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You’ve probably thought about either the Kia Sedona or the Kia Carnival if you’re looking for a car that can fit your whole family.

They both have a lot of features that make everyone in the family as comfortable as possible and give you a lot of space for your stuff.

So how do you decide which one to pick? What’s different about the Carnival and the Sedona?

The biggest difference between the Kia Sedona and the Kia Carnival is how they look from the outside. The Sedona looks a lot like a minivan. The Carnival, on the other hand, has a bold front and a square back, which makes it look more like an SUV. The Sedona has fewer places to sit inside than the Carnival, which has one more seat for passengers.

But which one has more safety features, is more comfortable, and has a more powerful engine?

Let’s take a closer look at both the Kia Sedona and the Kia Carnival so that when you’re ready to buy, you can make an informed choice.

Sedona vs. Carnival: Features

Kia Sedona Vs Carnival-2

Even though the Kia Carnival will eventually replace the Kia Sedona, the two cars have many of the same features.

People really liked and appreciated the Sedona’s many features, so Kia kept them in the newer Carnival model.

There were also some small ways in which the Sedona could have been better.

In these situations, the Carnival has better features than the Sedona and may meet your family’s needs better than the Sedona could.

Safety Features

The Kia Sedona and the Kia Carnival have a lot of the same safety features that you look for in a family car.

For example, some of the features of the Kia Drive Wise are:

Collision avoidance assistance

Pedestrian detection

There are parking distance indicators in front and back.

The Smart Cruise Control on a Kia

System for keeping an eye on everything

The Kia Carnival goes one step further and has Level 2 semi-autonomous highway driving assistance, which includes lane centering and adaptive cruise control.

Exterior and Interior Design

The outside of the Kia Sedona is stylish and sleek, and it looks a lot like a minivan. The Kia Carnival has a bolder grill design, a squared-off back, and a flatter hood that give it a little more style on the outside. It also has a bigger and more impressive shape.

When you look inside the car, the Kia Sedona has 8 seats, but only a few of them can recline or slide to make getting in and out easier.

The Sedona also has a 7-inch digital display and multiple speakers all over the cabin so that the audio system can fill the whole car with sound.

The Kia Carnival also has 8 seats, but the bench seats in the back give passengers more places to sit.

Also, there will be a larger digital display with two screens to give the driver all the information they need to drive safely.

Passenger and Cargo Space

Kia Sedona Vs Carnival-3

Both the Sedona and the Carnival have a lot of room for people.

Both vehicles can hold a lot of people, but the Carnival can hold up to three more than the Sedona.

The Sedona can carry 8 people comfortably, but the Carnival can carry 11 people and has more ways for people to get in and out.

This includes sliding and tilting the walk-in seats to make it easier to get to the seats in the back.

Engine Power

If engine power is important to you, the Kia Carnival will be a better choice than the Kia Sedona.

The Sedona has a 3.3L V6 engine that can make up to 276 horsepower. The Carnival, on the other hand, has a 3.5L V6 engine that can make up to 290 horsepower.

Both the Sedona and the Carnival can pull up to 3500 pounds, but the Carnival’s engine has a little more power, so it can pull your boat, RV, or storage trailer up big hills or through rough terrain with a little more ease.

Different Packages

Both the Sedona and the Carnival offer a few different packages that you can choose from based on your needs.

For example, if you want the larger Carnival version with up to 11 seats, you will want the “Grand Carnival” package.

Both models also come with a variety of audio and video features, such as Bluetooth connections throughout the cabin and a Bose 12-speaker sound system.

The Carnival also has up to 9 USB charging ports so that passengers can keep their phones charged. It also has entertainment systems in the back seats, multiple sliding sunroofs, and SynTex seat trim in black or grey.

Quick Comparisons

Kia Sedona

Can comfortably carry up to 8 people

At 120.5 inches, the wheelbase is shorter.

276hp 3.3L V6 engine

10.6 engine compression ratio

The outside of the minivan is sleek and smooth.

Kia Carnival

Can comfortably carry up to 11 people

Wheelbase is 121.7 inches longer.

290hp 3.5L V6 engine

11.5 engine compression ratio

SUV exterior design that is both bold and aggressive

Related Questions / Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are the Sedona and Carnival the same price?

No. The Kia Carnival will cost a little more than the Sedona because it has a better engine, more seating options, more features inside, and a new look on the outside.

Does the Kia Carnival offer all wheel drive?

No. Even though the Carnival looks like an SUV, which usually has all-wheel drive, it is actually a minivan and only has front-wheel drive.

Is the Sedona or Carnival safer to drive?

Both Kia models come with the same basic safety features that come with most Kia cars. The Carnival comes with more roadside help than the Sedona.

Is the Kia Carnival a minivan or an SUV?

Kia calls it a “multi-purpose vehicle,” but the way the inside looks and how powerful the engine is make it more like a minivan than an SUV.


Now that you know more about what both the Kia Sedona and the Kia Carnival have to offer, you’ll be able to make a smart choice when you need a new car.

The Kia Carnival comes out on top if you want a more modern look, more seating options for passengers, and more space for cargo.

The Kia Sedona has a lot to offer. It has fewer seating options, but its exterior is sleeker and less flashy. It also has many of the same safety features you want in a car.

Whether you choose the Kia Sedona or the Kia Carnival, both are great options if you want to take the whole family on vacation or just want a reliable car with a lot of space for cargo.