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A locked steering wheel is a common problem for drivers who have had their cars for a long time. If the ignition switch won’t turn and the car won’t start, this may be the situation.To unlock your steering wheel, follow these instructions:

Unlock It With a Key First

Do a thorough cleaning of the steering wheel and column

Ignition Lock Assembly Replacement

The Power Steering Pump Must Be Replaced

To Unlock It, Hire a Mechanic

Unlocking the steering wheel should be a simple procedure. This will make it easier for you to spin the wheel while you’re driving. It’s also important to be aware that the steering wheel locking serves as a security safeguard against break-ins.

What Should You Do When Your Steering Wheel Locks?

You can unlock your steering wheel using any of the following methods. The majority of them are straightforward and can be completed by anyone.

1. Try Unlocking It With A Key

This could cause the car’s steering wheel to become jammed. By unlocking the steering wheel with your car keys, this can be fixed. When the car is started, it should unlock.

2. Clean The Steering Wheel And Column Thoroughly

How to Clean a Steering Wheel: 8 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Debris can creep inside the steering wheel column and cause the wheel to become stuck.

Unlocking the steering wheel after cleaning it is the next step. It’s a good idea to acquire some pointers on how to properly clean the steering column and wheel.

3. Get A Replacement For The Ignition Lock Assembly

The ignition lock assembly may be the source of the problem in some cases. When this happens again, the steering wheel will need to be replaced to prevent it from locking up again.

4. Change The Power Steering Pump

The power steering pump may be the source of any squeaky noises you notice while driving.

To avoid having to deal with a stuck steering wheel, you should simply get a new one.

You may require a professional or an expert to replace your vehicle’s power steering pump with this procedure.

5. Get A Mechanic To Unlock It For You

Avoiding a locked steering wheel is easy when you have the assistance of a professional. They’ll teach you how to quickly and easily unlock the steering wheel with the information they’ve given you.

In addition, they may help you identify any problems with the steering wheel that could lead to it locking up once more.

2 Different Ways Of Unlocking Your Steering Wheel

How to Unlock Your Steering Wheel

1. Freeing The Steering Wheel

Screwdrivers, a socket set, and WD40 are all you’ll need for this. To start the engine, turn the key in the typical direction while simultaneously rotating the steering wheel in the other direction. This will come in handy if the steering wheel gets jammed. To unlock the steering wheel, crank the key concurrently and listen for an audible click, which indicates that you’ve successfully done so.

It’s a good idea to use the second car key if you have one. Using a key that is worn out and hence unable to open the locks may be the cause of the problem. Keys with worn-out ridges can be seen to have been chewed away. While spraying the WD40 into the steering wheel lock cylinder, you can try to use the key to release any frozen pieces that may have been stuck in your car’s lock tumblers. Changing the lock system is necessary if this fixes the problem, thus it’s best to do so now.

2. Changing The Ignition Lock System

If all other measures have failed, this is the last option. You may be able to unlock your car’s steering wheel with your old keys after an expert comes through and replaces the lock mechanism.

Once the screws have been removed, it’s time to remove the steering wheel column panels by removing the screws first. The ignition lock cylinder should be accessible. Press the release tab on the side of the cylinder and turn the key to see if it works. Please continue this until you can move rearward with the ignition switch. It’s a good idea to do this a number of times.

You’ll need to install the replacement ignition lock cylinder. When the new one is put in the steering column, this should be done. The lock tab should be completely seated. Check to see if the new configuration works. Put back the column panels, both the upper and lower sections. As you tighten the screws, make sure all of the clips are locked in place.

Unlocking The Steering Wheel When The Battery is Dead

When the battery runs out and the steering wheel locks, you’re in for a tense position.

This can be accomplished by first attaching jumper wires from the battery of your automobile to the battery of another car that is fully charged.

You may start the car by pressing the button on the steering wheel. The ACC system will turn the engine on as a result of this action. Once the steering wheels are turned, the jumper cables can be disconnected. Will be unlocked and ready for usage of the steering wheel

Unlocking The Steering Wheel With Push Start Button

How To Unlock A Push To Start Steering Wheel-Driving Tutorial - YouTube

To put it another way, you should know that the steering wheel is essentially a digital lock. Warning lights should be visible if your car has a push-button start, which indicates an issue with the steering wheel. The steering wheel locking problem should be an easy one for you to resolve.

Apply enough force to the steering wheel as you wiggle it with your left hand. Using a finger on your right hand, tap the start button at the same time as you avoid stepping on the pedals, the brake pedal in particular. Using this method, you can start the car in ACC mode and unlock the steering wheel without having to start the engine.

