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I’m waiting at a traffic light in June, which is a summer month. In this sweltering heat, I’m wondering how I can make the air conditioning in my car colder. So, my car’s air conditioner blows cool, but not ice cold. I’m sure that everyone wants their car air conditioner to work as well as possible, especially when it’s very hot outside.

Getting the AC gas refilled and getting a new cabin filter are the most obvious ways to make the cooling better. The cooling is done by the gas, which is a liquid refrigerant. The AC blower will be able to move freely with a new cabin filter.

As soon as I got home, I went online to see if I was right. In this article, I talk about this again and again. Here’s what I learned that will probably fix your car’s AC:

How Car’s Air-Conditioner Works?

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No matter what kind of car you have, all air conditioners work the same way. The AC unit in a car is made up of 5 main parts.



Expansion Valve

Receiver | Dryer | Accumulator


The system that cools the air is airtight. Or I could say that refrigerant puts pressure on it from the inside (AC gas). In the workshop manual, every car maker lists the correct gas pressure. Most of the time, this is between three and four pounds. Let’s look at what all of these parts do:

1) The compressor’s job is to turn the AC gas into a liquid by squeezing it. The liquid is then pushed through the refrigerant line. This part of the system is under pressure, so it’s called the “high side.”

2) The condenser’s job is to help cool the refrigerant as it gets hot during the compression cycle. It does this by acting like a radiator and transferring heat. The air that flows through the condenser cools the refrigerant as it moves through it.

3) The expansion valve’s job is to stop the flow of water in the pipe. This divides the parts of the AC system with high pressure from the parts with low pressure. As the liquid refrigerant goes through this valve and into the low-pressure area, it changes back into a gas.

4) The job of the receiver, dryer, and accumulater: When the refrigerant is in a gaseous state, it goes into the dryer. This gets rid of the water in the refrigerant.

5) The evaporator’s job is to pass the dry, cold gas through it. The only part of an AC system that goes under the dashboard is the evaporator. The hot air is then cooled by blowing air through the evaporator core with this AC fan. Then, air vents blow this air into the cabin. After the heat exchange is done, the refrigerant goes back to the compressor to start the whole process over again.

How to Make Car AC Colder?

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Wonder why your car’s air conditioning doesn’t cool like it used to? Now that you know how your car’s air conditioner works, you must have some ideas about how to fix it. Here are some things to check if your car’s air conditioner isn’t working well or if your passengers say it’s not cold enough.

1) A clogged cabin filter: This is the easiest thing to check and should be done first. The cabin filters clean the air that flows into the area where people sit. Some of them can even stop bacteria from growing.

But they get clogged up over time, especially if you drive in a dusty area. It is usually under the glovebox, so check it and change it if it looks dirty. They are not very expensive.

2) Low pressure on the refrigerant gas: The air conditioner is a pressurised system, but it isn’t 100% leak proof. Over a number of years, some of the gas pressure might leak out of the system. When this happens, the compressor stops working as it should. In this case, all you need to do is fill up the gas at the refrigerant charge port under the hood. You can go to a workshop or buy a kit to do it yourself. I found this car air conditioner refill kit on Amazon (checkout the latest price here). Here’s what you need to do:

3) The coolant or the compressor is old: Just like everything else on a car, the AC system wears out over time. Over time, the refrigerant or the compressor can break down. When this happens, it’s hard for it to change from a liquid state to a gas state.

This makes the cooling less effective. First, try replacing the R-134a Freon refrigerant. If that doesn’t work, have a technician check the compressor.

4) Faulty temperature controller: Most modern cars have electronic temperature controllers. They don’t break down often, but when they do, it can be hard to figure out why. Most cars should be able to find the error code with a simple ECU scan.

If you don’t have a scanner, try changing the settings on a temperature controller to see if the temperature changes. If you find a problem with it, you should have an auto electrician look at it. The last thing you should do is buy a now temperature-controlled. Watch this video to find out more about this:

5) Faulty Compressor Clutch: An electromagnetic clutch is used in the AC compressor. This clutch turns the compressor on and off to keep the right amount of refrigerant pressure in the system. You may have noticed that when you push the throttle pedal all the way down, the clutch for the air conditioner compressor comes off. So, in the summer, the best way to keep cool is to drive smoothly.

