Updated at: 06-06-2022 - By: Lucas

With its long, boring interstate system and constant traffic jams, Los Angeles is a nightmare for people who like to drive for fun.

The Santa Monica Mountains, just to the west, are a pleasure driver’s paradise, with tight turns and switchbacks, rising elevations, and great views.

Stunt Road is a four-mile road that goes from Mulholland Highway to Schueren/Saddle Peak Road in the Santa Monica Mountains.

Even though Stunt Road isn’t as hard to drive as many of the other mountain roads in the area, it has some great curves, dips, and views that make it worth the trip.

How to Access Stunt Road in Calabasas

Stunt Road Calabasas California

Mulholland Highway or Schueren Road can be used to get to Stunt Road. The Mulholland Highway is at the bottom, and Schueren Road is at the top.

Even though it’s fun to drive up or down Stunt Road, going down is probably the better way to go. Not only will you feel the incline on the way down, but the views are also much more noticeable than on the way up. As you go down, the trees open up, giving you wide views of the Santa Monica Mountains.

Stunt Road Attractions

Saddle Peak/Topanga Lookout/Backbone Trails

Most people you see driving on Stunt Road are going to or coming from a hike on one of the many trails in the area.

The trailheads for Saddle Peak and Topanga Lookout are right off of Stunt Road. Other trails, like the long Backbone Trail, can also be reached from Stunt Road.

We know you’re there for the driving and not the hiking, but if you want to get the most out of your drive up Stunt Road and do some exploring on foot, Topanga Lookout is the easiest two-mile round-trip hike you can do.

Lois Ewen Overlook

Stunt Road Calabasas California

The Lois Ewen Overlook is right at the top of Stunt Road, where it meets Schueren/Saddle Peak Road. It has parking for the Topanga Lookout and Backbone Trails and is a nice place to stop and look at the view.

When you get to Schueren Road, turn left at the first stop sign (you’ll know because it’s the first one you see) to get to the parking lot for the overlook. From there, you can see the Santa Monica Mountains on one side of the road and Malibu and the Pacific Ocean on the other.

If you care about the views, try to take this drive after it has rained. Even in the mountains, the famous smog of Los Angeles can make these views less than perfect.

Where to Go Next

No matter which way you go when you get off Stunt Road, you can keep driving through the mountains in many different ways.

When you get to the end of Stunt Road and turn right onto Schueren Road, you can turn right again onto Piuma Road.

Piuma is a winding road with some very sexy switchbacks that will take you past the beautiful Malibu Canyon Overlook.

If you turn left at the dead end, you’ll be on Rambla Pacifico Street, which leads to Las Flores Canyon Road.

Las Flores Canyon Road has one of the best and most unexpected switchbacks in the mountains, as well as a series of snake curves that will make you feel something.

Take a left onto Mulholland Highway from Stunt Road.

Mulholland Highway goes through a large part of the mountain range and through many of the towns in the Santa Monica Mountains before ending near Leo Carrillo State Beach where it meets the Pacific Coast Highway. To get back to Malibu, just turn left.

No matter which way you go from Stunt Road, you’ll see a lot of the Santa Monica Mountains. If you want to really feel like you’re in the mountains, Mulholland Highway is the way to go.

Driving through the hills of Los Angeles is a great way to get away from the city traffic when it starts to get to you, which it will. It’s also a must-do if you’re a tourist who likes to get behind the wheel to see the local scenery.