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When buying tyres for their cars, a lot of people are picky. I’d say these people are smart and responsible shoppers.

For safety and performance, you need tyres of the highest quality.

There are some high-end brands that have better reputations and cost more. Then there are brands like Ironman that are less well-known or cheaper.

Here, we’re going to talk about Ironman tyres. We’ll look at the company’s quality, price, history, reputation, and other important things.

What are Ironman Tires?

ironman tires-2

We have high hopes for a person with a name like Ironman. And compared to other cheap tyre brands, Ironman meets our needs.

Cooper Tire Manufacturer owns the Hercules tyre brand, which is part of the Hercules company. This company is becoming known for selling tyres at low prices.

People are often hesitant to buy things that are cheap because they might not be as good as they seem.

Ironman, surprisingly, doesn’t fit that description. Even though their tyres are less expensive than high-end brands, they are still good tyres.

But you will have to give up the high-tech features that improve performance that come with more expensive brands.

Hercules, which is known for making more expensive tyres, is in charge of making Ironman tyres in China.

Then, they send these tyres to independent dealers in the US, which are usually discount stores.

You get a cheap tyre made by a well-known brand that connects to a high-quality tyre brand.

Reasons to Use Ironman Tires

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Now that you know about the Ironman brand (which has nothing to do with the big guy from Marvel), let’s talk about why you might want to buy tyres from Ironman.

Saves You Money

The price is the main reason why people choose Ironman over well-known brands.

If you only use your car to get your family where they need to go, why spend hundreds of dollars on tyres with extra features?

It makes no sense.

Now, if you go off-roading or drive on rough terrain a lot, then sure.

You would probably be better off spending more money on better grips that can get through mud.

If you have a sports car, you should get low-profile tyres or tyres with better traction control.

Rolling as fast as you can won’t help you much with Ironman’s tyres, though. But they can also check out a few low-key options.

And any parent who has raised a teen knows that it doesn’t make much sense to put expensive tyres on the family car if the kids are going to drive it.

If they don’t speed up and wear out the tyres, they’ll definitely pop one by running over something in the road or hitting a bad pothole.

Anyone who has driven through Memphis, Tennessee, knows what I mean. We’re as well-known for our bad roads as Ironman is for selling great tyres at low prices.


Since we’re talking about reputations, we should mention that Ironman has been one of the best budget tyre brands since they opened in the middle of the 2000s.

Customers are quick to praise the brand’s quality, performance, and even great customer service, which is not something we get to say every day.

And Ironman isn’t the only well-known brand to talk about.

Since their parent company, Hercules, has been in business since 1952, they know what they are doing.

The Hercules brand is more expensive, but their tyres are better, so it makes sense.

If you want Hercules’ tyres but can’t buy them, Ironman is the answer to your prayers to the car gods.

Cooper, which is one of the best premium tyre brands out there, owns Hercules.

Cooper tyres are about the same as Goodyear or Michelin tyres.


Once upon a time, if you were forced to buy cheap tyres, everyone knew it because they looked so plain and cheap.

But Ironman makes it easy to stand up straight.

You are smart because you know how to get the best deals without sacrificing style.

The treads on most Ironman tyres are designed, so you can ride in style.

Reasons Not to Use Ironman Tires

You might be wondering if there are any reasons why you wouldn’t want to buy Ironman tyres.

Most of you don’t have any good reasons not to. But you might want to think twice about some drivers.

Life Tread

When you pay two to three times less for a tyre, you know it won’t be perfect.

But think about the math of buying one tyre for a lot of money that lasts for years vs. buying a lot of cheap tyres in the same amount of time.

Ironman doesn’t do as well as other brands when it comes to tread durability. Most of their tyres only last 40,000 miles before they need to be replaced.

Some models might give you 50,000 if you’re lucky. People know that premium models last between sixty and seventy thousand miles.

If you care about durability (and why wouldn’t you? ), look for tyres made by Ironman that have silica mixed into the rubber.

The cheaper Ironman models have a buttress design that makes the tread wider, which is supposed to make the tyres last longer.

Unfavorable Warranties

Ironman’s cheaper all-season tyres don’t have mileage guarantees.

Some of the more expensive models come with mileage warranties, but even these have very limited coverage.


Most people probably aren’t surprised to hear that most of these tyres are made in China and sold in the US.

But over time, many tyres made in China end up having short lives and problems that lead to recalls.

Luckily, Ironman hasn’t done anything like this.

Even though their products are made in China, they still follow US standards. Customers trust them a lot because of how well they make things.

Ironman Tires Review

Want to know how these tyres work in real life?

See what a driver who uses Ironman Tires really thinks about them in the video below.

Best Ironman Tires

Ironman has 13 different types of tyres, which are grouped into categories.

Walmart sells these tyres in different sizes for different kinds of vehicles.

These things:

GR906 iMove GEN2 AS RB-12 RB-12 NWS Touring/Performance


iMove GEN2 AS



SUV, CUV, or light truck All Country A/T, All Country CHT, All Country M/T, iMove Gen2 SUV, Radial A/P, RB-LT, and RB-SUV

All Nations A/T

All CHT Country

All M/T Country

iMove Gen2 SUV

Radial A/P



Winter Polar Trax WPS

WPS Polar Trax

I-109 All-Steel Light Truck


Ironman GR906

If you want cheap tyres that work in all seasons and weather, the GR906 could be the right choice for you.

This tyre has a modern symmetric tread pattern with gripping sipes that help the tyre keep its grip on icy roads or light snow.

If you live up north, where the Polar Vortex messes with nature, you can use these in the summer, but you can’t use them in deep snow.

These tyres also work well on both dry and wet roads, and they have less rolling resistance, which helps you save gas.

So, what’s this tire’s bad side? When going fast, they can make a lot of noise.

But this model of tyre comes in different sizes, which makes it perfect for sedans, minivans, and small crossovers.

Even better, you can get this tyre for $40 to $70, which is easy on the wallet.

High Performance

Even though Ironman is cheap, that doesn’t mean they only sell simple tyres.

Check out the Ironman iMove GEN2 AS if you need a high-performance tyre.

This is another all-season tyre that can be used in both dry and wet weather.

The most popular tyre in Ironman’s wide range is this one. But we know why and agree with you.

The silica-based, asymmetric tread on these tyres makes them better at handling, steering response, and traction.

And the best part is that the low roll resistance lets you drive quietly and comfortably while using less fuel.

Unfortunately, the lower price of these tyres shows in how long they last.

When compared to other brands, the tread wears out faster when used often and by aggressive drivers.

And these tyres don’t have enough grip for driving in the winter.

Truck or SUV Tire

If you drive a truck or SUV, you might feel like you don’t fit in. But don’t!

The Ironman iMove SUV tyre is what we’d like to show you. You get a little bit of everything with this beast.

You get the high-performance reliability of the iMove, but you also get some extra durability for sports performance.

The asymmetrical tread on these tyres looks great, but what’s even better is that it gives you great grip when it’s wet and a smooth, quiet ride.

You don’t have to worry about these tyres talking over your music as you drive down the highway. They won’t even help you cross the street.

Even though these are sports tyres, they don’t have enough grip for extreme off-roading or harsh winter weather.

You can get these in different sizes, such as with a big diameter or a small height.

Final Verdict

Ironman is a great choice for cheap tyres for sedans, small crossovers, SUVs, and trucks of different sizes.

Even special options like a low profile or a wide diameter are available.

The average tread life for most of these models is 35,000 miles. Some won’t last if drivers are too rough.