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People have wondered how to remedy a hyper flash without a resistor. Let’s begin by defining hyper flash. Having LED blinkers is the most common cause of hyper flashing in the blinkers. These blinkers have gotten a lot brighter now. As a result, they are able to draw the attention of other drivers. They will, nonetheless, become a sufferer of a hyper flashing issue in due time.

In most cases, hyper flashing is seen when the blinkers are flashing between 105 and 115 times per minute. As a result, other motorists will experience difficulties as a result of this. This is also a risk. A fix for the hyper flash issue is urgently required because blinkers are so crucial at night. After that, we’ll speak about a non-resistor solution to hyper flash. This is where we will begin.

Can You Fix Hyper Flash Without Resistor?

There is no need for a resistor in order to fix hyper flash. We’ll discuss it in the following part. Hyper-flashing led turn signals are the result of an aftermarket upgrade. The LEDs will draw less current than the traditional lights, making them more energy efficient. The vehicle’s control module will mistakenly believe that there is a light bulb failure as a result. If you don’t have a resistor, you can still get the job done.

How Do You Fix Hyper Flash Without Resistor?

Do not be alarmed if you see that your blinkers are flashing excessively. Hyper flashing is a problem that can be solved in two ways:

1. You Can Use A Thermal Flasher Relay

You’ll get a relay that syncs up with your turn signals’ flashing pace. As a result, this is where your hyper-flashing problem stems from. Typically, this original flasher relay is designed to work with a standard bulb. LED lights are the source of the hyper flashing problem, thus this will be difficult. Fortunately, an aftermarket thermal flasher relay that works with an LED replacement bulb can be used to fix the problem.

There will be no way to coordinate the led corner lights if your vehicle is a new model, so this option might not be ideal for you. The flashers on these new automobiles will instead connect with their electronic control unit or ECU.

2. You Need To Replace Your Electronic Flasher

Make sure your car has an easily replaceable electronic flasher first. This can be verified by you. You can get started by turning on your danger switch. You’ll notice a clicking sound coming from your dashboard. The chances are stacked against you if you don’t hear a clicking sound. This means that the flasher unit in your car might not be replaceable. When a small speaker is involved, the second is possible.

The instrument cluster contains a small speaker like this. This is controlled by your computer. The hazard switch may also contain it.

Is Hyper Flash Illegal?

Turn signals on all cars must flash a minimum of one hundred twenty (120) times per minute, as mandated by the Department of Transportation. This means that you may already be breaking the law if you have a problem with hyper flashing. Headlights that are designed to be super flashed are sometimes made by manufacturers. It’s legal in this situation, however some drivers may find it inconvenient. When in doubt, check to see if you’re blinking more than one hundred times a second.


To summarize, some drivers find hyper flash to be obnoxious. Some motorists may be put in harm’s way as a result of this. Fixing hyper flash is possible.

Following the instructions provided above is mandatory. If you’re using a high-intensity blinker, you could be breaching the law. That’s why it’s critical to get things corrected as soon as possible.