Updated at: 31-08-2022 - By: Lucas

We’ve all been in the position of needing to store a spare key in the car in case the primary one gets lost or misplaced. I recently travelled a few kilometers to a shop with an escort car to drive me back home, only to discover that the mechanic had gone on an errand before I arrived. Because I didn’t want to wait around, I hid my key in my car and came home immediately.

We’ll take a look at all the places you can hide in your car in this tutorial. Take into account the potential dangers before implementing any of these strategies. The easier it is to find a hiding place, the more likely it is that a thief will take advantage of the situation. However, the dangers are minimized if your key is carefully hidden.

1. Tire Well

How To Hide A Key

If you’re only going to be gone for a few minutes, putting your key on top of a tire may be the best option. With SUVs, trucks, and other vehicle types that have big tire well gaps, the key will be quite noticeable. For automobiles with low profiles, this is an excellent solution because it conceals the key behind the wheel arch.

The success of this technique is highly dependent on where you park your automobile. In order to be safe, the parking spot next to the road and sidewalk needs to be closed off. Park your vehicle adjacent to a wall or another vehicle if you wish to conceal your key in the tire well. As a result, pedestrians will be less likely to come into contact with the wheel as a result of this.

2. Gas Cap Cover

Another fantastic place to hide your key is behind the gas cap cover. Make sure your gas cap cover is working properly before using this procedure. A key was required to access old-fashioned gas caps, but today’s cars have electronic locks and keyless caps.

If your vehicle’s cover locks automatically, you will not only be unable to reach your keys, but you will also be unable to open the passenger compartment.

3. Licence Plate

Licence Plate

Look at your license plates from the front and back. Consider using the space between the bumper and the plates to hide from other drivers. If you have a license plate holder that is hollow and magnetic, you can connect a magnetic strip to the plate and use it as a hideout.

With a tilting license plate holder, you’ll be able to get your keys in and out of a tight spot more easily. You can insert the key hider into the plate and tilt it to gain additional space. Other people won’t notice because the front plate isn’t tilted.

4. Bumper

When chrome bumpers were in vogue, this approach was a popular choice. Alternatively, you might use a magnetic key holder to keep the keys from falling out of the bumper. Modern cars have bumpers that blend into the body, yet they’re still useful.

It is necessary that you utilize a magnet with an adhesive side in order to attach your keys to the bumper. Although this is a low-cost and secure way to store your spare keys, I do not recommend using it while driving.

5. Tow Hook Cover

Tow Hook Cover

In theory, this is a clever place to put your money. The tow hook cover has a threaded hole in the front bumper where the tow hook screws into place. If you have a spare key, you may simply insert it into the hole and secure it with the cover. The key will not be able to fall out when driving because the majority of it is inside the hole.

One of the best and least noticeable places to store an emergency key is here.. If you can’t get to the key because you don’t have the right tool, you’ll have a difficult time getting into the safe. Get a piece of magnetic tape to keep everything together as an extra layer of security.

6. Undercarriage

The less probable it is that your key will be found in a difficult-to-see or-reach location. You can keep an extra key in a magnetic box attached to the car’s underbelly. Using a metal component that is attached to the bottom of the car, you can hide it for a short period of time.

Adding a physical connection to a magnetic plate before storing anything for the long term is my preferred method. Connect the keychain’s carabiner clip to a location on the vehicle’s undercarriage. When inserting or retrieving the key, keep your distance from the exhaust system to avoid getting burned. It’s not going to be easy, and you’re going to get dirty, but the chances of anyone finding your key are practically zero.


Are car keys magnetic?

If you want to use magnetic strips or plates, you’ll need a key composed of steel, iron, or nickel. You’ll need a key holder if your key isn’t magnetic.

Can magnets damage car keys?

It’s impossible to harm the key with a magnet, and the fob key is also safe from harm. The fob key can only be damaged by a very strong magnet, but you won’t be using anything that powerful to conceal your keys.


The chances of someone else finding your car keys are virtually zero if you hide them properly. When it comes to autos, “the lock only keeps honest people out” holds true. Your vehicle’s security will not be compromised as long as you do not leave your key in plain view for a thief of opportunity. Make use of the information you’ve gained by reading our articles on how to best hide a key on your car!