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This article contains affiliate links. Using any of the links on this page will allow me to earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. The only difference is that some products (such as red wines) can last for up to five years after they are opened before their expiration date. Oil filters, on the other hand, may not be affected by this. Changing the oil filter appears to be an essential aspect of basic car maintenance (presumably, after the 3rd oil change).

The fact that you’re changing the oil filter at this point doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad; thus, we’ll go through the lifespan of oil filters when in use or stock. In other words, how long do oil filters survive if they’re stored somewhere? Stored goods are more likely to endure longer than those that are in use, which is a straightforward fact that everyone can agree on. You can apply this same logic to oil filters if you know how to properly store them.

How Long Do Oil Filters Last in Storage

To begin, if you want your oil filters to last as long as possible, you should learn how to properly store them. Only a small amount of metal is used in the oil filter’s design, thus it isn’t particularly corrosive. In a nutshell, these are the parts of an oil filter. Reverse osmosis protection

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Oil filters can live for decades when stored in a dry environment, according to certain car owners on various sites. Rubber seals in some filters may begin to degrade after seven years or so, depending on the model and how often they are cleaned. Is there a better way to extend the life of an oil filter?

How Long Do Oil Filters Last in Storage?

To retain the filter, look for a dry spot in your room or a box (that is rarely used). When oil filters are stored in a dry place, they can endure for a long time and be used whenever necessary. As long as the filter isn’t fitted in a vehicle, it won’t lose any of its components due to moisture. At that point, you can inquire, “how long should you wait to change/replace an oil filter?”

How Long Do Filters Last?

For example, once a car’s oil filter has been installed, it will not survive as long as one that is kept dry. Over time, oil filters lose their ability to trap all of the debris and grit that is being brought to the engine by the vehicle’s own oil. This is why certain car engine manufacturers recommend that drivers who use their oils replace their oil filters at certain intervals. In general, regardless of how many miles you drive a year, it is recommended that you replace the oil filter at least once a year or after the third oil change (if you change oil up to 3 or 4 times in a year).


It has come up that people are curious about the longevity of oil filters when stored. Finally, our simple answer remains: Your car will outlive an unused oil filter! Even if you keep your filters in a clean, dry spot for a decade, you’ll still be able to retrieve them in fine shape. Oil filters that are already installed in a vehicle should be replaced at least once a year. You don’t need special oil filters for high-mileage drivers; all you need to do is replace the filter on a regular basis. The expense of oil filters isn’t prohibitive.

How Long Do Oil Filters Last in Storage?