The well-received roadway improvements, which consisted of the realignment and reconstruction of Le Jeune Road, reconstruction and new construction of MIC Terminal Access Roadways (MTAR), reconstruction of the MIC-MIA Interchange, reconstruction of internal roadways and construction of transit access roads, have all been completed and provide the following benefits:

  • Direct connections into the Miami Intermodal Center (MIC) and Miami International Airport (MIA)
  • Le Jeune Road is now liberated from MIA traffic and left for north-south travel
  • Connects many South Florida public transit systems and other modes of transportation

roadway_improvements (1)

The Roadway Program of the MIC Program was developed to provide direct, enhanced connections to and from nearby expressways, State Road 836 and State Road 112, and the local roads serving the Rental Car Center (RCC), the Miami Central Station (MCS) and Miami International Airport (MIA).

All major roadway improvements have already been completed in order to assure safe and efficient access for area businesses and the traveling public while the remaining components of the MIC Program are under construction. These Roadway Projects provide long-term improvements for the entire region. Shown below are the various projects which comprise the MIC Roadways Program:

  • Le Jeune Road Corridor Reconstruction Projects
  • MIC Terminal Access Roadways (MTAR)
  • MIC-MIA Interchange
  • Other Roadways Projects

The final stage of the roadway program includes the Miami Intermodal Center (MIC) NW 28 Street Connection to NW 37 Ave. The project includes the extension of NW 28 Street between NW 39 Avenue and NW 37 Avenue, providing motorist with an alternate route during occasional blockage of NW 25 Street while trains are in the station. Additional information on this project can be found at MIC NW 28 Street Connection to NW 37 Ave.