But sometimes the clutch is worn out to the point where it can’t work right. When this happens, the compressor won’t be able to move freon gas through the car’s AC system. It might be possible to fix the problem by adjusting the clutch, but it’s better to just replace the AC compressor clutch.

6) There could be air in the system: Sometimes the condenser works fine and the gas pressure on the gauge is also correct. Still, the air conditioner isn’t working as it should.

In this situation, it’s best to get rid of the gas in the system and put in new refrigerant gas. When there are pockets of air in the AC system, this problem happens. Your last mechanic might have filled it up with bad refrigerant that was mixed with air by accident or because he was doing something shady. Watch this video to find out more about this topic:

Are there any car AC additives?

There are now a lot of things you can add to your air conditioner system. These are added to the refrigerant to make it work again. But can it fix all the damage from the past year? From what I read on the internet, they do seem to work pretty well, as most people said that it made their car air conditioner cold again. By adding these things, you get rid of a layer of oil that builds up on the coils. This built-up oil makes it harder for heat to move around, which slows down cooling. AC refrigerant additive, also called “AC SRA,” is a great thing to try. I found an SRA with some good reviews on Amazon. Check the price now.

How can you cool down your car quickly?

Even if your car AC is working fine, there are some things you can do to make it cooler. When you get in a car that has been sitting out in the sun, it can feel awful. This will help you cool off faster:

1) Park in the shade. Don’t let the cabin get too hot by parking in the sun. You might think this is obvious, but we forget to do it a lot. It’s also a good idea to buy new window shades or curtains.

2) Change the air vents. A car has many air vents for the air conditioner, but do we need all of them when we are driving alone? Of course, you should just use the vents on the driver side and in the middle. If you turn off the vents for the front passenger and the back seat, the air flow in the driver’s area will increase by a lot. Also, if you have climate controls for two zones, you can change those to get the best cooling.

3) Get the hot air out of the car. If you get into a hot car, you should try to get the hot air out of the car. The best way to do this is to open the windows a little bit (and the sunroof, if you have one) and run the air conditioner with some outside air coming in. After 2–3 minutes, when the hot air has stopped coming out of the vent, switch back to the recirculation mode. This is the best way to set your car’s air conditioner.

4) Drive smoothly. The car’s air conditioner is powered by the engine. When the gas pedal is mashed, the AC compressor in some cars doesn’t get enough power to pressurise the system. Yes, the air flow will stay the same, but it won’t be cool. For good cooling, you should drive slowly and smoothly, without putting too much stress on the engine to speed up.

After reading this article, you should know everything there is to know about the car’s air conditioning system. Hey, an air conditioner is a pretty cool idea. It might sometimes go bad, but I know I can live with it in the summer, and I keep trying to find ways to make it really cold. If you did these things, you won’t be able to say that the air conditioner in your car isn’t cold enough.

Even if you think your air conditioner is working well, you should try some of the tips above. I think you should at least replace the cabin filter. Let me know if this article helped you fix your car’s air conditioner in the comments. If you think we missed something, let us know in the comments.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Car Air Conditioner System:

What are the Most Common Car AC faults?

Cooling problems with a car’s air conditioner could be caused by either of these two things:

1) Leaking refrigerant 2) Problems with the electrics

3) Broken condenser

4) Condenser is blocked or clogged

5) Bad compressor

6) Fans that don’t work right

Will adding Freon Make Car AC Colder?

Yes, if the gas pressure is lower, adding new Freon gas will definitely make the cooling better. But a leak test should be done by a technician before Freon is added. It’s not a good idea to put too much gas in the car. It needs to fit the rules.

How often should you replace Freon gas in Car AC?

If the air conditioner is working well, there is no need to replace the Freon gas. Freon only needs to be added if the gas pressure has gotten low due to a leak.