Updated at: 13-06-2022 - By: Lucas

Looking for a new luxury SUV but can’t decide between the Range Rover and the Land Rover Discovery?

There are many similarities between these luxury SUVs. They both look good, but they drive even better.

Let’s take a quick look at how these luxury SUV models differ from each other to help you decide which one is best for your daily driving.

Land Rover Discovery vs. Range Rover Differences At-A-Glance

Land Rover Discovery Key & Standard Features

Land Rover Discovery-2

The Land Rover Discovery is a good value for what you pay for it. Here are some of the best parts:

With Pivi Pro, the driver display is 12.3 inches and the touchscreen is 11.4 inches.

Tailgate with a motor

Seats made of black leather with a black interior

The Terrain Response® and Adaptive Dynamics

3D Cameras All Around

Premium LED headlights with DRL

Adaptive speed limiter that can read traffic signs

All-Wheel Drive (AWD) and Electronic Air Suspension (EAS)

Front and back 12V outlets with USB ports

Range Rover Discovery Key & Standard Features

Range Rover Discovery

For the price, the Range Rover has a lot to offer. Here are some of the best parts:

Front seats with 16-way power, heated grained leather,

Power Gesture Blinds on a Panoramic Roof that Slides

InControl® Remote and ProtectTM

Help for parking in the front and back, with a rear view camera

Touch ProTM Duo with Interactive Driver Display

Terrain Response®, Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), and Hill Descent Control (HDC®) are all safety features.

Sound System by MeridianTM (380W)

Premium LED headlights with DRL

Final Word

When you look at the base models of both cars, the Land Rover Discovery is cheaper than the Range Rover.

Even though each has standard seating for five people, the Discovery can be bought with a third row that lets it hold seven people.

Standard on the Discovery is a well-balanced turbocharged i4 engine that makes 296 horsepower. Standard on Range Rovers is a strong inline-6 engine that makes 355 horsepower.

Both models can tow well and have top speeds that are about the same in their base trims.

There are a few differences between these two SUVs in how big they are on the outside. Even though it has the same wheelbase as the Discovery, the Range Rover is longer.

It is also 0.6 inches taller, which adds to the Range Rover’s nearly 2-inch deeper wading depth and better off-road abilities.

Both of them also have the same turning circle.

When it comes to carrying all of your stuff, the Discovery has a big advantage, with nearly 20 more cubic feet of space.

Both the Range Rover and the Discovery have roomy front seats, but the Discovery has more legroom up front than the Range Rover.

If you want your back-seat passengers to be as comfortable as possible, choose the Range Rover because it has more headroom and legroom.

No matter which of these SUVs you choose, the interiors of all of them are made with high-end luxury in mind.