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Prius won’t turn off and you want to know how you can turn off a Prius when it won’t turn off. I’ll show you how.

The Toyota Prius is one of the best hybrid and electric cars out there. I think it’s very safe. It has a good interior with a lot of features, and it gets very good gas mileage.

If you want to buy a hybrid car, the Toyota Prius has always been a better choice than other hybrid cars, and it still is today. It has a hatchback that can fit people in both the front and back seats.

This unique brand of car is very easy to drive, and it has a hybrid system that gets you 54 mpg when you drive both in the city and on the highway. This also has an all-wheel drive.

Why Prius Won’t Turn Off In Some Instance

Most of the time, when your Prius won’t shut off in some way, the most common cause is a bad or faulty combination meter. This is the gauge with green LEDs on it that’s behind the steering wheel. When it’s broken, your Prius won’t be able to turn off.

The speedometer, shift selector, and fuel gauge are all on the same meter. It also has a few other things on it, too. When this part doesn’t work, you’ll see a few things, like:

Blanked out: The speedometer

The back door will not open.

The car won’t start.

You have a problem with your electricity when this happens. Keep in mind that a bad underground connection can cause a lot of problems with your electricity, so be careful. It can stop a better voltage from getting to the parts that need it the most.

What To Do If Prius Won’t Turn Off

There are many ways to fix your Prius, but one of them is to turn it off and hold down the power button for about 30 seconds. You can then let go of the power button after you hear the engine stop. Because your Prius isn’t working right, you need to make sure that there isn’t a problem with the ground.

This is one of the best things to do. You can either fix or replace the combination meter. This is where the odometer data is kept, and it makes sure that the new unit has the same mileage as the old one. When you want to figure out how much fuel you have, you need the inclination meter, which is inside the combination meter. Suppose your Prius won’t turn off. Then what do you do? If Prius won’t turn off, do this.

v Put a new combination meter

You need to put a new combination meter in place of the old one. If you live near a car parts store, you can order a new combination meter from them and pick it up. Keep in mind that you don’t want to buy a combination meter that says the wrong mileage. Talk to and set up an appointment with a mechanic who is qualified to work on your Prius. You can do it all in one day.

Your car’s dashboard will be taken apart so that the combination meter can be replaced. They sometimes break while they’re being used. To be successful, find a mechanic who is good at pulling and prying and who has the right amount of force to get things out of the way. However, even if you know what you’re doing, the vent could still break even if you do. Keep this in mind.

To make sure that the fuel gauge always reads the correct amount of gas, the mechanic should calibrate the inclination sensor after installing the new one.

v Repair the combination meter

In this case, if you don’t want to put in a new combination meter, you can decide to fix it. Note that it can be fixed in one day. To get the repair done, just call a mechanic who is qualified to do it for you.

Why Is The Prius Dashboard Completely Off And The Engine Does Not Shut Down?

This can happen when there are problems. You might have a problem with your charging system if your dashboard lights go out and the engine doesn’t shut off. There are a few things you can do if your car doesn’t have an alternator.

Start your car without stepping on the brake.

Next, press and hold the info button as you turn the headlights on and off three times, then let go of it.

To start the car when the diagnostic screen comes up, just press the start button without stepping on the brake.

Wait for the display to come on, once it’s on, you can now turn the car off. Then start it normally with a display.

Causes Of Prius Shut Off While Driving And Won’t Start Again

During a drive, some things can make the Prius shut off and not start again. These things are:

v A Clogged fuel filter

Unlike other parts of your car, the Prius fuel filter doesn’t wear out over time. It sometimes gets clogged by particles and dirt, and this can cause it to clog in the long run. This doesn’t matter to you, but if your fuel filter gets too dirty, your engine won’t work well again, and it might not even start at all. There is no way to clean it. You only need to change the filter, because you can’t.

v A Failed Fuel pump

It won’t start if your Prius’ fuel pump doesn’t work. Most of the time, this pump is used to make sure that enough fuel is sent from the tank to the engine injection system with enough pressure.

Before your fuel pump stopped working, you would have seen a few signs that it wasn’t working. These are some of the signs that your car’s engine isn’t working well: when it doesn’t start, jerks, or doesn’t work well. At that point you should check the pumps in the house, because they could be broken.

Pump contamination or wear can sometimes be the reason for this, but it can also happen. Once your pump leaks, the power contacts will be broken, or a line will be broken, then the fuel pump should start to fail before it does. This is how it works: Make sure you get the bad fuel pump fixed in your shop.

v A Blown fuse

Sometimes, a blown fuse can cause the Prius to break down. All the fuses in the fuse box that are important for starting the engine should be checked. However, you should be careful when you put your hand inside the fuse box. Fuse boxes are where the power comes from, so any repairs or tests must be done in a shop.

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v Bad spark plugs

It won’t start if your spark plugs don’t work. These spark plugs could have a flaw. It’s possible that the plug connections in your ignition system aren’t tight enough. If only one plug is missing, it won’t be hard to fix it yourself. To fix a broken spark plug, you need to take the car to the shop.

v Rodent damage

This is another reason why your Prius won’t start. It could be because rodents have messed it up. A lot of the time, rats can get under your car. They can then eat the wires and cables. The oil, fuel, and power supplies can all be affected by this.

You can see this rodent damage if you look inside your car. Damage caused by rodent bites can be fixed in the workshop. But, you should be prepared for a price that isn’t too low.

v Complete Engine failure

People sometimes have their Prius break down because of this. There is nothing left to do when the engine dies. When you drive at too high a speed, this can happen because of things like a broken timing chain, not enough oil, the engine overheating, hydrolock, or when you don’t have enough fuel.

What To Do When Prius Won’t Turn Off While Driving

The car should stop when you turn off your key. There are times when this doesn’t happen. So if the engine keeps running and the ignition and fuel system doesn’t shut off when you turn the car off, then there is a problem with the car. Do this:

The dashboard is where you can put your key in the key slot. This can be seen on the right of the steering wheel, next to the Power button, where it is.

Then, hold down the power button.

Remove the key from the slot now.

How To Turn Off A Prius Yourself If It Refuses To Go Off

Here’s how to turn off a Prius if it won’t turn off:

Stop your car in the space where it will be parked. Then, move the column lever to the Park setting.

It’s now time to open the trunk. Look for the fuel pump switch. This is under the carpeting. It’s time to switch it off so that the engine doesn’t get any more fuel.

Step 3: Wear eye protection. Keep in mind that running an engine can make more debris that is bad for your eyes.

Inside the cabin, or behind the grill, the hood latch should now be free. Then, open the hood.

Use an adjustable wrench to loosen the terminal bolt on its battery cable. Now, remove the cable terminal from the battery terminal post by pulling it away from the battery. Once some time has gone by, your car’s engine will shut off. Let go of the latches you’ll see on the sides of the seat. Then, pull the seat up so you can get to the battery.


A lot of things could make your Prius not start, and in some cases, the Prius won’t stop. When you want to figure out why your Prius won’t start, I recommend that you first check the battery. If the Prius won’t turn off, look at your car combination meter and then follow the steps I showed you above on how to turn off a Prius.

However, it’s best to get help from a breakdown service provider or a repair shop when this happens. This service provider can start a repair right away.