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With cruise control, you may let off of the gas pedal and let the automobile do the work of moving forward. It’s easier for long-distance drivers to sit back and relax when they’re only responsible for the wheel and the audio system.

To maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front, adaptive cruise control uses the car’s acceleration to maintain a set pace. When the automobile ahead of you slows down, conventional cruise control systems force you to deal with the situation alone. The adaptive cruise control can be disabled by pressing the gas pedal all the way down.

So, What Can Cause Problems With Cruise Control And Speedtronic?

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This issue primarily affects Mercedes Benz C300 W204, however other car types and brands can be affected if the system is used. This is where we may place the blame for any problems with the cruise control or speedtronic.

  • The brake switches could be defective
  • The battery might be dead or low
  • The ABS wheel speed sensor might be damaged
  • A blown fus

Reasons The Cruise Control And Speedtronic Are Inoperative

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ABS Sensor Malfunction

The cruise control will stop working if any of the ABS sensors, which are placed in each wheel, are broken. The electronic stability program (ESP) and the vehicle’s stability control system (VSC) may also be affected. To go back on the road, the ABS sensor may need to be replaced.

The Battery Is Dead Or Low

The cruise control inoperative notification is triggered by a low power supply. The cruise control will not function if the battery is too old or malfunctioning. The battery must be replaced in order to resolve the issue.

The Steering Angle Sensor Might Have Issues

The ABS light can be triggered by this little gadget located on the steering wheel. A issue with the cruise control is a fault with the ABS, as described above. It is possible to replace the sensors, however there is a simple solution to examine first.

Turn the steering wheel to the left and right while the engine is running. To fix the cruise control issue, you should calibrate the steering sensors.

The Brake Lights Switch Could Be Malfunctioning

The brake lights can cause the cruise control to fail, which may seem weird. Using the brakes causes the cruise control to go out of sync. It’s possible that the cruise control will think the brakes have been applied on their own if the brake lights are broken and disengage.

To find the problem, you’ll have to do a check on the vehicle because just looking at the lights won’t reveal much.

The Engine Could Have A Misfire

The check engine light will illuminate if there is a problem with the engine. To put the vehicle in “limp mode,” the light must be turned on. Something as simple as a cylinder misfire can trigger it. To prevent further engine damage, the ECU will prevent the driver from using cruise control.

Because of the subjective nature of engine problems, a definitive solution is impossible to provide. After the engine fault is discovered and fixed, the cruise control will return to normal.

Issues With The Ground Connection

Cars that have driven through floods or swamps may have connections that have been damaged by the water or mud. Some of these connections have an impact on the cruise control system in some form or another.

In order to identify the affected areas, a mechanic will do some tests.

The MAF Sensor Could Be Damaged

The check engine and inoperable cruise control lights may come on if the Mass airflow sensor is defective. Test for improvement after repairing the MAF sensors.

A Bad Fuse

Every electronic control system has a built-in fuse to prevent short circuits from occurring. If the one in the cruise control malfunctions, the system will shut off.

It’s possible that a new fuse will be required to resolve this problem.

The Actuator Might Be Damaged

Vacuum actuators are used to maintain cruise control in older vehicles. The actuator has a few hoses and cables surrounding it. The cruise control will stop operating if any of these components fail.

You may either buy a new actuator or replace the fuses that are blown to fix it.

Can I Drive With A Bad Cruise Control And Speedtronic?

With cruise control and speedtronic active, even the tiniest malfunction can be frustrating. Yes, if the reason of the cruise control warning cannot be stopped, the car will move.

For cruise control to fail, there are various reasons, some significant and others minor. It’s possible to drive the car if the issue isn’t significant enough to render the engine inoperable.

However, if the cruise control is malfunctioning, it is not recommended that you use it. The consequences for the driver and other road users might be dire if the cruise control fails in the fast lane.

Can Cruise Control And Speedtronic Be Fixed?

Yes, there is a quick remedy you can do before taking your car to the mechanic.

  • Stop and park in a safe area
  • Shut the engine off
  • Let it rest for 5-10 minutes
  • Restart and check to see if the cruise control is back on track
  • Check to see if you have a blown fuse, you can just replace it.
  • If the problem persists then further troubleshooting and scanning is required. Call your mechanic or drive to your repair shop.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix?

A perfect solution to this problem is not possible because there are numerous causes of cruise control failure, and the repair prices for each of these are different. In the range of $130 to $400, a cruise control or brake switch replacement is a reasonable investment. You could spend up to $750 if the issue is with the actuator.

Final Thoughts

When traveling long distances, cruise control and speedtronic are two of the most popular conveniences for drivers. They allow them to take a break from driving for long periods of time. Get to an authorized repair shop as soon as possible for further evaluation and possible fixes to the system’s problems.