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It can be hard to find the old Route 66 because it is now buried under new roads.

Only two of the eight states that Route 66 once went through (and still does, but in a different way) have detailed maps of the route.

In other states, Route 66 is almost gone because it has been written out or left to fall apart to make way for progress.

But just because finding Route 66 can feel like a treasure hunt doesn’t mean the old road isn’t still out there, hidden in today’s interstates and frontage roads, renamed U.S. Highways and state routes.

If you want to drive (roughly) all of Route 66 but haven’t found the right treasure map, these state-by-state Route 66 maps show what we think is the best route along the old Mother Road.

You won’t be driving the old Route 66 exactly when you’re on these roads, because many parts have been torn up, closed, or abandoned. But you’ll get very, very close and won’t miss anything important.

Now, let’s take a modern trip from East to West on Historic Route 66.

Route 66 Maps of Illinois

route 66 maps-2

These maps of Route 66 will take you across the state of Illinois, from the route’s historic start in downtown Chicago to the Mississippi River east of St. Louis.

Route 66 Map – Chicago to Wilmington Township

Alternate Route Through Joliet

Route 66 Map – Wilmington Township to Northeast Bloomington/Normal

Route 66 Map – Northeast Bloomington/Normal to Lincoln

Route 66 Map – Lincoln to Chatham

Route 66 Map – Chatham to St. Louis

Route 66 Maps of Missouri

These Route 66 maps will take you across the state of Missouri, from the Mississippi River east of St. Louis to the Kansas border at Joplin.

Route 66 Map – Gray Summit to Bourbon

Route 66 Map – Bourbon to Uranus Towne Center (Saint Robert)

Route 66 Map – Uranus Towne Center (Saint Robert) to Northeast of Springfield

Route 66 Map – Northeast of Springfield to Kansas Border

Route 66 Maps of Kansas

route 66 maps-2

This map of Route 66 will show you how the tiny bit of the historic route that goes through the southeast corner of Kansas fits into the whole.

Route 66 Map – Missouri State Line at Galena to Oklahoma State Line at Baxter Springs

Route 66 Oklahoma Maps

These Route 66 maps will take you all the way across Oklahoma, from the border with Kansas in the northeast to the border with Texas in the west.

Route 66 Map – Baxter Springs, KS to East Tulsa

Route 66 Map – Route 66 Through Tulsa (Ending at Route 66 Historical Village)

Route 66 Map – West Tulsa (Route 66 Historical Village) to Northeast Oklahoma City

Route 66 Map – Northeast OKC to East Weatherford

Route 66 Map – East Weatherford to Foss

Route 66 Map – Foss to Sayre

Route 66 Map – Sayre to Texola

Route 66 Texas Maps

These Route 66 maps will take you from the border with Oklahoma in the east to the border with New Mexico in the west.

Route 66 Map – Oklahoma State Line to East Amarillo

Route 66 Map – Route 66 Through Amarillo

Route 66 Map – West Amarillo to New Mexico State Line

Route 66 New Mexico Maps

These Route 66 maps will take you all the way across New Mexico, from the border with Texas to the border with Arizona.

In most states, you don’t have to go back a lot to get a pretty full picture of Route 66. New Mexico stands out as an exception.

In Central New Mexico, it’s worth going a little out of your way to see more than one way the old road went.

Because of this, these maps have small loops along I-40 and through Albuquerque.

Route 66 Map – Moriarty Through Albuquerque

Route 66 Map – Moriarty Through Albuquerque

Route 66 Map – West Albuquerque to McCartys

Route 66 Map – McCartys to Arizona State Line

Route 66 Arizona Maps

These maps of Route 66 will take you all the way across Arizona, from the border with New Mexico in the east to the Colorado River at the state line with California.

Route 66 Map – New Mexico State Line to Flagstaff

Route 66 Map – Flagstaff to California State Line

NOTE: The Oatman Highway section of the old Route 66 is a winding, high-elevation road that is thought to be one of the most dangerous roads in the country. Be careful on the road.

Route 66 California Maps

These maps of Route 66 will get you the rest of the way across Southern California, from the border with Arizona to Santa Monica, where the road ends at the Pacific Ocean.

Route 66 Map – Arizona State Line to Newberry Springs

Route 66 Map – Newberry Springs to San Bernardino

Route 66 Map – San Bernardino to Arcadia

Route 66 Map – Arcadia to Santa Monica Pier/Western Terminus

Driving Route 66

When you’re ready for your big road trip along Route 66, you can go in a few different directions.

During its time as the Main Street of America, Route 66 changed its path more than once.

We think that these maps show the best route with the least amount of turning around.

When you start your drive, be ready for a mix of old and new things.

Some of the towns on the historic route look like they are right out of the past, while others look like they have never been there before.

But every part of the old road has something unique to offer, even those that have been taken over by Southern California’s huge urban ecosystem or Chicago’s busy, modern vibe.

We think that to get the most out of Route 66, you should drive all of it, from the cities to the dusty desert ghost towns.

Do you want to know more about the must-drive parts of Route 66, including the parts of the old road that are on the National Register of Historic Places?