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This article contains affiliate links. Using any of the links on this page will allow me to earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. It’s not uncommon for drivers to prefer using Simple Green formulations over other car wash soaps. Can basic green, on the other hand, be used on a car’s exterior? With the simple green formula, you may safely wash your car’s exterior. To be clear, you can wash your car’s exterior with any non-abrasive formula or detergent. However, choosing the best car wash solution is a priority for a conscientious driver or car owner who cares so much about the paint on his car.

As an all-purpose cleaner, Simple Green implies that it may be used to wash and clean any surface, even your car. As a result, customer evaluations are quite crucial if you are looking for the best car wash for your vehicle’s exterior to utilize.

Can You Use Simple Green on Car Exterior?

In general, yes, you can wash your car’s exterior with Simple Green without worrying about damaging the paint. Simple Green all-purpose cleanser is safe and non-corrosive because of the substances used. Before utilizing the car wash to clean your vehicle, you must first dissolve it. Yes, a lot of car wash soaps need to be dissolved in water before being applied to the paint of your vehicle. If you pour the formula directly onto your automobile without dissolving it first, you could end up damaging the paint. Car washes are one of the most common sources of paint damage in vehicles. If you wash your car regularly and use the improper car wash, it won’t be long until you have to repaint it because of all the stains and damages. How to use Simple Green for washing automobiles is explained in the following step-by-step instructions.

Does Simple Green Damage Car Paint?

A stain is apparently left by any vehicle wash that is allowed to dry on a car’s paint, and some of these stains are difficult to remove, necessitating scrapping the area and repainting it. Simple Green can damage your car’s paint if you allow it to dry into it when washing, especially if you do it repeatedly. Let the foamy, nasty residue of simple green dry on your automobile before using it on your vehicle, and you’ll be OK. In order to prevent the dirty water from drying out too soon, it is a good idea to wash your automobile in the shade. Since the paint has to be let to dry for a long period of time, simple green will not harm the paint of your car.

How To Wash A Car Exterior With Simple Green

The “All-Purpose Cleaner” from Simple Green is one of numerous vehicle wash soaps and solutions that the company produces. Wet down the vehicle (rinse the entire body). Make a foaming solution out of your Simple Green cleaner by adding it to a bucket of warm, clean water. Start washing by dipping your soap or towel into the bucket. Focus on one area at a time and rinse off promptly after finishing a section of the car before moving to the next. Avoid letting the unclean frothy water linger on the paint for too long. Microfiber towels can be used as drying aids. This is also true when washing by hand. Simply Green can be added to the foam cannon of a pressure washer if it is your preferred method of cleaning your vehicle. To avoid damaging parts that shouldn’t be exposed to water, use caution when using a pressure washer on your engine (if you intend to wash the engine as well).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Simple Green safe for car wash?

For car washing, yes, you can use plain green. Cleanse, polishes, and protects the paint without scratching it, even on the most delicate of automobile surfaces. Formulated specifically for use on cars with fragile surfaces.

Can I use regular Simple Green in pressure washer?

Absolutely! All washable surfaces can be cleaned with the Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner. Without the use of harsh chemicals, this solution is capable of removing stubborn filth and grime.

Can you use Simple Green on rims?

On wheels, yes, you can use plain green


So, can Simple Green be used on the exterior of a vehicle? You can use Simple Green in the same way as you would any other car wash detergent. Unless you utilize the greatest car wash procedures, it will not harm your vehicle. It is perfectly safe to put on your automobile, regardless of the color of the paint, as long as you rinse it off quickly.