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An exhaustive investigation of the company, product, and long-term performance is required to compile a list of the top items on the market. The poorest products, on the other hand, can only be discovered by a unique method. User reviews serve as the primary metric for locating them.

A mistake in the manufacturing of an oil filter should be practically impossible, yet some companies get away with it because of inadequate quality control and the use of low-cost materials.

When it comes to filter prices, some manufacturers are willing to go to the extreme and charge several times the market rate. There are a few brands of oil filters that you should steer clear of in this study.

1. Champ Labs Oil Filter

Baldwin Oil Filter

The Champ Labs is a product marketed as being made in the United States, although it is actually manufactured in China.

If you’re looking for the worst oil filter on Amazon, this is it. There is no description of the filter’s materials, use, longevity, or anything else that might reassure a consumer.

2. Purolator PureOne Oil Filter

The Purolator is known for making high-quality oil filters, but this model appears to have fallen short. Customers’ negative feedback about the PL14477 is a major source of worry. Using a malfunctioning anti-drain back valve can lead to ring wear and premature filter ripping, according to some customers.

No matter how bad the batch of oil filters are, I would not recommend using this model of oil filter from Purolator at this time, and I would be extra careful when selecting their filters.

3. Borg & Beck Oil Filter

Borg & Beck Oil Filter

The oil filter company Borg & Beck demonstrates yet another method of destroying an oil filter. Despite the fact that their BFO4006 oil filter is advertised as meeting OE requirements and being easy to install, it does not suit the vehicles for which it was intended to be used.

Filter sizes and threads were reported to be incompatible by a few users. Getting a new filter isn’t particularly inexpensive, but your car won’t run until you obtain a proper replacement after flushing out the old oil and lubricating the new filter.

4. Fram Extra Guard Oil Filter

For all the reports that Fram oil filters are terrible, I was only able to locate confirmation that their cheap orange filters had a lot of difficulties, not the other way around.

Although the Extra Guard filters claim to be good for 10,000 miles, many consumers complain that the filter fails after just 3, 000 to 5, 000 miles. Silver filters from Fram are the best option if you want to get the most out of your camera.

5. Baldwin Oil Filter

Champ Labs Oil Filter

Despite its poor marketing and lack of application information, the Baldwin oil filter remains a serviceable device.

Nothing is known about its intended use aside from the fact that it’s a spin-on, full-flow filter. It’s been installed on a Yanmar tractor by one user and a 2003 Chevrolet Silverado by another.

How To Identify Bad Oil Filters?

A bad filter in today’s market is really difficult to come by, as there are literally hundreds of high-quality and reasonably-priced alternatives to choose from. To ensure a safe purchase, you should keep an eye out for a few things.

User Reviews

An excellent resource for learning more about a product is reading reviews written by other customers. The best way to find out whether an oil filter is bad is to sort by new and read reviews that express concern about a faulty batch or a notable decline in quality control.


Enter your vehicle’s make and model into Amazon’s query search before purchasing an oil filter. If someone has already inquired as to whether or not the item is compatible with your car, you might use this to your advantage when making a purchase.

Whenever you’re ready to perform an oil change, take a look at the two filters and compare their sizes. To prevent your car from becoming unusable until you acquire a new oil filter, never drain the oil if you notice a discrepancy in the filter’s diameter.


There are two primary ways for filter replacement and oil change intervals in today’s automobiles.

The type of oil and filter you’re using has an impact on the procedure you follow. High mileage oil and a standard filter have to be changed at the same time, whereas normal oil and a standard filter give you the choice of doing so at different times.

Given the low cost of oil filters, I’d suggest replacing them after every oil cycle lasting more than 5,000 miles.. I like to change my oil and oil filters at a distance of 6,500 miles, but you are free to choose your own intervals.

What Are The Best Oil Filters Brands?

The worst oil brands have been discussed, so it is only right that the better oil brands be mentioned.

