Updated at: 24-07-2022 - By: Lucas

There are plenty of current hatchbacks and lightweight tracks to choose from when searching for the perfect sports car. However, this may not be the case because sports cars come in a variety of sizes, horsepower, and price ranges.

Here, though, we’ll go over the various S-badged sports vehicles, including their engine size, year of manufacture, and more. If you’re looking for a sports car with a name that begins with S, check out the following brands.

1. Suzuki S cross

Suzuki S cross

Due to the epidemic, this sports automobile was only revealed at the end of 2020. Because this vehicle was built on the same base as the previous model, it was not a completely new vehicle. In addition to the outward enhancements and onboard technology design, this model incorporates a number of critical advancements.

A sporty body package is included with the Suzuki S cross. To put it another way, the fog light molding bumpers, grille finishes, huge alloy wheels, and the overall body design are all unique.

Boosterjet’s 1. 4-liter four-cylinder petrol engine with a 48V mild hybrid system is capable of delivering 129 HP and 215 Nm of maximum torque to the model in question.

There are two transmission options for the S cross’s petrol engine: automatic and manual. According to the trim level, this vehicle might cost between $31000 and $33000.

2. Subaru BRZ


There are few cars that can compete with Subaru BRZ’s light agility and affordability. Rear-wheel-drive is now the only option for this vehicle. This BRZ, due in 2022, will be more powerful and answer some of the major problems of customers.

The car’s revised center of gravity and light curb weight put it up for the perfect sports car experience. A new interior design incorporates the latest technology while maintaining the functionality of the outgoing model.

A horizontally opposed four cylinder engine and a six-speed manual transmission are used to power the Subaru BRZ.

With more power than its predecessor, this vehicle represents a step up in performance from the previous model. This car has a 284-horsepower horizontally opposed 2. 4-liter four-cylinder engine in it. Compared to the two liter engine of the previous generation, this one has 23 more horsepower. In other words, the car provides a superior sporting experience that justifies its hefty price tag.

The beginning price of the Subaru BRZ 2022 model ranges from $27,935 to $27,945 depending on the model. The all-wheel drive Subaru WRX is a better comparison for this car’s lower sticker price in the sports car market. for a constrained number of trims. $30495 is the maximum amount that can be paid.

3. Supra

Toyota Supra

It was only recently that this wonderful Toyota brand returned to the Toyota roster after a brief break. In spite of the increasing number of sports cars, the Supra is still regarded as one of the greatest. Despite the fact that they share a powertrain with the convertible, the supra has a distinct personality all its own.

The vehicle is equipped with two turbocharged engines: a 382 horsepower inline six engine as an option, and a regular 215 horsepower two liter four cylinder as standard. The eight-speed automatic transmission feeds the rear wheels from these two engines.

The infotainment system and safety technology in this 2022 Toyota Supra are among the many highlights of the model. Despite its simplicity and pure delight of driving, the model’s back seats are cramped and its outward view is limited.

Additionally, this great model comes equipped with a smooth-shifting manual transmission, a comfortable ride, and nimble steering. The Supra is one of the most affordable automobiles on the market, with a starting price of around $43,170.

It can cost up to $51550 for the six-cylinder vehicles, and even more for the A91 CF edition, which is only available for a limited time.

4. Shelby Mustang


This is another another American-made SUV that has made it to the top of a list of the best in its class. However, the Shelby Mustang is Ford’s most powerful production vehicle ever.

The supercharged 5. 2-liter V8 lurking beneath the endlessly vented bonnet gives it 749 horsepower. It also features a double clutch transmission, a bespoke suspension, and unique damper, anti-roll bar, and spring settings. Moreover

All of these attributes combine to make this SUV one of the best-handling Mustangs on the market today. All mustang models share a few faults with their predecessors. Putting over 600 lb on the road is no problem thanks to the car’s well-placed rear axle and smooth gearbox.

Even though the vehicle weighs more than 1,900 kilos, the car’s handling may still be predicted.

However, it is an adequate sports vehicle and an incredible one with these specs. The car’s additional price ranges from $73995 to $12,4160.00.

5. Santa Fe Hyundai


From a huge to a smaller, seven-seater-capacity SUV, the first generation of the Jeep Grand Cherokee was launched in the 2000s. Toyota Kluger is the car’s major competition. A four-cylinder turbodiesel or a V6 petrol engine power the Santa Fe, which now sits underneath the more prominent but similarly related flagship Palisade SUV.

Front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive are both options, with the least expensive model starting at $44700 and the most expensive at $65200.


Throughout the years, the automobile industry has evolved to become what it is today. Modern lightweight and high speed engines have mostly replaced heavy duty material engines in sports cars. Many sports cars are available, however not all of them begin with the letter S. Consider the above list if you’re looking for S-starting sports automobiles.