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As one of the most enjoyable and popular winter activities, skiing is a great way to spend your time off.

You only need to learn a few things to get started.

A roof box constructed exclusively for your skis can alleviate this problem for most families and people who are unable to carry their skis to their destination.

Because of its roomy shape, the best roof boxes for skis may hold more than one ski.

In order to protect the skis and the passengers, it is not recommended that they be stored in other parts of the vehicle.

As a result, roof boxes are commonly employed to generate additional space for transporting skis.

This article contains seven product reviews that I produced after doing extensive research on the internet. Get one that’s worth the money you’re going to shell out for it.

All of the products on this list are known for their high quality and dependability due to the thoughtful consideration that has gone into their development.

They are, without a doubt, among the best ski roof cargo boxes on the market right now!

Top 7 Best Roof Boxes For Skis Reviews

1. INNO Shadow Low Profile Rooftop Cargo Box

INNO Shadow Low Profile Rooftop Cargo Box-1

It’s a standout among the other rooftop cargo boxes on this list, thanks to its low-profile design.

As a lightweight roof box, you won’t even notice it’s there on top of your automobile. As a result, the vehicle moves along at a faster pace.

This roof box is a long-term investment that you can put to good use right away.

This is due to the ruggedness with which it is constructed and developed, which allows it to withstand even the harshest of outside elements.

The roof box’s functions have been designed to be simple to operate.

You don’t have to employ complicated tools when handling this alternative, thus this is a consideration.

Installing it on the roof of your car is a cinch, and it’ll stay in place while you’re driving.

It has a revolutionary mounting system that is both simple and convenient to use.

Roof box may be opened from the driver’s or passenger side, depending on your preference. This is a convenient feature.

This should be helpful when putting things in the roof box.. additionally.. Its ingenious construction allows it to safely store up to eight pairs of skis without causing any damage to them.

Because of its minimal weight and lack of interference with vehicle handling, this roof box stands out from the crowd. Unlike other vehicles, this one tries to deliver a low-profile driving experience and to save fuel.

This makes it an excellent choice for use on tiny vehicles, such as a wagon or a motorcycle.



A boost to gas mileage

It’s simple to use.

Fits up to eight skis.

Openings on both sides


There is not a lot of room in here.

2. SportRack SR7016 Horizon Cargo Box

For transporting your skis, the SportRack SR7016 Horizon Cargo box is one of the best roof boxes.

It does a good job of giving you with a performance you can rely on throughout, like other SportRack products.

For the whole family, you can fit six pairs of skis in your vehicle. Snacks and other items that would not fit in the vehicle’s trunk can be stored in the additional area.

All of this is accomplished with no danger to either party because everything is securely in place.

Handling this roof box is a pleasure because to its thoughtful design.

To put it another way, it doesn’t require any equipment for installation or removal.

Installing quickly and efficiently is the key to getting the job done without breaking a sweat.

It is built with a sturdy design and incorporates an ABS material that is resistant to impact for long-term use. As a result, the contents are safe.


The best design

It’s simple to use.

Improved safety and security


It’s possible that this won’t fit all automobiles exactly.

It’s a lot of weight.

3. YAKIMA, SkyBox Aerodynamic Rooftop Cargo Box For Cars, Wagons, And SUVs

YAKIMA, SkyBox Aerodynamic Rooftop Cargo Box For Cars, Wagons, And SUVs

When it comes to hauling skis, the YAKIMA skybox is unrivaled in its class.

Due to the seamless elements contained in its design, this alternative provides excellent performance.

You’ll be able to travel your skis and snowboards in comfort with this product.

They’ve also kept firm thanks to a super latch, which keeps them in place no matter what the environment is like.

This roof box provides a great experience because it is easy to set up and requires no installation labor.

Just a few simple actions and you’ll be able to use it without any issues.


The contents are protected with a super latch lock.

It’s simple to use.

a structure with a high lift coefficient

Fits the majority of automobiles and trucks.


Not cheap at all

4. YAKIMA – RocketBox Pro, Multi-Sport Rooftop Cargo Box For Smaller Cars, Hatchbacks, And SUVs 12 (Adds 12 Cubic Ft. Of Storage)

With the RocketBox Pro from YAKIMA, you can transport your skis in the most efficient manner possible.

