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Each and every one of us who owns an automobile is concerned about its safety. In addition to the numerous safety features built into the Toyota, the engine immobilizer ensures that your car is secure even while it is parked and out of your sight.

Despite its effectiveness as an anti-theft security measure, an engine immobilizer is sometimes turned off by drivers. If you’re looking for information on how to turn off the Toyota engine immobilizer, we’ve got it right here.

Toyota’s Immobilizer can be deactivated by inserting the key, rotating the key, and keeping it in place for 30 seconds, or by putting a Toyota code card into the vehicle’s system.

What Is An Engine Immobilizer?

How to Deactivate Toyota Immobilizer

As part of a Toyota’s safety system, the engine immobilizer is critical. Anti-theft systems such as immobilizers are built into automobiles to keep them from being stolen.

Even if you adore your automobile, you can’t spend your days in it. Fortunately, an engine immobilizer keeps your car out of the hands of would-be thieves when you’re not around.

How does an engine immobilizer actually work?

The immobilizer is engaged automatically thanks to cutting-edge technology and a well-thought-out design.

Electric codes are transferred from the key to your vehicle when it is inserted into the ignition (or the smart key fob is brought into the vehicle). If the code in the transponder chip in the key does not match the code in the engine immobilizer, the car will not start.

You can only start your Toyota’s engine since the code on your key fob and immobilizer are the same clever, right?

Additionally, any key that is not the original car key with the corresponding code will not start your automobile.

Even if a thief manages to gain entry to your vehicle, the immobilizer will halt their progress.

Reasons To Deactivate Toyota Immobilizer

You may be asking why some drivers opt to turn off the engine immobilizer, which is a vital feature of Toyota’s anti-theft system. There are a number of reasons why an engine immobilizer may be disengaged, including:

Races and competitions

The engine immobilizer must be deactivated for several racing events. If you want to attend particular race tracks and courses, you may need to deactivate your vehicle’s engine immobilizer. This is because different race organizers have different restrictions.

Replacing the system

The anti-theft system may need to be modified or replaced if you have a second-hand vehicle. If this is the case, you must first deactivate the immobilizer in your vehicle before making any changes.

Faulty immobilizer

In some cases, the engine immobilizer must be disengaged and reset before it can function properly again. You should solve any problems with your vehicle’s immobilizer as soon as feasible.

Immobilizers can be turned off for various reasons, including competing in motor sports or fixing a malfunctioning one. We’ll go over how to do that next.

How To Deactivate Toyota Immobilizer Using Car Door Key

How To Deactivate Toyota Immobilizer-2

In order for the engine immobilizer to work, you must have a chip in your car key that matches the ECU’s code. You’ll need the car door key to turn off the immobilizer on your vehicle.

Isn’t an engine immobilizer pointless if it can be deactivated by anyone?

Because of this, the key is very crucial in removing the immobilizer.

This step-by-step instruction will show you how to remove your Toyota’s engine immobilizer.

First, insert the car door’s key into its lock.

  1. Turn the key like you’re unlocking the vehicle, but don’t open any doors.

Hold the automobile key in the lock for around 30 seconds in step three. The immobilizer will know that you’re using the correct key if you leave the key in the lock for this long.

4th step The engine immobilizer can be bypassed and deactivated by turning the key both ways, locking and unlocking. You must allow the Toyota immobilizer time to identify your key before the immobilizer may be successfully disengaged.

Step 5 Start the engine while the door is unlocked. It’s time to reset the immobilizer.

How To Deactivate Toyota Immobilizer With Code

To disable the immobilizer if you don’t have the car key or the key doesn’t work, try entering a code into the system.

To disable the Toyota immobilizer, follow these simple steps:

Start with a “Code Card” for every Toyota owner. Your Toyota’s immobilizer should be deactivated using the code on this card.

Step 2: Press the central ignition button to manually enter the code into a Toyota.

The ignition must be turned on before you can begin inputting the code.

4th step Numbers 1 through 3 can be entered by pressing the button a total of three times, and so on. As a general rule of thumb, you should allow around 1 to 1-and-a-half seconds between finishing a digit and beginning the next.

After inserting the code, the Toyota immobilizer is deactivated and the engine can be started.

How To Deactivate The Toyota Immobilizer Using A Key In The Ignition

How To Deactivate Toyota Immobilizer-3

You can also deactivate or reset the immobilizer by using your key in the ignition of the car. The following are the steps you must take to complete this process:

Activate the ignition by inserting the key and turning it to the ON position

  1. Turn off the engine and keep it plugged in for ten to fifteen minutes.

Step 3: The dash’s anti-theft indicator should begin to flash. Attempt to restart the vehicle if the anti-theft light does not blink after the engine has been shut off for three minutes.

Step 4: The immobilizer should detect your car key and reset itself after 3 minutes of rest.

How To Bypass ECU And Deactivate Immobilizer

To deactivate the immobilizer, you can bypass the ECU if you do not have your car key or if you cannot locate your Toyota code card.

It’s far easier to watch a video tutorial for this than to try to follow along with a step-by-step guide. This video is quite helpful, as it covers the process in great detail.


How do I reset the Toyota security system?

In Toyota Camrys and other Toyota models, resetting the security system is a simple process. First, put the ignition key in, but don’t start the engine; instead, just flip the key to ON.

Then, you’ll need to press the switch on the dashboard to activate it. Keep pressing the button until you hear the car alarm go off. The Toyota security system will be reset once you hear that sound.

Does the immobilizer stop the starter motor?

Using the wrong key to start a car’s engine is prevented by an immobilizer. When the ECU and key fob transponder chip match, the immobilizer is activated.

The engine will not start if the engine computer unit does not receive signals from the correct key. Anti-theft and hot-wiring protection is provided through engine immobilization.


Toyota’s anti-theft system relies heavily on the immobilizer. Not using the correct key to open the door or start your automobile will disable an engine immobilizer.

The Toyota immobilizer is an efficient theft deterrent, but drivers should be aware that it may be necessary to turn it off on occasion.

There are many ways Toyota drivers can disengage the engine immobilizer, which we’ve outlined below. All of the procedures we’ve discussed can be completed at home, but if your immobilizer still won’t deactivate, you may need to consult with a professional..