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Radio and air conditioning can be used without running the engine in today’s vehicles. It’s called “accessory mode,” and it’s found in many contemporary vehicles. As a result, you may question how to switch it on in the event that you ever find yourself needing it. Once the car’s ignition is turned up a notch, you can put it into “accessory mode.” It can be turned on and left on without igniting the engine using a single switch. Of course, other automobile models will have a different situation. To put the automobile in accessory mode, all you have to do is press a button on the dashboard.

When you need to use the accessories but don’t want the engine to hum, the accessory mode is a great option. However, be aware. Battery depletion can occur with prolonged use, so keep this in mind when using your device.

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What Is a Car’s Accessory Mode?

The accessory mode in an automobile, as previously said, is a standard feature on new models. You can utilize the accessories without starting the engine with this capability. Traditionally, automotive accessories have only operated when the engine was running. It’s therefore necessary to keep your engine running if you want air conditioning or music to keep you cool on a hot day.

Newer kinds of automobiles may now operate such attachments even when the engine is not running. As an example, while waiting for the engine to cool down, you can listen to music, plan your route, and even take advantage of the air conditioning. With the car accessory mode, you can accomplish all of these things. However, be aware. Battery life can be drained by using automotive accessories that draw their power from the battery. This might lead to battery drain if too much power is used. Because the engine isn’t running, the battery isn’t getting recharged. The automobile accessory mode can be useful, but it isn’t optimal for lengthy periods of time to keep it activated. Having learned about this function, you may be wondering how to activate it.

How to Turn On Accessory Mode?

There are numerous ways for automobiles to enter accessory mode. Your car’s make and model will have a significant impact. A good example of this is the “engine start/stop” button found on the majority of current automobiles.

Pressing this button will typically start your car’s engine. The accessory mode, on the other hand, allows it to serve a secondary purpose. This button can be used to activate accessory mode without hitting the brake pedal. If you have a precise notch on the ignition switch, you can do it. It would only take one notch to switch on the power, allowing you to use the accessories. It will also not start the engine.

Is It Bad to Leave Car on Accessory Mode?

In many situations, the accessory mode is really useful. As a result, it is something you do not want to leave on in your vehicle. This mode can quickly drain the battery’s power because it enables the car’s accessories to run independently of the engine. The batteries in automobiles are replenished while the engines run. The effect is that the battery could be depleted if the engine is not running for a long time.It will be influenced by a wide range of factors. Here are a few examples:What is the current state of your battery?

Your battery will run out more quickly if you use the air conditioning, heating or GPS. It would be far more energy-efficient to use stereo systems. However, it will continue to consume power. As a result, it’s best to turn off the auxiliary mode in your car. You intend to carry out this project for a long time.

Do Cars Die In Accessory Mode?

The answer to this problem also depends on a number of factors. However, if the auxiliary mode is used for a lengthy period of time, the car may break down. Accessory mode uses electricity but does not refill the battery because the engine is off. As a result, the gadgets could drain the battery’s capacity.

But how long it will last before it stops working depends on a number of variables. As long as you have a replacement battery and only utilize your audio, you may leave it on for hours without draining your battery. Heavy automobile gadgets, on the other hand, can drain your vehicle’s battery, leaving you stranded.


The new car accessory mode is a fantastic feature. Generally speaking, it permits vehicles to run their accessories without having to start their engines. Air conditioning, GPS, and stereo are just a few examples of these features.

It’s a useful tool, but it’s not something you can rely on for a lengthy period of time. There is no method for the battery to recuperate power because the accessory mode does not switch on the engine. If you use it for an extended period of time, you risk having a depleted battery. To avoid exhausting your car’s battery, you should always be aware of how much you’re using.