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Your extended warranty on your car may be coming to an end soon, and you may have been sent a pink motor vehicle service notification pink card. This card tells you that you must call a number to activate the warranty. If you don’t renew your warranty, you’ll have to pay for all of the repairs that need to be done.

Motor vehicle service record ID: This number can help you find out about your registration and history with your car. They will help you make sure that you have the best protection and operation by calling the toll-free number.

People who own cars might get a letter from the company that makes them. It might have all the words needed to convince people that it’s real. Do you not pay attention to the notification and the consequences?

What does Motor Vehicle Service Notification mean? Do you prefer a letter or postcard?

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The manufacturer of your car sends you a pink motor vehicle notification pink postcard or letter to tell you about service. They tell you if your product is covered by a warranty. You might be told by the manufacturer that your warranty and protections are about to run out and that you need to get a new one.

This letter or postcard gives you all the information you need about your car and convinces you to buy it. There are a lot of signs that the postcard or letter came from your store or factory. Some notifications have the logo and seal of the Department of Motor Vehicles on them.

You must be careful and make sure that the notice is from the manufacturer. They may not extend the notification if they think it’s in their best interest to do so, and they may not.

Take your time and don’t make a decision too quickly. If you make a mistake, it could hurt your savings. How do you know if the notification is real?


It’s important to keep the paperwork for your car from the manufacturer. This paperwork has information about the car, like its year or mileage. Most warranties cover 50,000 miles every five years. If you drive your car more than 50,000 miles or for five years after you bought it, the warranty will be void.

An extended warranty will let you keep getting the protections. Most people don’t need to buy an extra warranty because it’s cheaper to pay for repairs after the original warranty runs out.

Name of the company

Company information will be included in a legally valid notification, so it will be safe to read. If you are scammed, the scammer will send you a postcard that does not have the name of the company on it. It’s easy to find out if your factory warranty has run out by looking at the information on the postcard and the letter.

Notifications that are legitimate

You can check to see if the notification is real by looking at your original paperwork and comparing it to the postcard or letter you got. All of the information you give should be the same, even the phone numbers you use to call to get your warranty to last a little longer.

In order to make sure that you don’t accept a warranty from a company other than the original manufacturer of your car, read the letter very carefully. All of the information, including any watermarks or payment information, should be the same.

Make sure the notification came from the right person by calling the toll-free number on the original paperwork and seeing if it was. Do not deal with someone who doesn’t send you the postcard or letter.

Motor Vehicle Service Notification Scam Is it a scam or real?

It all comes down to how you see it. You will get a letter from the manufacturer or dealer of your car. It’s also possible that companies that sell warranties for cars will send out a fake alert.

People who buy cars from dealerships may be sold to warranty companies. To find out if you’ve been scammed or if the notification came from your car manufacturer, you’ll need to find out who sent it.

An official motor vehicle service notification will verify all boxes:

Send this message when your factory warranty is about to run out or has already run out.

Use the right company name and phone number.

Those who work for a company like this will treat you with respect.

This alert is based on valid service records from the past.

notification sent from the known location of the company, not from a different place in the country.

It’s not something that customers think about very often, especially if they don’t plan to keep the car for a very long time. In general, it makes sense to think about this. However, if you plan to keep your car for a long time or for a long time, it may not be worth the money. This warranty covers things like an oil change, when the AC doesn’t work, and when the steering doesn’t work.

Every two months, you will get a lot of scam alerts. It can come from a lot of different companies and use real words to make you want to keep your warranty. It is possible that you will get a postcard or letter about a car that you don’t own.

What are the red flags to look for in a vehicle service notification scam?

Bogus account activity

The back of the service notification letters should be looked at. The account activity will show bogus repairs that cost a lot of money. You will be told that if they were done, you don’t have to pay. Since you bought your car, it may not have had these kinds of repairs done. The company you’re working with might be a scam. They want your money, and this could be a sign.

You haven’t exceeded the mileage and years stated

Sometimes, it’s weird to get a maintenance notice for your car telling you that your warranty is about to run out. This notice may not come until you’ve driven 50,000 miles or the car hasn’t been used for five years. The mileage on your car might be 3,000, and you might have been driving it for two years. Legally, the car still has the warranty from the factory.

This notice makes it clear that they want your money, but they don’t know much about your car or how many miles it has. It’s a lie.

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Different phone numbers

The best way to keep your money safe from scams is to give them information like your phone number. There will be the same phone number on any paperwork or website that was sent to you by the dealer or the manufacturer.

There are two ways to get in touch with them if your phone number doesn’t match. You can use the phone number from the paperwork or the number from the manufacturer’s website to get in touch with them. Please tell us about the nature of the call and the notification that you got from your phone service provider. If the car manufacturer says that they didn’t get the letter or that it’s a scam, then throw it away.