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When deciding on which fuel to use, most drivers take into account three factors. the location of the gas station, the price of the gas, and the quality of the gas.

As gas prices rise, many motorists will choose the cheapest fuel available, but this may not always be the greatest option for their vehicle’s performance and efficiency. You might be wondering if Shell or Chevron will have the superior gas in 2022.

Top Tier fuels, such as Chevron and Shell, fulfill the strict requirements for cleanliness and performance imposed by Top Tier. In terms of gas quality, the two firms are nearly comparable, but we opted for Shell because of its somewhat better customer service and benefits.

In this post, we’ll compare and contrast the two fuel brands, as well as explore the many advantages of Top Tier Gasoline.

What Does Top Tier Mean in Gasoline?

Shell vs Chevron

In order to be sold to merchants and consumers, all gasoline must meet specific requirements. However, some businesses produce cleaner gas than others. There are a number of different companies that buy gas from oil refineries, but not all of the gasoline drivers put in their vehicles is the same.

A refinery can produce the same amount of fuel but different brands will use different additives, resulting in variable prices for consumers. Fuel additives are necessary to avoid carbon buildup in the intake valves and fuel injectors of today’s vehicles.

The fuel additives used by each gasoline company are distinct. In an effort to keep carbon deposits from building up in the engine, detergents and fuel stabilizers are two common additives that can be employed.

As a result of poor-quality gasoline, the car will have poor fuel economy, reduced power, and erratic fuel injection into the cylinders.

Gasoline without a lot of additives was no longer up to the task since fuel injection technology has evolved and altered over time. Insufficiently additive gas may be able to power a vehicle, but it was discovered to cause carbon buildup and engine clogging.

It was formed in 2004 and is endorsed by some of the most well-known names in automobiles, including Ford; Honda; Fiat; Chrysler; BMW; General Motors; and many others.

Ten automotive companies have come together to support the criteria set by Top Tier Gasoline in order to protect the health of vehicle engines.

You should be aware that Top Tier fuel and Premium gasoline are not the same. For example, whereas Premium gas is a high octane fuel that doesn’t compromise engine cleaning, Top Tier gas does.

The detergent additives in Top Tier Gasoline are higher than those in ordinary gasoline. Carbon buildup in the engine can be reduced by using these additional additives, which can also increase your car’s performance.

Using Top Tier gas has the following advantages.

  • Keeps valves clear of intake deposits. 
  • Better at cleaning the engine than standard gasoline. 
  • Improves fuel economy. 
  • Supports better engine performance over time. 
  • Prevents the negative effects of carbon buildup inside the engine.

What Are the Top Tier Brands of Gasoline

Shell vs Chevron-2

Cleanliness standards are met by a total of more than 50 gasoline brands in the United States. Among the many Top Tier fuel brands, Shell and Chevron are only two examples.

The Top Tier website has a complete list of companies that reach this high quality for fuel, but here are a few in 2022 that are meeting the Top Tier criteria for fuel:

  • Arco 
  • Beacon 
  • Chevron 
  • Costco Wholesale 
  • Exxon 
  • Mobil
  • Shell 
  • Texaco 
  • Value America 

You may be wondering which of the several Top Tier gasoline providers is selling the lower quality fuel.

Because of the high cost of production and purchase, off-brand gas stations may not carry Top Tier gasoline. Customers around the country are getting better quality fuel from the big name brands because they can afford the extra cost.

To achieve the status of Top Tier brand, gasoline producers cannot simply employ any combination of fuel additives. Fuel and gas stations must meet the following criteria to be considered a Top Tier gasoline brand.

  • All of the gasoline grades must be treated with a Top Tier approved detergent fuel additive. 
  • The Top Tier detergent gasoline additive must be added at the correct concentration. 
  • Retailers must agree to not use organometallic additives, including MMT and Ferrocene. 
  • Every retailer location must meet the Top Tier program’s high standards. 
  • There must be a Top Tier logo clearly displayed.

Shell vs Chevron – Who Has The Better Gas In 2022?

In light of our examination of the higher-quality fuel known as Top Tier, we can now focus our attention on Chevron and Shell to see which brand offers the best gas.

