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If you want to learn more about window tint laws in South Carolina, you’ve come to the right place. The windows give people more privacy, but some people just want to keep the sun out of their car for more comfort. This is why some people want them.

Check out the info I’ve provided below to see what you can legally get in the Palmetto State if you want to get window tints on your vehicle.

Can You Have Your Windshield and Windows Tinted In South Carolina?

The answer is yes. Drivers in South Carolina can have tinted windows. To avoid getting tickets or citations, you need to make sure that the tints you put on your car meet the state’s rules, which are outlined below, It is very important that you do not just tint the windows the way you want to. This could get you in trouble with the law.

What Is The Darkest Tints Drivers Can Get Legally In SC?

The maximum amount of tint you can have in South Carolina is 27% VLT. It stands for “visible light transmission,” and it shows how much light must come through in order for the tints to be legal. The more light that comes through, the better the tints will be. As you know, this can be different for SUVs, sedans, and other types of cars.

Is 20 Tint Against The Law In C?

No, most of the time, 20 tint isn’t OK. To understand why, let’s say you live in South Carolina. The darkest tints allowed there are 27 percent, so you can’t have 20 percent tints, except on the back side windows and the back windows and the back windows in MPVs (multipurpose vehicles).

South Carolina Window Tint Laws 2022 Explained | Window Tint Experts

Will You Get Stopped By Officers For Tinted Windows In South Carolina?

If your tints are too dark in South Carolina, you can be pulled over and given a ticket. A 2017 report from the Newberry Observer talked about a situation in Prosperity, SC. These extras were making people get pulled over by the police. Tinted window tinting was one of the things that was making people get pulled over by the police. They may have had to pay a fine.

The Fine For A Tint Infraction In SC

The Newberry Observer says that the fine for a tint infraction can’t be less than $200, or it can’t be more than 30 days in jail for each one. If the violation is minor, the officer may give the person a warning citation. This isn’t always the case, though. It’s usually only for first offenses and gives the person a chance to fix their mistake and have their case dismissed. Another thing you should know is how to stay out of trouble with the law. State law says that if you want to get your car tinted, you can’t use the colors amber yellow, red, or blue.There must be a sticker between the glass and the film on each window that has been tinted. This sticker helps people know which tints are within the legal limit.

It’s a rule for tint dealers to make sure their film is safe. It’s a good idea to ask your dealer to see it before you pay for service or make an appointment to have it done.If your back windows are tinted, you must have two side mirrors.A lot of things come into play, so it might be best to just get your tints done by a professional so you don’t have to think about it.

Darkness Levels Acceptable For Tints In South Carolina

To start, I want to talk about the rules for three main types of cars.

How Dark Can Window Tint Be In South Carolina? - Rayze Stickers, Signs and Tint

For Passenger Vehicles

Non-reflective tint can be put on the windshield above the AS1 line, as the manufacturer says.On the Sides: Tints must let 27% of the light through.On the Side: Tints must let at least 27% of the light through.Rear windows: Tints must let at least 27% of the light through to make them work.

For MPVs (Multipurpose Vehicles)

Glass: Tint that isn’t reflective can be put on your windshield above the AS-1 line, as long as the manufacturer says it can.On the Side: Tints must let 27% of the light through.

It doesn’t matter how dark you make the back windows on the side. As long as you make them several inches from the top, you can use them.Rear windows: Any level of darkness is fine for them.

Reflection Of Window Tint In South Carolina

This time, we’re going to talk about how window tints look. Reflecting light and cutting down on the heat level of your car are two things these tints do very well. They can also lessen the glare.They let people who are outside your car see their own faces in the windows, but not you. But, can they live in the state of SC? What will happen next?

For Passenger Vehicle

  • Front Side Windows: Reflective tints can’t be used.
  • It’s not allowed to have reflective tints on the side windows at the back.

For MPVs (Multipurpose Vehicles)

  • South Carolina does not allow reflective tints on the side windows of both the front and back of the car for any reason.

Attaining Medical Exemption Regarding Window Tints In South Carolina

It’s very important that you get a signed affidavit from someone who is qualified to do so, like an optometrist or doctor. This affidavit must be in your car at all times, and you must keep it there.In the affidavit, the person must say that they have a physical condition that makes it necessary for the car to have darker than legal window tints. Every two years, you need to change the affidavit.

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If you don’t know where to look, the window tint laws in South Carolina can be hard to understand. It’s best if you go to a well-known tint shop if you want tints put on your car.Car window tinting is a good idea because it gives you more privacy, makes it easier to drive, and your passengers also like it.But it’s not worth having to deal with the law or pay hefty fines (or go to jail). As long as you know and follow the rules, you will have a lot less trouble wherever you go.