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Every motorcycle rider needs to carry around a basic motorcycle kit. It helps avoid small and easy problems by fixing them right away, so they don’t grow into bigger ones. Even though it’s important to carry a motorcycle toolkit around, the biggest problem would be space. You don’t want to carry heavy tools, and most modern bikes have small toolkits under the seat. Read: 10 tips for your motorcycle trip on the road

If you find yourself stuck on the side of the road, you need to be ready and know what to do. This means that you should always only have the most important tools on your bike. Not only should you bring the right tools with you, but you should also know how to use them right and take care of them after you’ve used them. We have made a list of important tools that every biker should always have with them. Some of these tools are;

Wrench or Spanner

Wrench or Spanner

All motorcycles are bolted together, so you need an adjustable wrench to take them apart. Even though there are many different kinds of adjustable wrenches on the market today, you should look for the one that gives you the most options for the least amount of money. Care must be taken when using an adjustable wrench so that the nuts don’t get damaged. For the wrench not to slip over the corners of the bit, the jaws must be as tight as possible. There are three kinds of wrenches: the ring and open wrench, the socket wrench, and the ratcheting wrench, flank-drive wrench, and adjustable wrench. Talk to the person who fixes your bike to find the wrench that fits perfectly into your bike’s tool kit. All of them are made of metal, but they are chrome-plated so they won’t rust.

Allen Keys

This tool comes in different sizes, just like a wrench. Even the most easily accessible modern café racers use it to strip the bodywork off of them. It doesn’t take up much room in the motorcycle toolkit, but it’s better to save space by only using the sizes your bike needs. A ten-piece set has everything you need to fix things. Just make sure you find a design that is easy to organise and, of course, one that is good for your body. Allen Keys can also be used to attach the engine cover of your motorcycle to the engine case without the bolt heads having to stick out. Allen bolts can be taken off, as long as you have the right size tool for the job.



Putting the right length of electrical wire in your café racer kit is always a good idea. It’s worth having because it doesn’t take up much space and is very useful for roadside repairs. Wires are also used to get around blown fuses. If you knew this, it could prevent damage to something more expensive and save you money. You can also use them to hold things together in the motorcycle kit. You could also use wires to hold things together. So, it’s important to always have something to cut the wire, which brings us to our next point.

Multipurpose Pocket Knife

There’s no need to explain why pocket knives are good to have in a motorcycle tool kit. They are needed to cut through hoses, wires, or lines that have become hard over time. It could even be used to cut off the end of the hose to make sure it fits well before it is reused. You could also tighten screws on the motorcycle with them. The Swiss Army knife is the best type of pocket knife because it is also a great motorcycle tool. It’s so light and easy to move around that you could just strap it to your motorcycle.



You should have a screwdriver in your motorcycle toolkit because almost every part of the bike needs you to take off a case panel. With a screwdriver, wear and tear might be a little bit of a pain. No matter what, the most common tool in a motorcycle kit is a screwdriver. Even though it comes in many different shapes and sizes, the idea is always the same. There is always a handle attached to the steel shaft, which is flattened at the tip to make a wedge shape.


Every motorcycle kit needs to have pliers. Depending on the kind you get, they can be used to hold, clamp, or cut. You don’t need to buy many different kinds of pliers because they all work the same. Standard pliers, a cutter, long-nose pliers, and an adjustable pipe wrench are all you need. If there’s enough room in your motorcycle kit, you can put in all the different kinds of pliers that you might need. Each of them has something more to offer. You might not have much room, so it’s best to get a small, high-quality one. They would give you a good grip on parts and fasteners so you could straighten, tighten, or hold them.

Before you pack up all of these tools, make sure to look for a tool pack or tool roll that is very small but strong and can be easily strapped to your bike. It’s better to bring only a few, important tools than to bring a lot of tools that you don’t need. It would make the bike too heavy for no reason. Most importantly, make sure you know how to use all the tools with a little help before you pack the motorcycle kit. You should be able to fix most things on your own. Read the tool by hand and understand how to use each tool well. In short, you should learn how to do all of these simple repair steps. Lastly, have a good maintenance culture by taking care of your tools so you don’t have to make as many repairs on the side of the road.

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