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When the car is not moving, it is deemed safe to turn the steering wheel all the way to the left. The steering system can be damaged if the vehicle is steered in an unnecessarily erratic manner when it is parked.

Some people believe that locking the steering wheel is vital to keep the vehicle safe from hazards like theft, while others disagree. You can’t start your car if the steering wheel is locked and the ignition button won’t turn.

While it is possible to park your automobile without locking the steering wheel, you may return to find that the wheel is already locked. It’s always a pain and a fright to discover that your car’s steering wheel has been jammed.

Several car models have this problem, and many people have encountered it themselves. This is a common problem.

The most prevalent causes of a locked steering wheel while parking the car include:

A steering wheel anti-theft lock that automatically engages while your car is parked is one option. The steering wheel locks may be activated when the vehicle is parked if the steering wheel is turned to the right, left, or in any other direction.

As a result, when you got out of the automobile after parking, you may have unintentionally or accidently turned the steering wheel.

The internal system of the steering wheel may have worn down, causing the ignition cylinders to lock, but this is an uncommon problem. The internal wear on your steering wheel system is not far from what happens with sticky locks. This can be caused by foreign objects getting into the steering wheel chambers.

Solutions to unnecessary steering wheel lock-up when the car is parked

Steering Wheel Locked Up While Parked

1. Automatic anti-theft steering lock

The anti-theft steering lock can be removed at your dealership if you aren’t happy with it after the car park. Before removing the anti-theft steering lock, it is important to examine its function.

In the event that you aren’t ready to get started, it is vital that you keep your hands away from the steering wheel after parking your car.

2. Internal wearing

Repair worn-out parts if the steering wheel locks because of internal system difficulties.

3. Sticky locks

You can take the car to a repair if the steering wheel locks up because of debris and grime in the interior parts. You still have the option of using the proper lubricant to keep the steering wheel’s internal components from rusting.

What happens when the steering wheel locks?

When the steering wheel locks, a number of things can go wrong, depending on the specifics of your vehicle. For example, the steering column or arm can fail, causing the wheel to lock up while the vehicle is moving.

Right- or left-hand turns will be impossible for your vehicle in this situation. The car’s unexpected inability to turn a corner could be the result of this lock.

While the car is parked, a steering wheel lock might also happen. As a result, the ignition switch will become stuck, making it hard to start the vehicle. Some cars with a start/stop button have a warning light that indicates a steering lock.

What does it mean when your steering wheel locks up, and the car won’t start?

Steering Wheel Locked Up While Parked-2

To begin with, what exactly is a steering wheel lock?

Once you’ve mastered this, starting an automobile will be a breeze. When the steering wheel locks, the driver loses control of the car. When the car is moved, the steering mechanism for the front tires or wheels is locked.

The mechanism is protected by a slot lock that is activated by releasing a spring-loaded lever. The steering wheel is connected to the vehicle’s ignition cylinder. Activating the lock disables the ignition. As a result, it will be difficult to start the vehicle because the ignition mode has been disabled.

How do you release a locked steering wheel?

Following these procedures will allow you to unlock a car’s locked steering wheel. These instructions must be properly followed. If you’re having problems with your car, you’ll have a different solution for each model. Try the following to unlock your steering wheel if you have a popular automobile model.

Step I: Insert the car’s key into the ignition.

Steering wheel unlock is enabled if and only if the vehicle is running.

Step II: Gently turn the key

It’s best to apply light pressure here to avoid damaging your key after inserting the key and the ignition and steering wheel unlock are inactive. Once the ignition has been activated, you can apply light pressure to the starter.

Step III: Turn the steering wheel gently to right and left

Applying pressure on the steering wheel at the same time as you turn the ignition key is recommended. When the wheel is having trouble moving, you should apply pressure to the side or the direction of the wheel.

It’s easy to unlock the steering wheel in a car with a start/stop button. To get the automobile to start normally, depress the brake pedal, push the START/STOP button, and then alternately spin the steering wheel left and right until it does.

Is it possible that a steering wheel could be jammed and unrepairable?

It’s not possible for a steering wheel to jam up and become completely unrepairable. It is possible to fix problems that cause the steering wheel to lock.

How much does it cost to have your steering wheel locked?

A steering wheel lock repair might cost anything from $150 to $1000. The cost of repairing a steering wheel varies based on the severity of the damage, the materials used to build the components, and the type of technician or labor needed.


The steering wheel lock is no exception to the rule that every component of the vehicle serves a purpose. As a result, this system is designed to keep your car safe from theft when it is parked, but it may be activated without your consent. The steering wheel can therefore be made to lock when not in use.

Situations can be dealt with by applying the aforementioned methods for unlocking the wheel of life. However, if the issue is more complex, you’ll want to consult with a mechanic about a problematic steering wheel lock.