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A fairing is one of the most well-known things you can add to your motorcycle. Aftermarket fairings, which are usually put on the front of a motorcycle, are popular with both experienced and new riders. They are often added to make a bike look more sleek or to add extras like high-performance speakers. But a good fairing can also be one of the most important safety features of your bike.

What is a fairing?

For those who don’t know, a fairing is a large panel or cover, often in the shape of a wing, that some bikes have above the front wheel, near the handlebars, and just below the front wheel. There is usually a windshield built into the fairing, but its size and shape can be different, just like the size and shape of the fairing itself.

Many riders choose a fairing because it has speakers or small storage spaces, but a fairing can be used for much more than that. Most fairings are made with a bigger goal in mind, which is to keep you, the rider, safe.

Primary Safety Benefits of a Faring

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Fairings are designed and made to protect because they are safety features. All fairings are made to help riders get back home safely. From the materials they are made of to the way they are shaped, everything about them is designed to do this. Here are four ways a fairing can make a bike safer:

1. Shields Against Small Debris and Insects

The fairing directs the air around and over you and your bike as you ride. As it does this, it makes a small area around you with higher pressure, which is then surrounded by the lower pressure area of the road you’re on. When this same idea is applied to an aeroplane wing, it creates lift. When it is applied to your bike, it creates a force that moves bugs, dust, and other small road debris out of your way.

2. Reduces Wind Blast

A fairing winds around you as it moves road debris away. In fact, it makes a small area of low pressure right behind the fairing, and you move through this area. This helps reduce or get rid of the chill that windblast can leave on your hands, head, and body. When your body temperature drops, you get tired quickly, and a rider who is tired is more likely to make bad choices on the road. By avoiding chill, you ride safer.

3. Shields Against Large Debris

Anyone who rides a bike can tell you that the trash left on our roads and highways can be much bigger than pea gravel. From small stones and tyre belting kicked up by passing vehicles to random trash that flies at you out of the back of a pickup, some debris is too big to be pushed away by the wind and comes at your motorcycle too quickly for you to avoid it. When this happens, your fairing can act as a barrier to keep the object from hitting you.

4. Houses Electronic Safety Equipment

A fairing can hold speakers, but it can also hold transmitters that send weather alerts, road conditions, and radar detector signals directly to your helmet. There are different sizes of spaces where you can put these devices, but there are electronics that can fit in very small spaces so you can have all the information you need at your fingertips.

What To Consider When Buying A Fairing

  • The Right Size When you buy a new fairing for your motorcycle, choose a model that is made for your motorcycle’s make and model. This will make the installation process easier and leave less space for wind and debris to get in. • How the covering goes on Most fairings can be attached to either the frame or the fork. If your fairing is attached to the frame, it will stay in place when you turn the wheel. This might give you more stability, but it gives you less protection when you turn. Attached fairings on the fork, on the other hand, protect you more when you turn, but they will cause a slight change in drag and weight that you’ll have to learn to deal with. Weight: A lighter fairing might save a little gas and make your bike handle just like it would without a fairing, but a heavier fairing is better as a physical shield because the extra weight makes it better at deflecting small to medium-sized pieces of debris.

Fairing Thee Well

No matter how you ride or how you like your bike to look, there is a fairing made for you and your bike. Fairings can not only make your bike look more aerodynamic, but they can also help you ride more safely, no matter where the winding road takes you.