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There’s currently a lot of interest in the keyless remote system. When you press a button, you can open, lock, and start your car with the touch of your finger. But unless something goes wrong, you won’t fully realize how easy it is to access your vehicle.

Running out of battery juice is one of the most typical issues your Nissan key may face. Anxiety can set in if your Nissan key fob battery runs out and you can’t get a new one right away.

First, remove the valet key from the Nissan key fob. Then, remove the battery. The battery compartment can be opened by inserting a flathead screwdriver into the slot and separating the fob.

You’ll then use a flat screwdriver to remove the battery that is pointing down. Replacing the battery is as simple as placing it face down in the keyfob and reassembling it.

Fortunately, a battery for the Nissan key fob is readily available. A dead battery can still be replaced, but only if you know how. As a result, you’ll have to hire someone to do it for you, which is a bummer.

As a result, we did extensive research before putting together this step-by-step guide to replacing the Nissan vehicle key battery.

How To Identify The Nissan Key Battery

How To Open Nissan Key Fob

The CR2025 battery is the standard size for most Nissan key fob batteries. However, to be absolutely certain, consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual. Nissan remote batteries of the incorrect size are a waste of money and time.

As a customer of a repair shop or other service provider, you can also inquire.

The best thing to do is to contact the servicing company numerous times. Getting to the root of the problem will help you prevent unneeded costs. It’s possible that the issue isn’t with the Nissan key battery at all. You can use the fob’s backup key to get into your car until you establish that the problem exists.

How To Use The Backup Nissan Key

Even if your Nissan key fob stops working and you anticipate a battery issue, you’ll still need to get into your automobile. Because of this, Nissan has a unique advantage over other automakers, especially if the issue isn’t immediately apparent.

The battery replacement location of the Nissan key fob has a backup key. In other words, don’t stress over being stranded for an extended period of time. Use the backup key given by following these instructions:.

Once you’ve figured out how to get into your Nissan in an emergency, you’ll be able to figure out what size battery you need for your key fob.

How To Replace A Nissan Key Fob Battery

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As a point of reference, the battery of the Nissan vehicle key is formed and manufactured like that of a wristwatch. As for other automobiles that use remote keys, the same holds true. Although it can be difficult to replace them due to their size and non-standard design,

As a result, if you want to prevent hurting anything, you’ll need to stay focused on the process.

Changing the battery does not necessitate the use of any special tools. A few common household goods should suffice. Visit a hardware store if you don’t have access to domestic products for repairs. When you have the necessary resources, follow the steps outlined below.

Removing the Valet Key

The backup key mentioned earlier is the valet key. It is imperative that you have the backup key in order to escape the situation. Valet keys are also referred to as “parking keys” since they may be quickly retrieved and given to a parking attendant. As a result, the next time you stay at a hotel, you won’t have to surrender your car’s original key.

You must first remove the valet key before you can determine the type of battery in your Nissan key fob or replace it immediately. It stands in the way of the battery. After that, repeat the steps outlined above for deleting the backup key.

Opening the Key Fob

You should be aware of the fact that Nissan key fobs are made to open in a circumferential fashion throughout this operation. So, like a clamshell, it breaks open. The key’s inside may now be seen all the way along its length.

Don’t try to open the fob if it’s tough for you. The key fob is vulnerable to damage if it is forced open. Rather, use a credit card, a small flat screwdriver, or a knife to push the perimeter edges apart. The top has a little gap. begin with that.

You should be able to insert the flat screwdriver head into the hole without any difficulty. Once you’ve done that, run a screwdriver along the key fob’s length. Continue to do so until you hear a click at the end. The sound of a click indicates that the hatch has been successfully opened.

Battery Replacement

The next step is to change the battery after you’ve determined what size it requires. To begin, make certain you’re purchasing an original battery pack. If you’re doubtful, seek the opinion of a reputable mechanic or automotive electrician. If you often access the Nissan key fob to replace dead batteries, a long-lasting battery is necessary.

The dead battery can be seen lying face down in the key fob once it has been opened. With the use of a screwdriver, you may remove it from the circular chamber in which it is housed. The batteries should be disposed of somewhere out of the reach of youngsters. Get the correct battery size for the new Nissan key.

When it’s time to swap out the battery, the new one will be placed face down next to the old one. It should now be firmly in place. If the battery is out of place, the key will not operate.

Reassembling the Key Fob

When you replace the battery in your Nissan key fob, you must immediately reassemble it. If dust or other debris accumulates inside the compartments, it will be a big problem. When you reassemble the key, you’ll be able to tell if your replacement job was done correctly.

It’s okay if returning the valet is part of the key-making process. Even after the fob is completed, certain keys may still have the backup key.

Close and align the two parts of the key fob, pressing them together until it snaps back into place and locks into place. Avoid shattering anything by without applying too much pressure.

How Long-lasting Are Nissan Key Fob Batteries?

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The Nissan key fob’s battery life is determined by how frequently you drive your vehicle. The remote system is powered by the battery. About 20,000 hours of battery life is expected by the design. As a result, it’s possible to go two years without a problem.

Other batteries are designed to last for a long time as well. To give you an example, a Panasonic battery can last for up to a decade on the counter. Note that the 10 years count represents the shelf life of the batteries, not the actual usage length of the batteries.

How much does a new Nissan Key Fob Cost?

Frequently Asked Questions

Check to be sure you don’t need to replace the Nissan key fob batteries before purchasing a new one. A new key fob should only be purchased when the old one is no longer functional. The cost of a replacement key fob ranges from $150 to $600. If you have a car, the price will vary.

Does Warranty Cover Nissan Key Fobs?

The Nissan Key fobs come with a 12-month warranty from the factory. You can get the warranty on your new automobile, but only if you buy it from an authorized dealer. Nissan smart keys can also be purchased with a secondary security+ replacement plan.

How Does Nissan Fob Reprogramming Work?

You may get a ‘key not found’ notice. You shouldn’t, however, be alarmed just yet. There is a simple remedy for some Nissan automobiles. Activating the car’s starter with the key fob. Look for the Intelligent Key port next to the steering wheel, to the left, if you can’t find one on your own.

The key fob can be inserted into the slot. Then, see whether your automobile will start. As a result of doing this procedure, the key should now detect your vehicle and start the engine.


It’s easier to fix a Nissan rogue key fob if you know exactly what type of battery it needs. Even if the battery isn’t the problem, you may want to look at other choices. The valet key can help you figure this out if you’re unable to do it on your own.