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The engine and the moisture are both present in a car. Moisture and engines don’t mix, as we’ve learned. As a result, removing and removing water vapor and liquid water from your engine is critical to its long-term viability and safety. So we have the oil breather tube for this purpose. Oil breather tubes are made and engineered to be used in vehicles for this same reason. It’s a section of plastic or perhaps metal tubing, and it comes from the engine and vents outside. So you should be aware of the significance of an oil breather tube. Even though the oil breather tube is quite low-maintenance, many motorists have never heard of it. Although this breather tube is simple to maintain, it is susceptible to malfunctions.

If your engine’s breather is obstructed, it will overpressurize it and cause seal problems. Oil is used to keep the seals in place. A absence of these seals will cause the engine to spit out black material in every nook and cranny, leading to a complete shutdown. The breather tube is leaking oil, which is a further source of concern. A breather full of oil is a common problem for many drivers, but for those who haven’t encountered it before, this article can help. Let’s get started now.

Why Is Oil Coming Out Of My Breather Tube?

It’s possible that other drivers have run into the same problem. Some drivers may notice that their breather tube is leaking oil. There are a few reasons why your breather tube could leak oil.

It’s possible that your engine was overfilled with oil from the outset. As a result, if you notice oil leaking from your breather tube, double-check to see if you’ve overfilled your engine. Another problem to keep an eye on is excessive engine blowby. You may end up chasing and forcing oil out of your breather pipe because of an improperly sealed set of rings. Compression testing can be performed. Another way to find out if this is the problem is to perform a leak down test. Your cylinder, piston, and ing assembly may also have a problem. You should also double-check the installation of your rings. When your engine has too much oil, it will produce foam in your oil.

This will also be blown into your lungs and into the air filter, which will remove it from the air. If you can, you can remove the breathing hose and see if it helps. Use a coke bottle or similar tall, narrow bottle to place the breather hose in. Start your car for roughly 10 minutes after that. Recheck the oil level in your engine after it has been running and oil has been blown in. You can also consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual for help. Your valves are leaking oil if your oil level is also low or average. So, if your PCV system is clogged, all you need to do is check it. The crankcase may be under too much pressure, and excessive ring blowby may be present. Sludge may also be present.

How To Stop Oil Coming Out Of The Breather Tube?

If your breather tube is leaking oil, you may have too much oil in your engine. You need to make sure that your vehicle has enough oil in it. Having too much oil in your engine can produce some foam, which will then be blasted out of the breather and into the air filter, where it will clog it. Remove the breather hose and disconnect it if you want to stop the oil from leaking out of your breather tube. Ensure that the bottle has a narrow and slim throat by putting the breather hose inside. Take a few minutes to run your engine and see if any oil is coming in.

First and foremost, determine why oil is dripping from your breather tube. There could be a number of factors at play. As soon as you figure out what’s wrong, you’ll know what the answer is. You can remove some of the surplus oil from your engine to stop the oil from leaking out of your breather tube if that is the cause of the problem. As a result, the first step is to determine what caused the leak. As a result, you’ll be able to figure out the answer.

Do You Need To Replace The Breather Tube Completely?

This step is not absolutely necessary. However, just because your breather tube is spewing oil doesn’t imply there’s a problem with it means you should repair it right away. If you have pressure in your crankcase, you’ll see oil dripping from your breather tube.

This indicates that your piston rings are leaking. With a new turbo engine, you can increase your boost pressure to maximize your engine’s horsepower. You can also set your piston rings to 100%, if that is what you prefer. So, while your engine is still running, remove the oil filler cap to see if there is a noticeable variation in the pressure between the two motors.

What Is The Best Prevention Of This Problem?

If you don’t put the appropriate amount of oil in your engine, you could end up damaging it. Your breather tube can become clogged if you have too much oil in it.

It’s also a good idea to periodically double-check your blow. There must be an issue with your vehicle’s engine or motor if you’ve done everything you can.


To summarize, a vehicle’s oil breather tube is an absolute necessity. It’s possible that some motorists aren’t aware of this. An oil breather tube, on the other hand, is critical.

It’s not difficult to maintain the oil breather tube, although you may run into issues. The oil breather tube is leaking oil, which is an issue. A number of possible explanations exist. Find the root of the problem and come up with a solution.