Updated at: 29-05-2022 - By: Lucas

Keeping the outside and inside of your windshield clean will help you stay safe on the road. It’s to keep you safe. If the windshield is clean, you can see well. If you like to drive at night, you especially need good visibility.

Every time you go to the car wash, the outside of your window gets cleaned. Not good enough. Over time, your windshield’s inside gets covered with film and other things that make it hard to see the road.

What makes the inside of the windshield dirty?

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Glass gets dirty very quickly. So many things you do inside your car can cause things to stick to the inside of your windshield. Some of the most common reasons are


Most people who drive like to smoke in their cars. The cigarette smoke and other things will get stuck to your windshield. If you smoke a lot in your car, it makes it harder to see out of the windshield. Even if you don’t smoke cigarettes, smoke from your car’s engine can still get inside the car. The effect is like the smoke from a cigarette that is being burned.

Even though smoke makes it hard to see, it also makes your car smell bad.

Dirt and dust

Dust and dirt will get into your car almost no matter what you do. They will always get where they need to go. Over time, they will settle on different parts of your car, like the inside windshield. When dust builds up, it makes it hard to see.

The dust on your windshield is easy to see. You need to clean it up right away. The smooth finish of your windshield could also be hurt by dust. Use a soft piece of cloth to clean. It stops scratches that aren’t necessary.

Greasy off-gassing

It’s probably why your windshield is always dirty. Most people don’t know what “greasy off-gassing” means. It means that your dashboard is dirty.

Most likely, your dashboard is made of plastic. There are many oils and chemicals in the plastic, which are often exposed to sunlight. The sun heats up your dashboard over time, and when it gets too hot, the plastic will break down.

It will let dirty chemicals and oil from your dashboard get on your windshield, which is not good. You can barely see these oils and chemicals. If you only use water to clean them, they won’t come off.


People who have kids know that kids like to paint on glass. Most of the time, prints are what make windshields dirty. If your child draws on the windshield with a dirty hand, the glass will pick up the dirt. No matter what time of day or night it is, this dirt can make it hard to see the road.

Other factors

When you drive, you can go to many different places with different atmospheres. This means that it’s hard to say for sure what makes the inside of your windshield dirty. When you roll down your car windows while driving, you make it easy for things to get in.

DIY method of cleaning your windshield’s interior

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Cleaning your windshield is easy, and you can do it in just three steps. You can start by cleaning the outside to get better results.

You will need the following tools and cleaning supplies:

Two or more microfiber cloths that are clean and dry. They should not have any lint.

A cleaner for glass


Magic eraser

Anti-fog cleaner spray

1. Wiping away the dirt

Wipe the windshield clean with one of the clean microfiber towels. You can start on the driver’s side and move toward the passenger side. It’s hard to get all the tight spots clean. Especially where the dashboard ends and the windshield starts.

Sit with your back to the dashboard to clean these spots. Start wiping the tight spots with your backhand in a circle, and then finish by wiping up and down. Back and forth.

2. Degrease

After the first cleaning, it’s time to get rid of stains and grease that won’t go away. A magic cleaner is the best tool. It’s a type of kitchen scrubber that gets rid of oil and grease. It’s not too hard to do. Just wet the scrubber and squeeze it a bit. Wet enough.

Again, use a circular motion to wipe the glass surface. Then repeat the process by moving up or down. Make sure you don’t spill anything on the dashboard. If you do it by accident, wipe it off right away. If the liquid sits on the dashboard for too long, it will change colour.

After wiping the windshield with a wet cloth, dry it right away with a dry towel. Don’t clean your windshield when the sun is shining. It’s better to keep the liquid in a cool place so that it doesn’t dry up too quickly before you can wipe it off.

3. Use a glass cleaner

Make sure the windshield is completely dry before you put the glass cleaner on it. Use one that is dry. The dry microfiber cloth is sprayed with the glass cleaner. Then do the same steps as before. First, use a circular motion, and then use a vertical motion to clean.

You can use rubbing alcohol instead of a magic eraser if you don’t have one.

How often should you clean your windshield?

How you use your car will determine the answer. If you bring food inside or drive with the windows open, you need to clean your car often.

There is no time limit, though. It’s a matter of choice and principle. If you have a busy life, once a month should be enough. But you should make sure to clean it often so that you can see better.


Clean the windshield last every time. Start with the outside of your car, then the inside, and end with the windshield. To keep your windshield clean, you should always park your car in the shade when you can.

You can also leave your car windows cracked a bit to let the gas out. This action makes it less likely that off-gassing will happen soon. But this can’t happen when it’s raining. Driving with your windows up is also a good idea. It also keeps dust from getting in from the outside.