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The exhaust bolts can be difficult to remove. So if you wish to know how to remove exhaust bolts without breaking them, this article is meant for you. Stay and keep reading! The exhaust bolts in your vehicle are the ones responsible for taking the high heat gasses from your vehicle’s engine, and then it will eject them so that your engine will remain cool and running at its best and optimum performance. The exhaust bolts are produced from iron. Iron lasts longer, but it cannot do the job properly of taking the heat out.

So removing an exhaust bolt can be complicated, and many car drivers have a hard time removing it. Not only with that, but it is also more challenging to remove it without breaking it. Some car drivers might find the removal easy, but removing the exhaust bolts without breaking them is a problem. So as a car driver, we will be going to provide you the steps on removing your exhaust bolts without breaking them. So let us get started.

Can You Remove Exhaust Bolts Without Breaking Them?

Yes, it is possible that you can remove the exhaust bolts without breaking them. Some car drivers immerse them in penetrating fluid for roughly a few days. Some folks will also use a torch, although it might be risky and destroy the exhaust bolts. You can also try working the bolt back and forth. This will keep your exhaust bolds intact after removing them. Next, tighten the exhaust bolts and then loosen them again. You can also add a penetrating spray so that you can remove the exhaust nuts without removing them. You also have to remember to be very patient. Some people have their ways of removing their exhaust nuts.

You have to figure out which one is better for you. Some people will also access candle wax and blowtorch, and they will work better in e penetrating fluid.

How Do You Remove Exhaust Bolts Without Breaking Them?

As noted, there are several approaches on how to remove the exhaust nuts. However, you need the steps to perform it properly, not harm and break the exhaust bolts. So, with that, follow these steps on how to remove the exhaust nuts without breaking them.

1. Use The Red Spray Straw

Take the red spray straw to the nozzle of the PB blaster. Next, spray it to the exhaust bolts. You have to spray them starting from the bottom and work the way up and around the head of the bolt. Next, spray both heads of the bolt. If you are done spraying, tap the bold using a box wrench. You have to send in vibrations via it to help the PB work its way into the threads.

2. Place The Wrench On The Nut

You then have to choose a box wrench that fits the head of the nut. Then, assuming you have discovered it, put the wrench on the nut. If there are no threads from the bolt exposed, and there is a flat bolt head instead, you have to use a stud puller and put aside the box wrench. Use a stud puller, and then start operating your stud puller in a counterclockwise manner so that you will release the bolt.

3. Spin One Lock Nut Into The Exposed Threads

You then have to spin one nut into the exposed threads. You have to remember this with the cast lock of the nut facing out. This is installing the lock nut in a backward manner. The other lock nut put it in a conventional method. Check and make sure that they are firmly together.

Link and attach the socket wrench into the top lock nut. You need to make sure that your socket wrench’s handle is lined up together with the handle of the box wrench. You then have to hold the two wrench handles together and then pull them in a counterclockwise direction. Check whether the bolt does not break loose quickly. If it does not, tap the handle of the box wrench just very lightly with a hammer in that same direction. Make the gesture again and again and wait until the exhaust bolt finally gets loose and free.

Are Exhaust Bolts Hard To Remove?

Yes, removing an exhaust bolt can be tough, but it can be done. If you are going to remove an exhaust volt, it can be tough and frustrating, but you have to have the patience and the determination to try things out. The nuts that are securing the bolts will tend to corrode very soon. And they are also located in a problematic spot. So you have to heat the item, however that is not suggested either. The instructions above will provide you a guide on how to remove them swiftly.


In short, removing exhaust nuts might be tough. However, the deed can be done. Car drivers have been inquiring how to remove the exhaust nuts without damaging the bolts.

Again, it can be challenging, but it is not impossible. The instructions above will be able to aid you with the job.