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Smoke in your car is a warning sign that something is wrong, and you should act quickly to remedy the situation. How to get rid of the lingering odor of smoke from your car is explained here.If you’re looking for an expert on this subject, you’ve come to the right place. On our website, you may find out more.No matter how clean or well-maintained your car is, if it smells like cigarettes, it’s worth significantly less.The odor should be eliminated rather than the value decreasing by 7.5 to 9%.

How can you remove the smell of smoke from your car?

Chemical sprays and air fresheners do nothing more than cover up scents.You must eliminate the source of the odor in order to make it go away for good. In order to do this, you can clean all of your car’s interior surfaces, including the seats and carpets. Besides cleaning the vents and replacing the cabin air filter, you should also do some maintenance.

What is that, exactly? Even after a thorough cleaning, you can still smell smoke in your car?

Even if you’ve tried everything, it’s impossible to get rid of the cigarette stench until you know why. Once you grasp it, you’ll know how to deal with it.Fortunately, we’ll explain exactly why in this little guide.We’ll also go over the difference between disguising the smell and completely eliminating it. Finally, we’ll go over a 5-step method for getting rid of a smoky car smell.

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Why Cigarette Smoke Is So Hard To Get Rid Of

Many harmful substances can be found in cigarette smoke (over 7,000, in fact). In the event of a fire, they leave behind particles that float around and penetrate any surface.Glass, plastic, leather, and metal are all examples of solid surfaces that are less porous and hence easier to remove these particles. The problem is compounded when you’re dealing with fabric.Fabric porosity refers to the degree to which a piece of cloth is permeable to air. When comparing polyester (essentially plastic) to cotton, some are less so than others. It is only possible to effectively eliminate odor from textile strands by breaking them down in the beginning.However, shampoo and carpet cleaners do just this and are one of the phases in completing this 5-step process. Fortunately.

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Removing The Smell Of Smoke From Your Car vs Masking It

Hanging an air freshener or spritzing the inside with a new scent may sound like a good idea at first. Aside from masking the odor, all this accomplishes is cover it up, which is merely a short-term fix.In addition, you’re introducing new substances into your cabin as a result of this practice.There is a distinct fragrance to your car because of the particles that have bonded to every surface. To get rid of these, you first need to get your hands on them.In the next part, we’ll describe exactly how to do this.

Steps For Removing The Smell Of Smoke From Your Car

Items Required:

Towel or cloth made of microfibre

Water and white vinegar in a spray bottle (1:1 ratio)

Cleansing solution for windows in a spray bottle

Car shampoo and a vacuum

Nose freshener in a bottle

Soda dissolved in water.

Step #1 – Remove All Items And Air Out Your Car

How To Get Smoke Smell Out Of Your Car [Simple] - Auto Chimps

The first step is to get rid of all of the clutter in the vehicle. In other cases, they may be contributing to the stench themselves.Once the car is empty, find a well-ventilated spot, pull down the windows, and let it sit for ten to fifteen minutes before moving on.You can also use a heater for 15 minutes to warm the fibers of the cloth and relax the pores before airing it out.If you reside in a sunny area, you can achieve the same benefits by leaving your car parked in the sun.

Step #2 – Wipe Down All Hard Surfaces

As you work your way backwards, use the spray bottle of water and vinegar and the microfiber cloth to clean all of the car’s solid surfaces. It’s possible you’ve never heard of white vinegar’s molecular odor-neutralizing qualities. That’s not all; it’s also non-toxic.Using a microfiber cloth may surprise you at how quickly it gets dirty. If this occurs, make careful to fully clean it or replace it with another. Including the dash, steering wheel, door panels, glove box, pillars, and overhead trim, clean every single surface.Using the glass cleaner on the windows as well. Don’t forget to clean off your leather seats as well.

Step #3 – Vacuum And Shampoo The Seats, Carpet, And Headliner

All fabric, as previously indicated, is permeable. Smoke odors are effectively neutralized thanks to the fabric surfaces of your automobile. Vacuum them thoroughly, being careful to get into all of the nooks and crannies. Following the directions on the bottle, use an automotive specialist shampoo to clean the carpets, seat cushions, floor mats, and headliner. Preparedness involves pouring a bucket with water and washing your chairs with an extra-large sponge.In case you didn’t already know, shampoo’s foaming action helps break down fibers. This causes their pores to open up, allowing the odor to come out when you scrub them.

Step #4 – Clear Out The Vents And Replace The Cabin Air Filter

Now is the time to clean up the venting system, which you may not have previously considered.Once the windows are rolled up, start the car, and the AC is set to its maximum setting, you’re ready to go.Allow it to circulate by spraying the odor neutralizer into the ventilation systems.The final step is to repeat this process with the AC turned off and the heat turned up all the way.

You’ll also need to replace your cabin air filter, which might become clogged with smoke particles during the course of normal operation.Alternatively, you may pay a shop around $70 to $100 to replace it for you, which isn’t too difficult but does require some expertise.

Step #5 – Absorb Any Remaining Odor With Baking Soda

The final step is a piece of cake. Sprinkle baking soda on the carpet, seats, and floor mats of your vehicle (make sure the interior is dry before doing so). Baking soda, like vinegar, has odor-neutralizing capabilities that target odor molecules. Vacuum it up after it has sat overnight.In the end, you should notice a significant reduction in the smell. If that doesn’t work, you may need to call in the big guns.

If All Else Fails – Bring Out The Big Guns

A machine that makes Ozone is what we’re discussing (also known as o3 or Trioxygen). Airborne particles are attacked and degraded as a result of this. Be aware that commercial and residential Ozone Machines are separate entities. During the time the machine is running, you do not want to be in or near the vehicle. Also, keep youngsters and dogs away from the area while it’s running to avoid any accidents. Lowes and Home Depot typically sell them for between $200 and $300. Equipment rental stores are a good place to look if you don’t have your own. To learn how to utilize an Ozone Generator, watch the video below.

What’s The Best Way To Remove The Smell Of Smoke From Your Car?

How to Remove Smoke and Cigarette Smells From a Car

Don’t light up in there.Correct, the best course of action is to avoid the problem altogether. When it comes to selling your car, cigarette smoke is one of the most damaging factors (as much as 9 percent ). Fortunately, if you notice a strong odor of smoke, you may easily remove it by following the instructions in this tutorial.