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In the UK, the price of the KTM 790 Duke is GBP 8,500. (Rs. 7.3 lakh). That’s less than twice as much as the price of a KTM 390 Duke, which is GBP 4,700. (Rs. 4.03 lakh).

KTM 790 Duke Will It Be Cheap?

The difference in price between the two Dukes in the UK gives us hope that a similar pattern will be seen in India. That won’t happen, though. Since the 390 Duke is made in India, it is taxed less here than in the UK. In the same way, the 790 Duke is made in Europe, so nearby countries have lower taxes on it.

The official site for the KTM 790 Duke

Can We Get KTM 790 Duke For Rs. 5.0 lakh On Road Price?

KTM 790 Duke Price Launch India-2

KTM made the 790 Duke so that it is easy to put together. So, even if we don’t get full production here, we can still get it assembled here. That’s also good news for keeping the price low on the road.

The 790 Duke will be made in KTM’s home country, but Bajaj can quickly take it apart and start putting it together there. It’s also possible that Bajaj could get some of its parts at a lower price from its Indian suppliers.

Bajaj hasn’t said if it plans to sell the 790 in India yet. But Bajaj and KTM can make its competition look weaker, less well-equipped, and more expensive than it really is. Their bikes are fast, well made, and a great deal for the money. So, Rs. 5.0 lakh is not too much to ask for the KTM 790 Duke. But this is a low-volume bike, and even at that price, it will only sell 100–200 units per month.

But Rs. 5.5–6 lakh is very possible if the parts are made locally. That will make it yet another bike you can’t pass up.

Real Competition For Royal Enfield 650 Twins?

When Bajaj isn’t trying to be Royal Enfield, it does its best work. Even people who own a Royal Enfield have a special place in their hearts for KTM bikes. Even though it costs more and is the complete opposite of a Bullet.

In the same way, the 790 Duke can be a threat to the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650, even though they cost Rs. 3–3.5 lakh. If you can get a 100hp bike for Rs. 5.0 lakh, you’ll think about it. Up until a few years ago, it cost about Rs. 15 lakh to get 100hp on two wheels.

The 790 Duke can make the Kawasaki Z650, which is the best deal right now, look like a bad deal. This is what the 390 Duke has done to the Kawasaki Ninja and Yamaha R3, both of which cost more than Rs. 3.5 lakh.

KTM 790 Duke Specs

KTM 790 Duke Price Launch India-3

799cc 2-cylinder parallel liquid cooling

103hp @ 9000RPM Power

85Nm @ 8000RPM Torque

6-speed shifter

310mm front brakes with two discs and ABS

240mm rear brake with one disc and ABS

186 mm of ground clearance

825mm is the height of the seat

169kg Dry weight

Wheelbase: 1475 mm

14-litre Fuel tank

22.7km/l mileage

KTM 790 Duke Features

Ride-by-wire means that the throttle is controlled by wires.

Instrument cluster with a colour LCD screen and Bluetooth

LED lights in the headlights

Control of traction

Multiple riding modes

A quick-shifter for shifting up and down

KTM 790 Duke Price & Competition

On paper, it’s in the same weight class as bikes like:

8.7 million rupees = Triumph Street Triple S

Triumph Street Triple RS is Rs. 10.6 lakh

Yamaha MT-09 Rs. 10.9 lakh

Ducati Monster 797 costs Rs. 9.2 million.

Kawasaki Z900 Rs. 7.7 lakh

In real life, the price tag on the KTM 790 Duke will help it steal sales from:

Rs. 3.2 lakh Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 (est.)

Rs. 3.5 lakh Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 (est.)

Kawasaki Z650 Rs. 5.1 lakh

KTM 790 Duke Launch Date

India has not yet agreed to get the bike. But we hope Bajaj will agree to put the bike together in India. If that happens, it could be on sale by the end of 2018. Let’s hold our breath and hope.