Benefits Of The Steering Wheel Lock

If you find yourself in any of the following situations, a locking steering wheel can be a lifesaver. The steering wheel lock is a built-in security feature to deter would-be thieves. However, they may not be capable of doing so. Your vehicle will be safe when you don’t want to deal with the hassle of losing it to thieves.

When parking on an uphill, the steering wheel lock comes in helpful. If the hand brake isn’t strong enough, the car could roll away. The steering wheel lock will ensure that your automobile will not slide down the slope unnecessarily, ensuring your own safety as well as the safety of others.

What Makes The Steering Wheel Lock?

If the steering wheel is turned while the key is not in the ignition, it will lock. You can protect your car from robbers who might be able to get into the vehicle and steal it by installing this security precaution. The steering wheel will be locked, making it impossible for them to drive safely.

Problems with the power steering pump: The power steering pump may not be working properly, which might result in the steering wheel locking. Eventually, it will be detected if you can’t achieve this even with a mild touch. Another probable cause for the steering wheel locking could be the fact that the key mechanism is faulty. You should slow down and avoid locking the steering wheel by reducing your speed when turning sharply. Having problems with the car’s engine control unit might lead to a jammed steering wheel and other malfunctions throughout the vehicle.

3 Ways To Stop Your Steering Wheel From Locking Again

Having your steering wheel lock up is one of the most annoying things that can happen to you. Avoid this by doing one of the following measures:

You don’t need to take your automobile to the mechanic on a regular basis; you can perform the inspection yourself. This is for the parts of the car that don’t require the attention of a mechanic. Every ninety days, you should check the power steering and transmission fluid.

Your steering wheel may be loose or damaged when you unlock the wheel. It has to be fixed or replaced completely. When you’re behind the wheel, steer clear of those hairpin corners. When it’s not necessary, some drivers make abrupt u-turns. You should also avoid yanking the steering wheel when the engine is off because this could cause the wheel to lock, which is bad for your car.

How To Fix A Locked Steering Wheel-Tutorial - YouTube


Using the procedures I’ve outlined above, you now know how to unlock your steering wheel. The following questions may help you better understand the process of unlocking the steering wheel, as well. It’s highly recommended that you continue reading!

How Do I Unlock A Steering Wheel When The Key Doesn’t Turn?

It’s possible to release the steering wheel even if the key won’t turn, as detailed below: Unless you have the key, the steering wheel will become locked if you make a lot of sideways movements.

This prevents the car from being stolen. Even if the ignition is turned on, the steering wheel will be locked and the key will not turn. Turn the ignition key in the opposite direction of the direction the steering wheel is turned to unlock it. Allows you to unlock and release the steering wheel. You’ll be able to get back behind the wheel of the automobile.

Can I Break A Steering Wheel Lock?

Yes, it is possible to remove a steering wheel lock with your bare hands. There are a number of actions that can be followed to accomplish this. An ice cube tray is needed, as well as a can of liquid nitrogen or Freon. A plastic bag is also required. You must use goggles or gloves for your own protection. To remove the attachment, you must first remove the pin from the end of the attachment by pulling and unscrewing it while wearing the safety gloves. Attach the attachment to the liquid Freon can with the nozzle facing away from you and the nozzle facing away from you.

Heavy ice will build up around the lock of the steering wheel in the event of a snowstorm. The can should then be thrown into the plastic bag that has been left unfilled. Hit the ice-covered lock with the hammer. Shatter, and the steering wheel will come loose.

Can I Unlock A Steering Wheel Without A Key?

In the event that you lose your automobile keys, you can still unlock the steering wheel. However, this must be done in an unconventional manner and requires the assistance of a technician or an expert. To remove the lock cylinder, just remove the screws holding it in place.

After that, you’ll have to replace the ignition lock and put the columns back in place. As long as you’re a handyman with the right equipment, this shouldn’t be too tough. If you are unable to accomplish this task on your own, you may hire a specialist in this field and they will be able to help you.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Locked Steering Wheel?

Your car’s ignition lock cylinder can be replaced for as little as $330 dollars. The cost of the labor is expected to be roughly $150.

The cost of unlocking a steering wheel relies on the problem that caused it to become stuck in the first place. If you work with a reputable vehicle repair business, it shouldn’t be as pricey as it turns out to be.

How Much Should Steering Wheel Lock Repair Cost? ❤️


It can be observed from the picture above that the steering wheel locks down due to a variety of reasons. If you park it on an incline, you can secure it with a lock to prevent it from rolling over.

This article explains how to unlock it in the quickest and easiest way possible if it gets locked by accident.