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You may have seen the knobs they put on forklifts but didn’t know what they were. The most common name for them is Brodie knobs. You may have also heard them called suicide knobs or spinner knobs.

Because it moves on its own, a steering wheel knob makes it easy for the driver to turn the steering wheel quickly. They help you turn quickly and let you do things safely with one hand.

Steering wheel knobs make it easier to drive a car or operate a piece of machinery with one hand full.

No matter what you call them, they all do the same thing. If you put one of these in your car, it would make the steering wheel easier to turn. It’s more noticeable when you make a sharp turn in the car.

That’s because you can always keep one hand on the wheel while you’re driving around it.

What Do Steering Wheel Knobs Do?

How To Install A Steering Wheel Spinner Knob (1)

You put a suicide knob or spinner knob on the steering wheel.

They give you something to hold onto when turning. So, you never have to let go of the steering wheel.

Installing one of these can make it easier to turn your car. Even if the turn is very sharp, you can keep your hand on the knob. It’s set on a small pedestal.

They made a small dial for that spot. It keeps the knob from moving while keeping it in place. You can keep your hand on it while turning the whole steering wheel.

Most of the time, you have to let go of the steering wheel. But you don’t have to do that because of the knobs.

How Do Steering Wheel Knobs Work?

With Brodie knobs, you can move the car in more ways while driving. With one of them, you can use one hand to turn the steering wheel all the way around.

In some places, people with disabilities need help getting into their cars. They make it easier for them to drive with one hand.

Sad to say, not everyone has two hands. But putting one in the car can let people who only have one hand drive.

If you grab the knob, it’s easy to move the steering wheel. Before they made power steering, they used to put them on older cars. That’s because the steering wheel was much harder to move back then.

It took a lot more force to turn one of them. So, they made steering wheels a lot larger. Still, the big steering wheels could be hard to turn. So, they put knobs on them to make them easier to drive.

Are Steering Wheel Knobs Safe?

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It is safe to put a steering wheel knob on your car. As long as you put it in the right way, it won’t cause any problems.

Make sure the steering wheel can be turned all the way around. While you’re putting the knob in, sit down in the car. Then, turn the steering wheel and make sure the knob doesn’t get caught on anything.

It shouldn’t be a problem if you can turn it all the way around. You could also put it near the top of the wheel. If you have a choice, I’d put it on the side you use most.

If you can grab the knob with your stronger hand, you’ll like how it feels. So, you should always install it on that side if you can.

While you’re putting the knob on, you can also adjust the seat. Make sure you don’t have to stretch to reach the pedals. You shouldn’t have too much trouble getting to either of them down there.

Try moving the steering wheel if the knob gets stuck on something. Most cars have a lever under the steering column that lets you change the position of the steering wheel. If the knob keeps getting stuck on things, you can lift it up a bit.

Most of the time, that will stop it from happening again and let you drive safely.

Are Steering Wheel Knobs Illegal?

Putting a knob on your steering wheel could make driving on roads with curves easier. But is it against the law to put one of them in your car?

There are no laws against knobs right now. You don’t have to worry about breaking the law if you put them in your car.

There is nothing in the federal law book that says steering wheel knobs can’t be used. Still, you should check with the police in your area to see if they have made any laws against them.

Local laws could make them illegal if they were written that way.