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We all know that the battery can die at any time of year, but it is more common in the winter months when it is more likely. The starter won’t start because the battery is so low. Jump-starting or pushing the automobile to start are two common methods for getting a car to start. Suppose, however, that the battery is missing? Is it possible to get the automobile started?

For example, the battery can be stolen or used as a decorative item in some rare cases. A automobile that has a low battery may be started more easier than one that doesn’t have one at all.

It is possible to start a car without a battery?

How To Start A Car Without A Battery

A automobile can be started with no battery, but this depends on a number of factors, including whether or whether the vehicle has a manual or automatic transmission.

You can jump start a car with wires attached to another vehicle’s battery, or you can push start it if you don’t have any cables. Only a car with a manual transmission will allow you to make use of the second choice. It’s not a good idea to try to start an automated car with the push of a button.

When a car’s battery dies, there are only four ways to get it moving again.

  • adding a new battery;
  • using a starter-booster;
  • starting with the help of a towing car;
  • pushing the car until it starts.

However, if the battery is dead or cracked and the electrolyte has seeped out, shorted, or boiled, a start booster is still required.

You shouldn’t try to start an automatic car without a battery by pushing or dragging it. It will be difficult, if not impossible. To execute a jump start, at least a weak battery must be attached.

In addition, starting a diesel vehicle without a battery will be much more difficult.

How to start a car without a battery when towed?

To start a towed car with no battery or a dead one, a power supply with 10 to 15 volts is still required. A small wire should be attached to the excitation of the alternator, and the mass should be connected with the negative power source.

If a battery is present but not functioning, it must be removed and the positive terminal adequately insulated from the body to prevent short circuits from occurring..

  • Connect your car to the towing car with a rope;
  • Disconnect all consumers, radio, etc;
  • Switch on the ignition.
  • Tell the driver in the towing car to start moving;
  • After gaining optimal speed for the selected gear, slowly release the clutch and wait for the engine to start;
  • Remove the device used for excitation without turning off the engine and drive.

The engine determines whether or not you should utilize the second or third gear. The second and third gears might be used depending on the weather. The higher the speed and torque generated by the engine, the lower the gear.

Don’t utilize the first gear because it will make it more difficult to push or tow the vehicle. A fast shift in load might also cause the timing belt to break or slip.

How to push start a car without a battery?

How To Start A Car Without A Battery-2

If you wish to start a car that doesn’t have a battery or whose battery is dead, you’ll need to supply power to the alternator. This holds true even if you start the automobile by hand. The car cannot be started without a battery if there is no electricity. To allow the petrol pump to fill up, they will have to be pushed for some distance.

  • Before you begin to push-start the car, check if you have a small volume of gasoline in the tank and the presence of a flat area of the road;
  • Reduce the car’s weight by temporarily removing things from the cabin and trunk;
  • Try to find as much more people that can help to push the car;
  • When you have a speed of about 10 km/h (6.2 mph), press the clutch, engage 2nd or 3rd gear and try to make the engine start by releasing slowly the clutch.

Diesel engines are more difficult to start because of the high compression, making the process more laborious. Additionally, starting a diesel engine with a push is impossible unless the engine has been warmed up or the glow plugs have been powered. This is especially true in the winter.

Damage to common rail fuel systems is costly and sensitive to stress, such as a forced launch. Jump-starting a car is considerably easier and safer than pushing or pulling, and yes, even a poor battery should be present if a car is nearby that can assist.

How to drive a car that has started without a battery?

When driving a car with a poor battery that was started by hand, things are a lot easier. The alternator will charge the battery more quickly if you drive at a faster engine speed, but it is best to avoid using strong consumers.

It is crucial to drive carefully and appropriately if the battery is missing and you manage to start the automobile without one. Take the following steps:

  • Try to avoid high engine speeds so that the generated current is not excessively big;
  • Turn on all the strong consumers available, like AC, headlights, radio, so that they take on excess alternator power;
  • Try not to make sudden accelerations to avoid the on-board power supply voltage to fluctuate;
  • Do not drive the car more than is needed. The less mileage, the better.

A automobile without a battery is dangerous, and you must be extremely careful not to create too much electricity when driving. The alternator’s output power is mostly used by the battery.

Without a battery, you can experience surges and voltage fluctuations, which can damage sensitive equipment, if you operate the automobile as you normally would.


It is possible to start an automobile without a battery, but only under specific conditions. It is not possible to start an automatic or diesel vehicle under these circumstances. It is possible to use this strategy, but only if absolutely essential.

You should keep your battery in place if it’s malfunctioning, at least until the alternator is able to absorb the full load. This will protect delicate components from high voltage fluctuations. This method of operation is far more secure for the electronics than not using any power at all.