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It is critical that you use engine oil that has been tested and approved for use in your vehicle. This is the reason why so many people want to know if they may mix 0w30 and 5w40 motor oils together.. Keep reading if you want to find the solution, since this is the ideal place for you. Is it possible to use 0w30 oil with 5w40 oil? Although it’s possible to blend 0W30 and 5W40 oils, doing so is discouraged. In other words, if you don’t have an order against mixing these two motor oils, you can do so. The public appears to be split on this issue. Mixing 0w30 and 5w40 motor oils is permissible, according to some motorists. However, some people argue that combining 0w30 oil with 5w40 oil is not permitted. Car owners that say no also warn a 5w40/0w30 oil blend can damage your engine and other parts of your vehicle. But in fact, a mix of 0w30 oil and 5w40 oil failure and component damage is over the top and highly improbable to occur. No harm will be done if you blend 0w30 oil with 5w40 oil, however it’s not a good idea. As a result, we’ll talk about combining 0w30 and 5w40 oil in this post. As a result, let’s get this party started, shall we?

Can I Mix 0w30 and 5w40 Oil?

Yes, this is a valid question. The answer is yes, you may combine 0w30 and 5w40 oil. Of course, there will be many who say no, but the fact remains that you can. You can certainly combine these two motor oils. It’s up to the vehicle’s owner to decide. Some motorists have already started using a 0w30/5w40 oil blend in their automobiles. Consider the fact that such a move is not encouraged. It is suggested that you use a single type of motor oil. Your engine will only require one type of motor oil. As a guideline, this is what you should aim for. However, if you choose to use two motor oils and mix them together, you can do so without any problem. The risks and the fact that doing so is not suggested must be taken into consideration, as must the possibility of doing the opposite of what is being advocated.

Can You Add 0w30 to 5w40 Oil?

Yes, you are allowed to increase your 5w40 by 0w30. If you can’t find an oil that’s similar to the one in your car, this might happen all the time. Motor oil that matches the one you use may not be readily available in some locations. Oil additive 0w30 can be used if there is no other option and the engine is nearing its end of life.

Can You Add 5w40 to 0w30 Oil?

Yes, you can increase your 0w30 by an additional 5w40. You can still do this, even if it isn’t suggested. In many cases, your only option is to mix up your present motor oil with a new one.

Is It Ok To Mix 0w30 and 5w40 – Possible Downsides?

No, you can’t mix 0w30 oil with 5w40 oil, but you may. Remember, however, that 0w30 oil should not be mixed with 5w40 oil. Although it is not suggested, you can nevertheless carry out the action. You can, however, combine two different oils. Because an engine breakdown is extremely rare, you may put your mind at ease and stop worrying about your engine and its components. Your warranty is the only possible drawback. If your car is still covered by a warranty, using a mixture of 0w30 and 5w40 oil in the engine will destroy that warranty. It’s not a problem if you’ve previously had your car out of warranty.

What Happens if You Mix 0w30 and 5w40 Oil?

Adding 0w30 oil to a 5w40 oil blend will not do any harm. The bad news is that your car is undamaged and has no engine breakdown. Your engine won’t be damaged by the motor oils, so there’s no need to be concerned about engine failure. Even yet, it’s a good thing there’s nothing to look forward to! Some individuals claim that because you’ve combined two motor oils, you won’t get the full advantage from both. A good rule of thumb is to use the same brand of 0w30 and 5w40 oil in a mixture.


Yes, you can blend 0w30 oil with 5w40 oil, in general. You must ensure that they are both wearing the same logo. It doesn’t matter if the two of them don’t share the same brand. Your engine will still benefit from the lubrication provided by motor oils. As a result, even if you use a 0w30/5w40 oil blend, your engine will remain properly lubricated.