  • Chevron Regular – 87 
  • Chevron Plus – 89
  • Chevron Supreme – 91 

The type of vehicle you drive and the engine it has a lot to do with which gas is ideal for your automobile. Different engines require different octane levels of gasoline.

The engine’s performance can be gauged by looking at the fuel octane rating, which shows how much pressure the gas can withstand before igniting. Drivers should expect more power and better mileage from fuel with a higher Octane rating.

Shell And Chevron Octane Ratings

The following is a list of Chevron’s many fuel grades. For your convenience, we’ve also listed each grade’s Octane rating here.

Techron is an additive found in all Chevron gasoline that increases acceleration, increases mileage, reduces pollutants, and prevents carbon buildup in engine components.

Here are the Octane ratings and Shell fuel grades for your convenience.

Refer to your owner’s manual if you’re unsure what octane fuel to use. Use of an octane rating that is either too high or too low might have an adverse effect on your vehicle’s performance.

Higher compression ratios, turbocharging, or supercharging, all of which increase the amount of air injected into the engine, necessitate the use of higher octane fuel. Shell V Power Nitro+ Premium is the best option for these cars.

Shell And Chevron Price

There is a steady fluctuation in the price of gasoline. Depending on the price of crude oil, the price of gas at the pump can change. Shell and Chevron have similar prices, and the cleaning additives they employ to safeguard your car’s engine make them excellent buys.

As a member of the Techron Advantage credit card, consumers of Chevron can save up to 7 cents a gallon. If you have a Visa Techron Advantage credit card, you can save even more money when you fill up at Chevron.

With the rewards program, Shell credit cardholders can save 5 to 10 cents per gallon on their fuel purchases.


Is Shell gas better?

Shell gas employs additives to keep the engine cleaner than off-brand gasoline, making it a better choice than the latter.

A high octane fuel like Shell V Power is ideal for turbo and supercharging-injector-equipped automobiles. Using Top Tier Gasoline’s high standards as a guideline, Shell offers normal, mid-range, and premium fuels to meet the needs of all customers.

What oil is better Shell or Chevron?

Shell and Chevron petrol are nearly indistinguishable from each other. Your car’s octane rating will determine which option is best for you. Choosing between Shell and Chevron can frequently come down to which gas station is nearby or has the best pricing on the day you’re shopping.

Using Techron, Chevron claims to improve engine efficiency while also reducing pollutants; Shell claims to be the best fuel for preventing muck buildup in engines on the market.

Is Chevron the same as Shell?

In the world of petroleum, Chevron and Shell are two distinct players. Cleanliness standards are the same for both of these major brands, despite the fact that they compete in the fuel sector. Top Tier gasoline fuels like Chevron and Shell employ detergent additives to keep their fuel as clean as possible.

Which gas lasts the longest?

The greatest approach to extend the life of your gas is to use the right gas for your vehicle and to drive more efficiently. For high-performance engines, it is said that higher octane and premium fuel will last longer, but this is only true if your car requires this fuel for its operation.

Your fuel will last longer if you use the correct octane gas and drive carefully, rather than slamming on the gas pedal.

Is Costco better than Chevron?

Fuel sold at Costco has been rigorously tested to satisfy the standards of Top Tier gasoline. As a result, the fuel isn’t much different from Chevron’s, and both must meet the same high detergent levels and criteria in order to be designated Top Tier.

According to customer feedback posted online, Costco and Chevron are virtually identical in terms of customer happiness and performance. By filling up at Costco instead of Chevron, you’ll save a few pennies, but you’ll get the same quality of fuel you’d get elsewhere.


While there is no clear winner in the dispute over which fuel brand is better—Chevron or Shell—Sealed the deal somewhat with improved customer service and cost-cutting initiatives.

Shell and Chevron are nearly indistinguishable when it comes to gas quality. It is possible that the octane level of their premium high octane gasoline varies, and this could have an impact on drivers of high performance cars.

For clients of both Chevron and Shell, there are reward programs in place. Using the Techron credit card, Chevron users can save up to 7 cents per gallon; similarly, Shell cardholders can save between 5 and 10 cents per gallon.