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If you’re ever discovered sleeping in your car in a city or state with stringent laws against it, you could be charged with a DWI. But there are a number of states that are lenient when it comes to carrying or driving.

Many rest areas are available for vehicles in the state of Minnesota, where driving regulations are rigorous.

Is it, then, a crime in Minnesota to sleep in one’s car? There is no law in the state of Minnesota prohibiting people from sleeping in their vehicles. The Minnesota Transportation Code stipulated that drivers could take a little nap while driving to keep them awake for the remainder of their journey.

In certain cities, the rules are different from those in other cities. If you’re passing through or already live in the state of Minnesota, the following information is for you.

Is It Illegal To Sleep In Your Car In Minnesota?

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In the state of Minnesota, it is legal to sleep in your vehicle. However, you must ensure that you’re parking in a safe location and that you don’t spend too much time in your vehicle.

There are a variety of rest areas in Minnesota where you may stop for a while and cool off before continuing on your journey.

There are standards for rest stops in Minnesota and you must follow them if you don’t want to be sued for damages. The following are the general guidelines for all rest areas in the state of Minnesota:

Any form of camping is not permitted in this area.

Parking at a rest station is permitted for no more than 10 hours, although there are rules that define the precise maximum time you can spend there. For example, commercial drivers are allowed to stay for up to 10 hours at each Minnesota rest stop, whereas regular drivers are limited to 4 – 6 hours.

Apparently, there aren’t any dumps at Minnesota rest sites.

Take note that certain rest spots have more precise guidelines.

Where Can I Sleep In My Car In Minnesota?

There are two places in Minnesota where you can sleep in your car:

1. Rest Areas

Rest Areas” are the first spots to stop for a break while driving through Minnesota. Quite a few of these can be found in every major city.

It’s common for these rest places to be located on the side of the road and to provide enough room for many vehicles to park comfortably.

When you arrive at a rest area, you can inquire with the security staff about the estimated length of time that you should expect to be expected to park there. It’s reasonable to say that Minnesota rest sites are some of the safest in the country; they’re always staffed by security personnel.

2. 24-hour Stores and Parking Lots

You can park and rest in parking lots and stores with large parking spaces aside from the authorized places made available by the Minnesota government.

In order to prevent getting hassled by security and possibly facing a lawsuit, make sure you ask questions before you park and sleep in such locations.


To summarize, the answer to the question “Is it unlawful in Minnesota to sleep in your car?” is yes. The answer is NO, but you must abide with the parking lot’s guidelines.

You should avoid parking on private property, and you should not exceed the allotted parking time.