As a result, its aerodynamic design ensures that the vehicle’s performance is not compromised.

If you have a small car but yet need to carry a lot of supplies, this is a good option.

Despite its modest size, it has enough room to carry all of the skis you might need.

You won’t need any tools to attach this roof box to your vehicle, making installation a breeze. Mounting and removing it from the box’s ceiling are made easier because of this.

You can rely on this roof box because it was built with a level of robustness that also ensures its long-term performance.

There will be no more shopping trips for one in the near future.


Aerial design is aerodynamic.

Fits automobiles with a lesser engine capacity.

Mounting should be as simple as possible.


There is not a lot of room in here.

5. Thule Atlantis Rooftop Cargo Box (Black, 16 Cubic Feet)

You’ll fall in love with the Thule Atlantis Rooftop Cargo Box the first time you see it. Black pebble finish can be just the right match for your vehicle’s beautiful appearance.

Dual side openings allow easy access to the contents of this roof box from both the driver’s and passenger’s sides of the vehicle.

This will come in handy if you’re doing any sort of loading or unloading.

8 skis may be stored in a space of approximately 16 cubic feet in this bag.

For the journey, you’ll also benefit from increased storage space, which you can use to store additional gear and supplies. It is also compatible with Thule rack systems, round bars, and other similar items.

The quick-grip mounting method on this roof box is dependable and makes installation a breeze. Even without a tool, you may be able to complete this task effectively.


Needs to be simple to install

Openings on both sides

As many as eight skis can be stored here.

The black pebble finish is excellent.



6. SportRack Horizon Alpine Cargo Box

SportRack Horizon Alpine Cargo Box

When you consider the name of the company that makes it, the SportRack Horizon Alpine cargo box is a reliable substitute.

It is a well-known brand that is known for producing high-quality gear.

You may travel your skis indefinitely while also insuring their safety with this choice.

For starters, there is a lock system that you can rely on to keep your belongings safe while you’re on the go.

With this roof box option, you can rest easy knowing that your ski gear will arrive safely.

It’s built to last because to its sturdy structure and ABS material, which is also impact resistant.

As a result, everything in this roof box is safe. The installation process is also designed to be less time-consuming and labor-intensive than other solutions.

Depending on how many skis you and your pack need to carry, this roof box can hold up to five of them.

You may also be able to fit in additional gear that you’ll need for your skiing vacation.


The perfect fit

Included were safety measures.

Intuitive to install

Five skis can be stored here.

Ensures the safety of its contents


One-way access to the car only

7. SportRack SR7017 Horizon Alpine Cargo Box

The SportRack SR7017 Horizon Alpine Cargo Box is an excellent choice if you need a roof box that can accommodate a large number of skis, perhaps for the entire group or family.

It has a maximum capacity of 17 cubic feet, which may be enough enough for a pair of skis.

You can also fit additional equipment for your ski trip because of the bag’s versatility to hold a variety of goods.

To begin, the ABS material used in the building of this roof box ensures its long-term durability. When it is hit by a hard item, it will not be damaged.

When you’re parked right next to the road, it’s convenient to be able to open it from the passenger side as well.

SportRack Roof Rack systems of either square or round can be used on the inside.

There are no more headaches caused by dealing with substandard options when you use this roof box.

The fact that it can be safely attached to the vehicle’s roof and that its lock mechanism can be trusted helps you to see this clearly.

As a result, no matter how rough the roads get, nothing will fall out of the roof box.

This particular roof box’s construction material ensures that it will last for many years to come.

It’s clear that the high-quality design contributes to the roof box’s long-term durability and value for money.

You may rest confident that your valuables will be safe in it, even if it is subjected to harsh weather conditions such as rain.


Increased security

Sturdy construction

Intuitive to install

a safe and secure locking mechanism

In a variety of sizes


Has a single-sided opening.


Roof boxes, as shown above, are a classic method of carrying your skis to the location where you intend to use them.

The greatest roof boxes on the market allow you to transport your skis with ease and offer unparalleled capacity. Some of them are so large that they may easily accommodate more than one pair of skis.