As a general rule, it’s advisable to buy a specific model for your car because it’s more likely to work well and avoid problems down the road (pun intended).

So if you can, purchase a fresh relay instead of a universal type because they’re less prone to failure, which makes them better suited for their duty than their counterparts, unless there’s nothing else available, in which case go for it!

Can An ASD Relay Cause Engine Damage?

Disabling an ASD relay has not been shown to cause engine harm. However, if you don’t keep an eye on it, you run the risk of damaging your car’s engine from excessive revving. Because of this, it’s important that you’re aware of this potential drawback and take the proper precautions while driving your car.


How to bypass an ASD relay is as simple as reading this. An explanation of the part’s function, as well as step-by-step instructions for disabling it, are provided in this page.