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From 2020 to 2027, the increased demand for window tints is expected to surpass the $9.83 billion market, growing at an annual pace of 4.8%. Just because a product or service is well-known doesn’t mean that anyone can utilize it in any way they want to. There are a lot of limits and regulations imposed by the North Dakota window tint laws. These restrictions, which were put into place in 2003, have become a major issue in the tinting of any vehicle in the state. Let us know if you’d want to learn more about how these regulations work. You’ll find a thorough breakdown of all the potential stumbling blocks right here. As well as the cost of a ticket, please. What are you waiting for?

Are You Allowed To Have Tinted Windshield And Windows In North Dakota?

Passenger side and driver side windows are allowed to be tinted to a specified level by the state. While the back windows remain unrestricted. According to accounts, North Dakota took its time passing these new regulations. As a matter of fact, it was the 41st state to actually put these rules into action! People are expected to use them now that they are widely available while tinting their car windows.

What Is The Darkest Tint You Can Legally Get In ND?

If you want your windows tinted a darker shade, you must adhere to very tight rules. Ideally, the windshield should allow at least 75% of the light to pass through. The front windows, on the other hand, need to allow in only half of the light. The back and rear windows can be tinted as dark as you want.

Is 20 Tint Illegal In ND?

For the front windows, you can’t have any tint less than 50%. When using one of the brightest tints available, it is critical that drivers abide by the following recommendations: 1. They risk a hefty fee if they don’t comply. When it comes to the color palette, there are no hard and fast rules to follow. To put it another way, you have complete freedom to use any hue you like.

Can You Get Pulled Over For Tinted Windows In North Dakota?

North Dakota Window Tint Laws March 2022 - Tinted Window Laws

Certainly. Unlike some other states, North Dakota’s tinting restrictions may not be as relaxed. Many motorists who are hauled up by the police claim that they were unaware of the tinting restrictions. It is possible, however, that you will be penalized for violating this legislation, as with any other rule or restriction. People driving cars with darkly tinted windows may go unnoticed. For the most part, traffic officers focus on more serious infractions, like speeding, DUI, and irresponsible driving. There is a good chance that if you are pulled over for one of these violations, the police will notice your tinted windows and issue you a ticket.

How Much |s A Tint Ticket In ND?

You could face a $20 fine if your car’s tint exceeds the legal limit. Minor traffic infraction. The fines for speeding or passing a red light can quickly mount. The tint ticket isn’t that expensive, so you won’t have to worry about it breaking the bank. However, if you get it over and over again, that can alter.

Window Tint Darkness In North Dakota

If you want to get the perfect level of darkness, you must be well-versed in the laws governing window tint. Everything you’ve been missing is right here for you to see. Passenger vehicles and MPVs follow the same rules. You’ll have an easier time recognizing your faults, especially if you overdo it with the tinting, thanks to this advice. Here’s a visual representation of the detailed instructions.

For Passenger Vehicle

The windshield must allow at least 70% of the light to get through. The front side windows must allow at least 50% of the light to pass through. It’s up to the driver to decide how dark they want the back windows to be. Rear window: Drivers can choose the level of darkness they want for this area.

For MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle)

The windshield must let the entry of at least 70% of the available light. The front windows must allow in at least half of the light. Drivers have complete control over the level of darkness they choose to apply to the back windows. Drivers can adjust the level of obscurity in the rearview mirror to their preference.

Window Tint Reflection In North Dakota

Tint reflection is a popular choice for those seeking a little extra seclusion and coziness. Nonetheless, reflective tints have their limits just as darkening levels. Products like this are used to block unauthorized viewing of the interior of your vehicle. The reflection of the color prevents them from gaining a clear view of the interior. The state has imposed restrictions on tint reflection in order to lessen the incoming heat and glare.

North Dakota Tint Laws- 2022 New Tint Laws in ND

For Passenger Vehicle

The front side window cannot have a metallic or reflective look. The back side window cannot have a metallic or reflected look.

For MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle)

The front side window cannot have a metallic or reflective look. The back side window cannot have a metallic or reflected look.

How Do You Get A Medical Exemption For Window Tint In North Dakota?

You cannot, regrettably. According to recent reports, the state no longer allows medical exemptions for window tinting. People who require the product for medical reasons may encounter some difficulties as a result of this. Consult with North Dakota law enforcement and DMV officials if your company car requires window tinting. Using this method, you can acquire only the most relevant and useful information for the county in which you reside.

In addition, some rules may be revised in the future. So, in order to stay abreast of the most recent developments, make an effort to speak with appropriate authorities.


There are a variety of regulations, prohibitions, and restrictions in place in each state of the United States. One of them is North Dakota. If you’re a local, this guide should be able to address all of your questions. To avoid getting a ticket, it’s best to familiarize yourself with these guidelines in advance. If you don’t want to get into any trouble, observe these guidelines and use only permitted tinting on your car. 

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