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A Toyota Prius is an excellent and dependable mode of transportation. It is, however, a machine comprised of numerous pieces that are all linked together. There are flaws in all machines.

The question is, why is your Prius refusing to shut off, and what can you do to resolve this issue? If you own a Prius, you may find yourself unable to switch it off. The power button can be held down for around three seconds as a workaround.

The safety override can be activated by pressing the button on this side. It’s not uncommon for equipment to malfunction, and there are occasions when they don’t work as expected. As a result, we’ve written this post to educate readers on how to turn their Prius off.

Complaints concerning how drivers turn off their Prius have been made by a large number of car owners. Despite the fact that many people own a Prius, most of them suffer from these problems. People have started posting their concerns and requests for solutions on the internet.
As a result, here is an article that aims to address this issue. This article explains why your Prius won’t turn off and what you can do to turn it off.. Let’s get started right now.

How To Turn Off A Prius?

Prius Won't Turn Off 2

If you own a Prius, you may find yourself unable to switch it off. The power button can be held down for around three seconds as a workaround.

The safety override can be activated by pressing the button on this side. Your Prius will go into accessory mode after you do this. Press the power button two times quickly while keeping your foot off the brake.

Why Your Prius Won’t Turn Off?

If your Prius won’t switch off, there’s always a reason. The following are the reasons why your Prius may not be able to turn itself off.

1. You Might Have A Dead High Voltage Battery

If your vehicle’s high-voltage battery is dead, the engine will not start. It is recommended that you have your car evaluated by a competent mechanic due to the possibility of electrocution if the battery produces more than 200 volts.

2. You Might Have A Dead 12v Battery

Your Prius’s 12v auxiliary battery isn’t the one that kicks in and gets the engine going. Even if you leave your car parked, it will continue to run all of the electrical systems. Your Toyota Prius battery voltage is precisely tested with a multimeter.

The voltage range of the car battery must be pre-set on the multimeter before you can conduct a test. Firstly, it must be connected to the positive and negative poles. Checking the voltage is the key to a successful battery test.

3. You Might Have A Weak Key Fob Battery

Weak critical fob battery could prevent your Prius from starting if your car has an on/off push button. Because the battery is just needed to send signals for unlocking and unlocking your vehicle, you can still switch on your vehicle. If the battery in your key fob has run out, you will be unable to lock or open the door.

4. You Might Have A Clogged Fuel Filter

A blocked or damaged gasoline filter in your Toyota Prius isn’t going to wear out. The permeability and pressure of the filter will both decrease.

5. You Might Have A Fuel Pump Failure

Your Toyota Prius engine won’t start if the fuel pump malfunctions. The pump is generally responsible for ensuring that the correct amount of gasoline is transferred from the tank into the system’s rejection.

Your gasoline pump will be noted before it fails. Your car may be difficult to start if the engine malfunctions.

What To Do When Your Prius Won’t Turn Off?

Here are some things you can do if your Toyota Prius won’t turn off.

1. Hold The Power Button

For a few seconds, press and hold the power button. This can be done to see whether your car won’t shut off. You may have to remove the 12v battery if it won’t shut off.
You can remove the negative battery cable from where it was attached to the vehicle’s chassis. Disconnecting the jump start terminal’s positive cable is also an option.

2. Replace Combination Meter

Your combination meter can also be repaired. You have the option of replacing it if it is beyond repair.

The odometer data is not a problem for the combo meter. In other words, the new unit will be preloaded with the current mileage.

Will Prius Turn Off Without A Key?

No, it won’t halt in the middle of a trip. To avoid running out of gas or causing your battery to die, make sure you switch the engine off before exiting the vehicle’s parking lot or driveway.

2010 Prius Won’t Turn Off: What To Do?

It’s possible that the 12-volt battery has been discharged. The battery in a brand-new car can never be worn out.

It’s possible that you forgot to turn off something and it stayed on all night. Recharging your battery may be an option for you. Replace it if you want to.

2007 Prius Won’t Turn Off: What To Do?

That could be for a variety of reasons. For some, it’s a problem with their vehicle’s battery or other parts. A mechanic’s opinion is required if you want to be certain.

An skilled technician will be able to tell you exactly what’s wrong and how to fix it. They have the necessary tools and equipment to diagnose your Toyota Prius’s problem.

2005 Prius Won’t Turn Off: What To Do?

Several factors can contribute to this, but the most typical is that your electrical system’s grounding is subpar. A variety of electrical issues might arise as a result of a faulty ground connection. If necessary, it will provide enough voltage to reach all of the necessary components.

Holding down the power button for up to 30 seconds can help you turn off your Prius. You must be certain that the ground connection is defective. It’s advisable to get your Toyota Prius diagnosed by a professional or a licensed mechanic.


Overall, the Toyota Prius is an excellent vehicle. For long-distance driving, Toyota’s Prius is a popular choice.

But some folks are wondering why they can’t switch off their Prius. Several factors can cause your Toyota Prius to shut off. To find a solution, you must first understand why the problem exists.