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This article contains affiliate links. A modest compensation may be earned by me if you decide to make a purchase after clicking on one of my links. The only time you should cease caring for the paint of your car is when you plan to scrap it. Mold removal from automobile paint is also an option if you find mold stains on your car’s paint. It is up to you to ensure that your car’s paint is protected and that you take action to prevent paint damage. Things like shaving cream, soda, fluids, bird chippings and grime can all damage your automobile paint if left on it for a lengthy period of time. Additionally, you may see mold on your paint due to debris that has been on the surface for an extended period of time; how would you remove the mold and protect your paint?

Let’s find out right away!

What Causes Mold To Appear On A Car?

When a car is abandoned for a lengthy period of time, mold can grow on the vehicle’s surface. Molds usually occur on the car’s exterior (paint), but some drivers claim molds appeared on the interior of their vehicle as well (upholstery). Molds, it turns out, not only make your automobile look bad, but they can also harbor bacteria and viruses. If you find them on your car’s paint, you should remove them as soon as possible. I found it fascinating how easy it was to remove mold from automotive paint in this post. To get started, here are a few things to know:

To remove mold from a car that’s been sitting for a long time without being cleaned up after, you’ll want to utilize an anti-microbial mold removal solution. Even if the molds formed suddenly, a thorough wash should be sufficient to remove them.

How To Remove Mold From Car Paint

There are a few techniques to remove mold from your car’s paint, and it’s best to wear gloves while doing so. Yes, the gloves will keep you safe from the molds’ bacteria and viruses.

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1. Using Olive Oils

It is possible to eradicate mold from automobiles by rubbing them with olive oils. To use this technique, you’ll need to wash your car the same way you always do it: using towels, warm water, and dish soap or detergent. Apply olive oil to the paint to remove the molds after the automobile has been washed and dried naturally (or with a clean microfiber rag). You’ll need a microfiber towel, olive oil, and a few drops of each. Clean the moldy paint spots with a microfiber towel.

Gently clean the mold-infested areas. Keep an eye out to see if the mold was eliminated. Vinegar can be added to water in order to remove the olive oil.

2. Using Mineral Spirits

Another option for removing mold from automobile paint is mineral spirits. They strive to remove the mold and eradicate any bacteria that may be present. When olive oil failed to eradicate those unattractive molds, you might want to give this a shot. Mineral spirits can be applied to a clean microfiber rag using a small amount of the liquid. Allow it to sit for a few minutes (approximately 8 to 10 minutes) before rubbing it against the molds. Wipe the surface with a fresh microfiber towel dampened in clean water, if desired. This approach should have removed the molds, but if not, go to the following step.

3. Wash With Salty Water

A lot of difficult filth can be cleaned using salt dissolved in water. This procedure has been used by several drivers to remove molds from their vehicle’s paint, and it may work for you as well. Fill a bucket with fresh water and salt it. Remove molds from the affected areas by soaking a clean microfiber towel in salty water. While scrubbing the molds, you may need to exert some force. After scrubbing, quickly rinse the vehicle and look for mould.

4. Get A Paint Correction Kit

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To cure and erase minor flaws in a car’s paint, a variety of different manufacturers offer paint correction kits. In general, manufacturers include instructions on how to utilize paint repair kits. To use an auto repair kit, wash and dry the vehicle first, then use a clay bar to smooth off any rough spots, and finally apply the paint correction compound that was included in the kit you purchased. So far, we’ve discussed many methods for removing mold from a vehicle’s exterior. In addition, it’d be a good idea to highlight the many methods for protecting your car’s paint from mold.

How To Protect Car Paint From Mold

How To Remove Mold From Car Paint

While it’s possible for molds to develop up on your car paint if the vehicle is completely dry, this is not the case. To put it another way, molds grow on cars because of the moisture that gets trapped in the paint. As a result, how can you avoid this?

Dry your car before putting on a cover, it couldn’t be easier. Car covers on damp cars should never be used; the moisture they trap will lead to mold growth on your car’s paint. When storing your automobile for an extended period of time, make sure it is dry and parked in an area where the air can circulate freely to avoid excessive heat, which can moisten the paint and allow molds to grow on it. You can avoid mold buildups by keeping your car clean and dry at all times. Wait for the car to dry completely before putting the cover on it after washing it.


This article should have helped you understand how to remove mold from car paint and how to prevent mold from adhering to your car paint in the future. Let your friends and coworkers who are dealing with mildew on their car paint know about these treatments.