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Finding an oil filter that is both cost-effective and of high quality can be difficult if you are a newcomer to the automobile industry. While there are numerous oil filter options available, Mobil 1 and k&n are two of the most well-known and widely used. Despite the fact that both are high-quality oil filters, they are made by distinct businesses.

For decades, the two have been the most popular automotive filters. Therefore, it is inevitable that the two companies will compete for clients despite their rivalry. To avoid wasting your hard-earned cash on a filter that does not meet the requirements of your vehicle. An in-depth comparison of Mobil 1 and k&n optimal oil filters can be found in the article.

Mobil 1 oil filter

K&N Oil Filter Vs Mobil 1.

These are the most effective and efficient filters for your vehicle’s engine, providing the highest level of protection. To ensure that no foreign matter enters the engine, the filters remove all oil contaminants and fully purify it. Because of its high standards of conservation and performance, Mobil 1 has been widely regarded as the best filter in its category.

Because of its high resistance, this filter can be utilized in virtually every automobile engine. Twenty-eight grams of filtration capacity is unmatched by any other brand. Due to its media balance of fiber and synthetic, it is one of the most efficient oil filters.

There is no other oil filter on the market that can resist nine times the operating force of this one. Drivers are important to Mobil 1. Because they employ silicone in their filter valves with their oil filters, you won’t have a worry with dry starts.

However, the price of Mobil 1 is a little high, but it’s worth it in the end. Your trips to the market will be significantly reduced. Because it lacks a wire backing, this oil filter has one drawback: it can be shaky at times.

Features of Mobil 1 oil filter

It has powerful cleaning agents

It has low-temperature capacities

Features outstanding oxidation and thermal stability

Advantages of Mobil 1 oil filter

Mobil 1 oil filters offer a long-lasting performance for the modern drain periods. 

The filters produce clean oil and increase an engine’s life span and performance. 

The filter keeps your engine in good condition for a long time

It has unprecedented wear protection 

It is more effective in extracting pollutants than other filter brands

The filter maintains a high flow rate and extends your engine’s life without any clogs. 

It can resist the working pressure up to nine times

K&N oil filter

K&N Oil Filter Vs Mobil 1

Ken and Norm’s K&N oil filter is known as the fastest and most reliable oil filter because of its founders’ namesake. You may put an end to the frustration of oil filters that refuse to budge with the help of this oil filter. For easy removal with a Wrench or socket, it comes with a one-inch inlet welded to the canister’s top.

Because they are designed for heavier oil, these filters are quite effective in motorsports. This is especially true for high-performance engines. Because of the cellulose media they use, they have great oil flow.

Metal end covers on the filters also help to keep the filtering material in place. Metal caps are resistant to bursts, so you won’t have to worry about guzzling sounds and bursts. These filters stand out for their ease of use due to the inclusion of a one-inch nut.

Features of K&N oil filter

It has a pre-drilled nut

Heavy-duty components 

Features a wrench off design

Safety wire

Advantages of K&N filters

They are uniquely designed to allow a consistent oil flow and high oil flow rate to the car’s engine.

Easy and fast replacement of Wrench off by use of the welded one inch nut

It has a high capacity to withstand the recommended service intervals

It features heavy-duty canisters for an exceptional lifespan

The filters are lab tested and certified to ensure excellent mechanical strength, ability, and efficiency. 

The filters are designed to work with all conventional, blended and synthetic motor oils.

Differences between Mobil 1 and K&N oil filters

Mobil 1 is compatible with all motor oils, while the K&N filter is only compatible with denser motor oil. K&N features a higher oil flow than the Mobil 1 filter

The filtering capacity for Mobil 1 is more accurate than K&N oil filters. 

Filtration for K&N is media celsius, while that for Mobil 1 is fiber blend and media synthetic. 

Mobli is ninety-eight percent efficient at twenty microns, while K&N ‘s efficiency is eighty-five percent. 

Mobil 1 features an interval mileage of between three thousand to twenty thousand miles, while K&N features an interval mileage of between seven thousand five hundred to ten thousand miles. 

Similarities between Mobil 1 and K&N oil filters

Both filters are high-performance car engine oil filters featuring a significant number of holes. 

The two are both high-grade filters

Their prices are comparable

How long does each filter last on average?

An oil filter made by Mobil 1 can last for up to 10,000 miles, or one year. Oil filters from K&N are built to last the life of your vehicle. They can last up to 50000 miles before needing to be cleaned with regular use.

Which is the best between the two oil filters?

It’s not a simple decision to choose which of the two is superior. This is due to the fact that both filters are extremely effective and of the highest quality. A high-flowing straining material or an efficient filter is up to the user to decide on. Depending on your requirements, you can utilize either of them, as they both operate well in high-performance vehicles.


Oil filters manufactured by Mobil 1 and k&n are efficient and effective. These filters’ operation is nearly identical despite the fact that they come from many manufacturers and differ in a few minor ways. You will select a brand for your automobile based on your personal desire. Both filter manufacturers are ideal for high-performance automobiles, however.