Updated at: 14-07-2022 - By: Lucas

Error code e may appear on your Honda radio from time to time, and you may wonder what the problem is. This is not uncommon, yet it might still cause anxiety.

While it may appear that you’ve typed the radio code incorrectly more than three times, this is actually a simple error message. Every time you replace the battery, Honda will ask for a radio code.

So don’t worry out if you see this everywhere. Here are a few things you can do to fix the issue.

How to reset the error E radio code

How To Reset The Code Error E (1)

This signifies that either the battery has died or you have recently replaced the battery. There is a radio code that can be found in the honda databases to reset it. A honda dealership, on the other hand, should be able to locate your vehicle’s navigation system.

Step one

After obtaining the radio’s serial number, write it down or use a device to record it.

Step two.

Auxiliary mode can only be activated by pressing the start button. Alternately, the car’s ignition can be turned on.

Step three

Until there is no error code displayed on the radio’s screen, turn it off.

Step four

With only one hand, press and hold the radio buttons numbered 1 through 6.

Step five

In order to turn on the radio, use your free hand to hold down the buttons one and six at the same time.

Step six

As long as you’re holding, you will see an eight-digit serial number; if your automobile is older, you will see two separate serial numbers.

Step seven

In order to use the serial number in the future, you’ll need to understand the buttons and record it.

Step eight

The dealer will need the 17th digit of the VIN to access, extract, and return the radio code. Any of these can be found on the driver’s license or insurance card.

Step nine

Having obtained the five-digit honda radio code, you can now head to your car.

Step ten

Listen to the radio. When you switch it on, the word CODE should appear on the screen. Disconnect the black negative cable for one to three minutes if an error message appears on the radio. Search for the word “code” on the radio once more. Wait for your radio to come back after entering the five-digit radio code that you were provided with earlier in this process.

Are there other methods for resetting the error E code?

How To Reset The Code Error E (3)

In addition to the preceding procedure, there are various ways to reset the Honda radio. To begin, turn on the radio and hold down the power button for at least two seconds to begin the calibration process.

In some cases, this process can allow a radio to recall its pre-programmed settings. Entering a code is not necessary in this situation. When all else fails, follow the actions outlined above.

Do I have to reset the radio every time I disconnect the battery?

Yes, disconnecting a battery will result in the loss of power to critical radio and car systems. There is no way around this, so you’ll have to start from scratch. Your car’s radio system will need to be reset and your car’s radio code entered every time you change the battery, for example.

What can happen If the honda radio error code E won’t reset?

The radio won’t work if the error code E doesn’t reset. Because of this, you will need to take it to a Honda service center.

Are there other error codes for honda radio?

There are more Honda error codes besides E, such as


Having recently replaced your car battery, you notice that the honda radio system has been shut out. This means that you won’t be able to listen to your favorite music while driving.

A factory-enabled anti-theft security system may have locked you out of your vehicle. It’s designed to prevent automotive radio theft, but 

it can also keep the owner from accessing their stereo system.

It’s a good thing this problem is so prevalent and easy to correct. To listen to your favorite music while driving, simply follow the procedures outlined above.