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As automobiles become more powerful and faster, manufacturers also strive to make them as user-friendly as possible. Honda, a long-time player in the automotive industry, has made no compromises in its pursuit of the most user-friendly and straightforward vehicles possible.

The Honda keyless start technology is one of the most talked about enhancements to their car’s manufacture. You don’t need a key to start your automobile with this system; all you have to do is press a button.

When the system becomes stuck, you won’t have to carry your car keys around anymore thanks to this technology.

The system is well praised, but it has a few flaws that keep it from being flawless.

What Are The Problems To Expect From A Honda Keyless Start System?

Keyless Start System Problem-3

There is a lot of reliance on the key fob in this method. The key fob is the radio transmitter for the system, which can’t function without it because it relies on radio frequencies.

Drivers Tend To Leave The Car In Idle For Long Hours

The inclination to leave the engine running when using a keyless ignition is one of the drawbacks. This has an adverse effect on the engine over time and may shorten its usefulness. Also of concern are the pollutants from idling vehicles.

No Key Fob No Operation

If you lose your key fob, you may have to reschedule your journey or hail a taxi. Key fobs are an absolute necessity for many of these systems.

Power Supply

For the keyless start feature to work, you must have a fully charged battery. The system will go down if this supply is cut.


Hacking of radio frequency systems is a common occurrence. Using the key fob’s frequency, a skilled hacker may readily identify the device. Although the system is designed to withstand such attacks, the hackers are always on the cutting edge of technology advancements.

Fob Combination

While all Honda key fobs are unique, it’s possible that your receiver has the same code as another vehicle. In the event that this occurs, you will either have to start someone else’s car or your own.

Causes Of Honda Keyless Start System

Keyless Start System Problem

The Key Fob Could Be Dead

Key fobs are required for the system to function, as described above. If the key fob doesn’t function, there could be a number of reasons why. Either you’re too far away or your battery is low, depending on the situation. Closer or new batteries will be required.

The Car Battery Might Be Low

The battery of the vehicle serves as the sole power source for the keyless start system. System failure occurs when the automobile battery is too low or has gone dead.

A voltmeter can tell you how much power is remaining in your battery, and anything below 12 is a hint that problems are on the way.

Faulty Starter

Starter failure could prevent the vehicle from starting up. By connecting it to another vehicle, you can jump start it if you feel this is the problem.

The System Might Be Down

If pressing the button is excessively difficult or too simple, there may be a problem. If you have the correct tools, fixing these kinds of problems is a cinch.

What are the errors that a bad keyless system generates in Honda?

Scanners will create many errors that will direct you to the source of the problem once the automobile is hooked up.

How do you fix keyless start problems in Honda?

Replace The Key Fob Batteries

When Honda key fobs don’t work, this is the most prevalent cause. Good news: The user’s manual offers detailed instructions for replacing the batteries.

Make an appointment at any car repair shop and have the expert install the batteries for you if in any doubt.

Press The Brake In

The mechanism is designed to only start the car if the brakes are used as a safety precaution. This is to keep the vehicle still when the engine kicks on.

The engines won’t start if you don’t apply the brakes first. If that doesn’t work, try pressing the brake pedal all the way in.

Have The Starter Inspected

They trust Honda so much that they don’t feel the need to service these items. Why not have the system tested if it works some of the time but fails in other situations?

Testing for battery and key fob signal strength is possible throughout this procedure.

Try Restarting

A rest and a fresh start are sometimes all a machine need. Use your Honda to put this to the test. If the keyless starting becomes unreliable, you can restart the vehicle or conduct a test drive to see if the problem persists. More complicated options are available if this fails.

Can A Honda Key Be Reset And Work?

The process is straightforward if you’ve done it before.

  • Keep the driver’s side door closed
  • Put the key in accessory mode or press the starter once-do not press the brakes
  • On your remote starter select LOCK
  • After around four seconds turn it back off, you can simply press the START button
  • Repeat this cycle up to four times and on the fourth, you will hear a buzz indicating the engagement of the programming mode.
  • Press the LOCK button for ten seconds before turning the car off.
  • Test the key for improvement.

How Do You Start A Honda With A Dead Key Fob?

When the key fob stops working, most cars (not only Hondas) have a backup method of starting the engine. Hit the key into the fob and use the fob instead of your finger to push the start button.

If it doesn’t work, you might try inserting the backup key into the car’s ignition switch.

How Do You Change The Battery In A Honda Key Fob?

The key fob can be opened in a symmetrical fashion with or without the aid of a tool. Just remove the old batteries and replace them with fresh ones after the device has been opened.

Bottom Line

The comfort and ease of use of the keyless start technology have helped it gain popularity among drivers in recent years.

Some of the system’s flaws have been fixed, but others are still there. There are always fresh methods to improve Honda’s system.