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Whether you live in Oklahoma or not, if you’re considering getting your windows tinted, we can help.

Want to learn more about Oklahoma’s rules and restrictions for tinting your car’s windows?

Have no fear. Everything you’ll need to know is right here in this article.

My goal is to provide you a broad overview of the legislation that we believe you should be familiar with. The amount and percentage of tint you’re allowed to use is something I’ll even tell you.

On top of all of this, I’ll go through how the restrictions differ by vehicle, and we’ll tell you if you can be exempted from them because of medical need.

Are You Allowed to Have Tinted Windshield and Windows In Oklahoma?

Oklahoma Window Tint Law-1

In Oklahoma, it is not a criminal to close the windows of your car. It’s important that you follow the laws and regulations that have been set up for your safety.

There are limits on the amount of window tint you can use. Per vehicle and per window position, these laws also differ.

For example, you are only allowed to tint your windshield up to the AS-1 line. No matter how dark your tint is, a certain amount of light must still enter your car.

How Dark Can Your Window Tint Be In OK?

Window tinting in Oklahoma requires that the darkest tint you employ take in at least twenty-five percent of the light, according to state rules.

Anything less than that is in violation of the law and, as a result, unlawful. Non-reflective tint is the only option for your windshield.

Is 20 Tint Illegal In OK?

Unless you know exactly what you’re talking about, it’s impossible to determine what percentage of tint is unlawful.

With an SUV or van, any level of darkness can be utilized to request the side and back windows as well as the rear glass.

Will You Be Stopped By The Police For Tinted Windows In Oklahoma?

You may be pulled over for having tinted windows if police officers feel that your tints are in violation of Oklahoma window tint standards, which are outlined in the state’s Vehicle Code.

In order to make sure you’re following the rules, the amount of visible light transmission will be measured.

The procedure of tinting your car in Oklahoma is governed by a number of additional rules, and breaking one of these laws could result in a ticket.

There are a number of things you need to keep in mind while tinting the back glass, for example. Disobeying this request may result in you being pulled over.

Here Is What A Tint Fine Will Cost You In OK

Despite the fact that tint tickets do not have a set price, there are repercussions for breaking the tinting restrictions.

Window Tint Darkness On Oklahoma

To prevent breaking window tint regulations, you must be aware of the laws governing the level of darkness that your darkened windows can attain..

For Passenger Vehicle

There are different levels of darkness required for different areas of your car and different automobiles according to Oklahoma legislation. As a passenger, you are required by law to maintain a certain amount of visibility in your vehicle.

Tinting the windshield is not permitted. It’s also a good idea to keep your tint at least five inches above the windshield.

You should be able to see out of the front and back windows with at least 25% of the windows tinted darkly. Even the rear window is subject to this requirement. Pay close attention to what is being said.

For MPV (Multipurpose Vehicles)

Your SUVs and vans are subject to different rules than your cars.

Tinting the windshield is not permitted. It’s also a good idea to keep your tint at least five inches above the windshield.

In the front side windows, at least 25% of the natural light should be allowed in through the dark tinted glass.

You are permitted to utilize tinted windows of any level of darkness on your back side.

The darkness of your back window is entirely up to you.

The Level Of Tint Reflectivity That Is Allowed In Oklahoma

In the same way that there are different tinting laws for different areas of your vehicle, there are also varied laws regarding the level of reflection that your windows can have in Oklahoma.

For Passenger Vehicle

A maximum of 25% reflection is acceptable for the windows on the front and back of your vehicle.

For MPV (Multipurpose Vehicles)

When it comes to driving an SUV or van, the laws are straightforward and the same for both.

Your car’s front-side windows should not reflect more than 25% of the surrounding environment.

When it comes to your side windows at the back of your vehicle, you shouldn’t have more than 25% reflection.

What If I Have Medical Reasons To Have Tinted Windows In Oklahoma?

Fortunately, it is possible to lawfully ignore the authority’s window tint regulations.

In order to be granted this permission, you must have a medical condition. The Commissioner of Public Safety will need to grant you this exemption. You can also have a different color tint with this permission.

If you’re eligible for an exception, you’ll need to provide a letter of evidence from your licensed physician.


In Oklahoma, having tinted or darkened windows is not a violation of the law. However, there are laws in place to ensure that this does not happen.

To prevent being pulled over by the police, it is vital to be informed of these various laws and regulations.