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The Ford Mustang is now one of the most well-known sports cars in the world.

It gets your attention as soon as you see it because of the way its chassis looks.

A lot of people who drive have asked if the Mustang has rear-wheel drive.

RWD stands for “rear-wheel drive.” Every Mustang made up to this point has had a RWD transmission. Many classic sports cars have this type of transmission because it makes the car faster off the line and helps it turn better.

As of now, no Mustang has ever been made with a different type of transmission.

But there are rumours that Ford plans to make an all-wheel-drive model in 2022.

Why Does Ford Use RWD on the Mustang?

Mustang RWD

It’s been around for a long time, but not all cars have rear-wheel drive. Why do sports cars like the Mustang use this type of transmission so often?

As soon as you get into one, you’ll notice how different it is to drive. A car with all-wheel drive won’t be able to turn as well as a Mustang.

Plus, the Mustang’s RWD works better when the car is stopped.

Because of this, they can move so quickly. When the power from the engine goes to the back wheels, it’s easier to get going again after stopping.

Ford uses RWD in the Mustang because of how it makes the car handle turns. When you turn a corner in an AWD vehicle, you have to use a lot of its power.

When you speed up, that usually makes the wheels slip a little bit.

If you drive a Mustang around a corner, you shouldn’t have any trouble with the wheels slipping. All of their power goes to the back wheels, so when they turn, the front wheels don’t have to absorb it.

The only real problem with RWD is that you won’t have much grip on roads that are wet. If there is ice on the road while you are driving, we wouldn’t suggest going fast.

In the snow, it takes longer to slow down in a vehicle with rear-wheel drive (RWD).

Why Does Ford Use RWD on the Mustang?

When you turn a car, rear-wheel drive tends to work better. The power doesn’t have to come from the front wheels. They just need to be able to steer.

They will last longer because of this. Most AWD cars’ front tyres don’t last very long because they take so much power.

When you turn and speed up at the same time, this makes them slip.

Not everyone thinks that drifting in a car is a good thing. But if you like it, you’ll love driving a RWD car or truck.

They are much easier to drift than cars with all-wheel drive.

You can also do burnouts much more easily with a RWD car.

Lastly, driving a car with RWD is a very different experience. As soon as you touch the pedal, you’ll notice how quickly it speeds up.

When you’re driving a car with rear-wheel drive, you might feel like you’re in a sports car. They have made a lot of cars with rear-wheel drive, but the Mustang is one of the most popular ones.

Can You Drive an RWD Car in the Snow?

Mustang RWD-3

In all honesty, the biggest problem with RWD is how it drives in the snow. By adding new safety features, they have made them safer in the snow.

But when it snows, you’ll always be safer in an all-wheel-drive car.

The Mustang doesn’t have a lot of weight over the rear axle, which makes it easy to lose traction.

If you try to speed up too quickly, your tyres could lose their grip. This happens a lot more often when you use RWD.

If you’re driving a Mustang and the roads are wet, you should be careful. If you don’t want to fishtail, you have to drive slowly.

When your back wheels start to spin out from behind you.

There are a few things on modern Mustangs that make it less likely that you’ll lose control if there’s snow on the road.

With an antilock brake system, your brakes won’t get stuck when you stop.

The Mustang also has an electronic system to help keep it stable. This tells you how much power to put into each wheel while driving. If it sees that one of them is slipping, it makes the necessary changes.

Electronic traction control also helps you keep control of your car when the roads are wet. It keeps track of how you use your brakes.

If one of the tyres starts to slide, it changes which brakes are used.

If you switch them, your tyres won’t slide when you’re trying to stop. Even if there is snow on the roads, it will still take longer to slow down.

So, if there is snow outside, make sure you slow down earlier than usual.

How Does Front Wheel Drive Differ From RWD?

A lot of sedans and mid-size cars have front-wheel drive. This kind of drivetrain doesn’t put out as much power. But it usually handles better and gets better gas mileage.

Since the engine is in the front, that’s where most of the car’s weight is. So, a car with front-wheel drive (FWD) usually drives better on snowy streets.

When you put weight on top of the driving axel, it’s harder to lose control of them.

But there are two big problems with this kind of transmission.

If you speed up quickly, it will be harder to keep control of the car. That’s because the front wheels have to steer and move at the same time.

If you use FWD, the other problem is how quickly the front tyres wear out. They are put through a lot more stress, which makes them not last as long.

Has Ford Ever Made a Mustang That’s Not RWD?

As we already said, all Ford Mustangs have been built with a RWD design.

So you won’t be able to find one with AWD or FWD.

So far, they haven’t made one with a different way to move. Ford did say at one point that they might use a different one. Back in 1979, they planned to make an all-wheel-drive car.

They never did make one of them, though.

We have heard, though, that they plan to make a new one in 2022. So far as we know, Ford plans to release a new Mustang hybrid that year.

It will have an AWD transmission, and it will get great gas mileage as well.