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Everyone has their favorite car wash solution, but here’s an in-depth comparison of Krud Kutter and Simple Green for those who are unable to choose between them.

Most people wash their cars using degreasers like Krud Kutter or Simple Green, and they always come out looking spotless.

If you’re concerned about the paint on your car fading too quickly, you’ll need to pay attention to the car wash you’re employing. In addition, most car washes can damage paint if they aren’t properly dissolved in water before to use.

Krud Kutter Vs Simple Green

krud kutter vs simple green

Simple Green and Krud Kutter are both “Degreasers” on their labels. Simply put, this means that they are formulated primarily to serve as degreasers. What is a degreaser, and how do you use one?

It is an ingredient in a degreaser that aids in the removal of dirt and grime from a surface. Degreasers are a little more abrasive than normal detergents and cleaning products.

When it comes to car washing, both compounds are dubbed degreasers, which raises the possibility of damaging the paint.

Not all homemade cleansers can be used as car wash soaps, however this is not always the case. How you dissolve the vehicle wash formula is what truly matters.

Also worth noting is that Krud Kutter and Simple Green both produce cleaning products referred to as “degreasers.” They have a variety of cleaning products to suit various needs.

Simple Green’s “All-purpose” cleaner is the most commonly used product, while Krud Kutter’s concentrated cleanser/degreaser has the highest sales volume.

In addition to being a great all-purpose cleaner, Simple Green’s All-Purpose Cleaner can be used to clean extremely filthy cars.

In contrast, Krud Kutter’s intense cleaner/degreaser eliminates tenacious dirt and grime from nearly any surface.

Car washes benefit greatly from the use of Krud Kutter and Simple Green products, which can’t be disputed. Although they are useful, you must exercise caution when using them.

Choosing the best car wash for your vehicle is one thing, but it’s another to know how to wash your vehicle to avoid water stains and paint damage.

Is there a way to wash a car using Simple Green or Krud Kutter, for example? A detailed explanation of the procedure can be found at the bottom of this page.

How To Wash A Car Using Krud Kutter or Simple Green

krud kutter vs simple green-2

In order to use a foam cannon to wash your car, you’ll need to pour your degreaser into the cannon first.

Step 1: Get everything ready

You’ll need at least two buckets and some vehicle wash tools to get started, so make sure everything is in order before you begin.

Step 2: Pour the solution into a bucket

Rinse your hands with soap and water after scrubbing your hands with your preferred degreaser. On avoid damaging your paint, do not apply any of these degreasers straight to the surface.

Step 3: Start washing your car

You can begin washing your car when the water is completely saturated; that is, the degreaser has dissolved.

To wash an automobile, focus on one side at a time; the best method is to wash it side-by-side.

Fourth 4: Rinse your car

Once you’ve washed the entire body of the vehicle, begin rinsing as soon as possible. When you’re done washing one side, make sure to thoroughly rinse the already-washed side before going on to the next.

In order to keep your pain gleaming and free of water marks, you should follow following washing instructions.


Krud Kutter vs. Simple Green: Which is better for cleaning your car? Regardless of the vehicle’s color or finish, both products work well for cleaning cars.

However, the necessity of dissolving degreasers before they are poured on the external body of a car must be emphasized.

One of the best ways to keep your car in top shape is to have it cleaned by a professional. Using a microfiber towel to dry an automobile after it has been washed is preferable. Alternatively, you might utilize Mean Green Car Wash.