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Tinting a vehicle’s windows involves putting up a thin, clear film inside the glass. A polyester basis is used in the construction of this laminate material. Tinted windows can be used for a variety of different purposes, depending on the individual’s preferences and needs.

UV rays’ direct exposure to the vehicle’s interior, as well as excessive heat and glare, can all be reduced by the use of these products. Additionally, the sun’s UV radiation can harm the skin of drivers trapped in long traffic lineups.

The enigmatic and edgy appearance that these sheets provide to a car appeals to certain people. Others may seek them out for their own personal gain.When it comes to getting your car’s windows tinted, there are a few guidelines that must be observed.These regulations were enacted by the relevant state authorities. In New Mexico, rules regulating window tinting became law as early as 1997. If you’re thinking about getting tinted windows, be sure to show them a picture.

Are You Allowed To Have Tinted Windshield and Windows In New Mexico?

In New Mexico, tinted windows and windshields are legal. However, citizens are expected to abide by a number of policies that have been enacted. Because of state law, windows in New Mexico can only be tinted to a depth of 20%.Passenger cars and utility vehicles have a different percentage of this ratio. All citizens are required to abide by these restrictions or face significant fines.

Can You Get Pulled Over For Tinted Windows In NM?

Tinted windows and windshields are legal in New Mexico. In the following section, you’ll learn a little more about the rules of tint darkness and reflection. So why would a cop show up and arrest you on a regular Tuesday when you’re simply minding your own business and abiding by the law?

If you don’t follow the rules as intended, you may be subject to a $75 fine as a punishment.In the event that you are an exception to the rule, you are required to keep a copy of the legal declaration in your vehicle as evidence. If that’s not the case, do you realize the repercussions?

Reasons to Know the Window Tint Laws in Your State

Respect the rules of the road, and you’ll never get stopped.

Window Tint Darkness In New Mexico

It is permitted for your vehicle’s windows to transmit a certain amount of visible light. According to Mexico’s official legal policies, the VLT for passenger cars and multipurpose vehicles is clearly defined and differs. Tint, darkness, and reflections all have their own set of restrictions. Keep reading to receive a more in-depth look at the topic.

For Passenger Vehicles

Beyond the AS-1 line or the top 5 inches of the windshield, non-reflective tinting is permitted. A maximum of 20% tint darkness is required for the front side window. Darkness on the backside of the window must be permitted if the tint is greater than 20%. The rear window can only be tinted up to 20%.

For Multi-purpose Vehicles

It is permitted to apply non-reflective tinting up to the AS-1 line or the top 5 inches of the windshield, whichever comes first.Front Side Window: More than 20% tint darkness is permitted. You can darken the backside glass to your heart’s content. It’s okay if it’s pitch black. Rear Window: The rear window can be darkened to your heart’s content. It doesn’t matter what kind of darkness it is.

Window Tint Reflection In New Mexico

Window tinting can help reduce the amount of heat that enters a room. Reflection is another benefit of using this material. According to New Mexico’s Window Tint Reflection Law:

New Mexico Tint Laws - 2022 Updated - Car Tinting Laws

For Passenger Vehicles

Reflective materials are not permitted in the front window. Reflective material is not permitted on the back side of the window.

For Multipurpose Vehicles

It is prohibited to use reflective materials on the front side windows of vehicles. Reflective material is not permitted on the back side of the window.

How Do You Get A Medical Exemption For Window Tint In New Mexico?

It’s not safe to drive and wait in long traffic lines in searing sunshine if you have serious health conditions, such as sensitivity to sun rays and skin burning. Window tinting percentages darker than those permitted by state law can be recommended by your physician.

Medical exemptions for unexplained Visible Light Transmission have been granted by New Mexico’s higher authorities. It’s possible to have a licensed physician provide you with a written statement to support your case. All you have to do is fill out an application with all of your pertinent information and then sit tight for a response.

Once you have the affidavit, you must have it with you at all times when driving, in case you are stopped by an officer and asked about your “questionable” tinted windows. As a result, please provide documentation demonstrating your status as an upstanding member of society. Put your best foot forward and leave your documents in the car.

New Mexico Window Tint Laws 2022 Explained | Window Tint Experts


There is no doubting the importance of these translucent film sheets. Window film can be used for a wide range of functions, from protecting the interior of a car to minimizing the amount of heat that is absorbed by the glass. If you intend to use window tinting in New Mexico, you should familiarize yourself with the state’s laws and regulations. For this reason, authorities constantly update these restrictions. Because these restrictions vary from country to country, you should also be aware of them if you live outside of New Mexico, as they may be construed in a different way in your own country.

Verifying them with your local law enforcement would be beneficial. Window tinting regulations are imposed by each state and are required to be rigorously adhered to by all residents. Even if you don’t want to, you have no choice but to abide by their guidelines. There are exceptions to the rule if you have a legitimate medical cause. If you have a valid medical cause, you may be eligible to request an undefined VLT be performed on you. Using uncivilized methods and fabricating documents as proof is disgraceful. Because of a variety of reasons, the government enforces these regulations, rather than for the sole purpose of suffocating its citizens.So give it a whirl, and see how you like it. Be kind, respect the rules, and keep up with the latest developments.