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Car companies haven’t made any cars for the luxury van market in our country. Mercedes-Benz is now being brave by putting the V-Class MPV on the market in India. The Mercedes V-Class starts at Rs 68.40 lakh and goes all the way up to Rs 81.90 lakh. Mercedes could start selling electric cars in India very soon.

In Europe, luxury vans are very popular, and businesses love them. Luxury MPVs like the Mercedes-Benz V-Class are the only ones that can carry a large group of people and their luggage in comfort.

The V-Class will be brought in from Spain as a CBU, which stands for “completely built unit.”

Expression Line (7-Seater, Long Wheelbase): Rs 68.40 lakh Rs 81.90 lakh Exclusive Line (6-Seater)

Engine and Gearbox in V-Class

The Mercedes V-Class has a 2.2-liter, four-cylinder diesel engine that meets BSVI standards. This engine has a power of 161 Bhp and a torque of 380 Nm. All four wheels get power from the engine through a 7G-Tronic automatic gearbox. Yes, the powertrain is always all-wheel drive.


In India, you can choose between the Mercedes V-Class Expression Line and the Mercedes V-Class Exclusive Line. The Exclusive Line is a version with a long wheelbase. It is 5370 mm long and 3430 mm wide. The Expression Line is 5140 mm long and has a wheelbase of 3200 mm.

You can also get a standard size that is 4895 mm long on the international market. Watch the V-Class ad:

Look and Design

Mercedes Benz V-Class MPV Launched In India-2

People who like the way Vans look are a certain type. Yes, it’s big and has lots of boxy parts. But from the front, it looks like a classic Mercedes, with softer and more elegant angles than the rest of the car.

The headlights on that car look a lot like the ones on the S-Class. And the van’s three-pointed start shows that it’s not a regular van. It’s something much classier and more expensive.

From the side and back, it looks like a straight line with a lot of glass, roof rails, and alloy wheels.


When you go inside, you will see where all that money went. It’s a pretty nice and big place to stay. In the middle is a big floating touchscreen, and the dashboard has a bit of a Swedish “less is more” style with a lot of wood trim.

This car has a parking assist, a steering wheel that can be used for different things, a 360-degree camera, active parking, headlight assist, tyre pressure monitoring, six airbags, crosswind assist, and attention assist.

Mercedes-Benz V-Cross comes with two different ways to set up the seats: a six-seater model with executive seats in both the middle row and the back row, and a seven-seater model with two executive seats in the middle row and three seats in the back row.

Another thing that makes the V-Class stand out is that the seats can be turned 180 degrees so that they face each other. This is a great feature that makes it easier for people to talk to one another. If more room for luggage is needed, the last row can be taken out completely with quick-release fasteners. Have you seen Mahindra Marazzo MPV?

For imports of up to 2,500 units per year, the rules for homologation are less strict for the Mercedes-Benz V-Class. The German company that makes it knows that it won’t sell a lot of units, but it is a unique product that has nothing else like it on the market. Luxury hotels and travel agencies would love to check it out, along with a few private buyers.