Updated at: 18-01-2022 - By: Lucas

Many people have been in a position like this at some point in their lives. Is this anything you’ve ever been in? What if you get up in the morning, go to your car, and it refuses to start?

This is particularly aggravating if you have to report to work or have an urgent place to be. You turn on the radio in your car, and it works! This is confusing.

You’ve been wondering what the issue is that permits you to listen to the radio but not start your automobile. This article will help you understand why your car won’t start yet your car radio still works. Please allow me to begin now without further ado.

Why Does My Radio Turn On But My Car Won’t Start?

When you can’t get your automobile to start, it can be a real pain. It’s possible the automobile battery is the first thing you’ll look at. You could have a dead battery or need a jump start, depending on the state of your vehicle.
The radio in your car is working, after all! How can you tell whether your automobile would not start because of something you’ve done? The battery is the first item to blame.

But how can the car battery be at problem while the radio works fine? All drivers will find this difficult to understand. The following is a comprehensive list of possible causes of a working radio in a vehicle that would not start.

Radio Works But Car Won't Start

You Might Have A Bad Starter

The most obvious culprit is a faulty ignition switch. A starter motor is required to get your car running. You can start your car using this starter motor.

A solenoid is another name for this device. The battery in the car is required to power the starter. As a result, you must make sure that your automobile battery isn’t dead and is fully charged.

Your car battery may already be good if your radio works in the vehicle. It’s possible that if your car’s radio is working OK, the starter is to blame.

You Might Have A Dying Battery

This is a direct rebuke to what the vast majority of motorists believe. If the radio in the car works, then the battery in the car may be fine. While this isn’t always the case, there are specific instances in which your battery will die.

Having a working car radio does not guarantee that your car battery is in good condition, according to experts. The fact that a car radio uses so little power from the vehicle’s battery sparked this idea.

Car radios typically only draw a minimal amount of electricity from a car’s battery if they’re functioning properly. As a result, you should not take this as proof that your vehicle’s battery is in good shape; it could be dying.

You Might Have An Empty Gas Tank

There is always a chance that the petrol tank will run out. It’s funny how easily the obvious slips people’s minds. If your car won’t start, it could be because you’ve run out of gas.

Your automobile won’t start if your petrol tank is empty. As far as I’m concerned, this is fantastic news. The problem can easily remedied by simply refueling your vehicle.

You Might Have A Faulty Spark Plugs

Starting a car relies heavily on the spark plug. Your car’s spark plugs are responsible for igniting the fuel. Spark plugs, too, have a short lifespan.

When it comes to routine maintenance, this is something you should keep an eye on and replace as necessary. Corrosion or rust might also occur in your spark plugs.

Your car’s ability to start will be hampered if your spark plugs are damaged. If this is the case, you’ll either need to replace the spark plugs or clean them.

You Might Have A Blown Fuse

If your automobile won’t start, you may have a blown fuse. The electrical fuses in your car are specific to it.

Your automobile may not start if one of these fuses has blown or has been damaged. A blown fuse must be replaced with a new one, so remove the old one.

You Might Have A Bad Ignition Switch

Relays power your vehicle. You can’t get your car to start until you’ve successfully completed these relays. If one of these relays fails, your vehicle will not start at all.

In order for your car to start, you must have an ignition switch. You won’t be able to start your car if this component is damaged or malfunctions.

Can a Car Battery Be Dead if the Radio Still Works?

No, not entirely. The car battery is required to run your car radio. If your car radio still plays music, it’s possible that your battery is still alive.

A dead battery means you can’t listen to your favorite music on your car radio. To say that your vehicle’s battery is trouble-free, though, would be an overstatement.
Only that your car battery is not dead does not mean that your battery has been damaged or faulty.

Is It Possible That Radio Is Causing A Car To Not Start?

Yes. Car radio repairs can cause your vehicle to not start in some situations. In order to fix or install a car radio, there are a few steps you must take.
Perhaps some wires were jiggled. It’s possible that you’ve moved anything and now the car won’t start.


Therefore, you can turn on the radio but not the ignition of your vehicle. A common occurrence is the situation where drivers are unable to start their vehicles but can, nevertheless, turn on their radios.
This is a baffling and frustrating predicament to find yourself in. There are, however, a number of alternative explanations.