The Mobil 1 Extended Performance Oil Filter is the best, but there are a number of outstanding alternatives on the following list..

1. Mobil 1 M1-110A Extended Performance Oil Filter

All of the requirements for an excellent oil filter are met by the Mobil 1. We can tell if the product is well-made because there are a lot of positive customer evaluations that are consistent.

Then there are the assertions made by the product’s creators.

An amazing but also attainable goal of 20,000 kilometers or a year’s worth of work. Despite the fact that the application is not specified in the product description, there are hundreds of customer inquiries that provide solutions for just about every automobile. In addition, this oil filter is priced at just $10, which is a great value given the product’s performance and features.

2. Motorcraft & OEM Oil Filters

The OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) filters have a lot of misconceptions. There are those who think they’re overpriced aftermarket filters that can easily be replaced, while others argue they’re inferior in quality to other options.

There is some truth in both claims, but it actually depends on the individual make and type of automobile. Oil filters and other parts can be expensive from some manufacturers, while others advocate third-party manufacturers or sell their products so cheaply that you couldn’t obtain a better deal.

Fortunately, there’s Motorcraft on the scene to help out here. Oil, filters, and other consumable parts are manufactured by Ford’s subsidiary, Motorcraft. It’s hard to argue with the FL 820 S oil filter’s dominance in the market.

It’s hard to beat $4 for a product of this caliber, especially when you consider the quality. As for ACDelco, an affiliate of General Motors, this is true as well.

3. Wix 57060 XP Oil Filter

In the opinion of many seasoned drivers, Wix is the best oil filter brand to buy if you’re unsure of what to get.

The durable design provides up to 10,000 miles of protection and captures up to 99.9% of dirt and pollutants.. The entirely synthetic media can endure abuse in high-temperature oil environments.

In spite of the high price, the Wix XP oil filter offers excellent value. There are a few things to keep in mind if you want to avoid difficulties like spills, dry starts and other issues that plague other brands.

4. K&N Premium Oil Filter

The K&N brand is well-known in the United States, where the company is known for producing high-quality products that are also dependable.

When it comes to K&N oil filters and charging systems, you might not have known this. The PS 1010 filter is priced at just $6.99, making it even more affordable than OEM bulk manufacture.

5. Fram Tough Guard TG10060 Oil Filter

To see Fram on both the worst and best brands lists could be intriguing, but I think the company receives too much negative attention because of the troubles it has had in the past.

Even the orange filters’ quality control difficulties have been resolved by Fram. The majority of the current complaints seem to stem from customers who made purchases from 3rd party suppliers without realizing they were doing so or who did so in an effort to save the greatest money.

3rd-party sellers may still have old and defective filters on hand. Get your filter from the Fram website and you’ll get a quality product.


Does the oil filter brand matter?

However, it is crucial to know which brand has issues with quality control and reliability, as well as which brand has no such concerns. The finest oil filter brand doesn’t really matter whether it meets and exceeds your vehicle’s needs when you look at some of the greatest options.

Which oil filters last the longest?

High-end manufacturers such as Mobil 1, Fram, and others make some of the best oil filters on the market, which can last for up to 20k miles or a year, whichever occurs first.

An oil filter should last no more than a few months before it begins to lose its efficacy and composition.

If you plan to put a lot of miles on your oil, I highly recommend changing the filter at the same time, both to ensure the system is completely drained and to replace the seal and prevent the new filter from becoming contaminated with residue from the old filter.

What oil filters are made by Wix?

Not only does it supply NAPA with their NAPA Gold Line Oil Filters, but it also sells oil filters marked “Wix”.


A few substandard oil filter brands exist, but the majority of them are low-quality, no-name enterprises that either mimic the design of other manufacturers to deceive their clients or provide appealing discounts.

Many online selections are fantastic, and it’s safe to pick any of the best picks provided in this section, as long as you double-check fitment before purchasing.